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Presentation 2011 DS


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Presentation 2011 DS

  1. 1. Introduction Technology, media & telecom
  2. 2. Weibull - Connecting CompaniesWeibull – the only M&A Advisor present in all major Norwegian cities.Weibull AS has completed hundreds of assignments and transactions in the Norwegianmarket since it was established in 2000. We work systematically, methodically and efficientlyto uncover new business opportunities for our clients.Our Services:Weibull provides professional support and services in mergers and acquisitions. Wehave particular competence and experience with business analysis and valuation,market search and due diligence activities.Our Approach:• Understand the company and its business, analyze all relevant aspects of the business and its risk elements to establish a stand-alone enterprise value.• Understand the market where the company operates: extract all relevant information to identify development trends, opportunities.• Identify the best candidates locally and internationally (contact candidates and establish dialogue, clarify actual interest, investment opportunity and synergies).• Find the best solution through a controlled process of business proposals and bidding.• Negotiate the best possible terms and conditions for a transaction. Discrete, Independent, Long-term, Professional standing & High ethical standards
  3. 3. Valuation of companies is back at its highestin the Technology sector. Prices in the technology sector is back at its highest level: - Listed companies are focusing on top-line and growth. - Expansion through organic growth & acquisitions. - Large demand for good acquisition candidates. Private equity follows technology sector closely: - High margins amongst Norwegian companies attract interest. - International players have changed focus from Europe to the Nordic countries. - Private equity sector consider also smaller companies with proven track records. Credit institutions continue backing acquisitions: - Financial limitations due to finance crisis is a past issue. - Provides access to funding & increase liquidity. The current price level is probably not permanent. The price of acquisitions may fall as more companies introduces to the market.
  4. 4. Our role and focus on adding value En rekke ulike aktører synes som aktuelle kandidater for kjøp
  5. 5. Criteria of Success • Weibull - the leading specialists in the area of TMT • Systematic follow-up of the potential investors. • Weibull will deploy a well qualified team to ensure successful execution of the project. • Mobilize competition among the investors to maximize stockholder value. • The Investor Memorandum includes market potential, SWOT, synergies and added value to potential investors. • Proven track record.19.10.2011
  6. 6. TMT team Dave Sandberg - Partner Graduated with MBA from the Norwegian School of Management. Specialization in International Politics & Culture. 17 years of experience from mergers and acquisitions in the SME domain. The focus area is technology, media and telecom and trade. Dave manage TMT sector in Weibull. Cell: +47 92 84 92 84 Email: Hans Henrik Westberg – M&A advisor IT / Telecom professional graduated Bac(Hons) Engineering at University of Bristol, Norwegian School of Management - Finance & Investment and MBA at NHH. 15 years of industrial experience in the area of innovation, product management, business development from Telenor, Hewlett-Pacard, TDC and Amdocs. Lead responsible to communication sector in Weibull. Cell: +47 47 90 10 20 Email: Jan Eskestrand – M&A Advisor & Head of Bergen office IT professional graduated from Heriott-Watt with Master in Economy 1985 and Master of International Business 1996. Industrial experience from IBM, Tieto and Merit Consulting. Regional responsible of Bergen office. Cell: +47 40 00 35 50 Email:
  7. 7. Our Recent Transactions in TMT Your Your Intutor selger Vitec AB kjøper til Company Arcit Videomøte solgt til Lime Green Digital IT Makeriet AS Company 2012 Datarekvistia Norge AS 2011 Homebase kjøper Nittedalsnettet fra Pronea - Troms Kraft Weibull TMT have sold companies to:19.10.2011