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>	  SiteCore	  Analy/cs	  <	     The	  power	  of	  raw	  visitor	  data	  
>	  Short	  but	  sharp	  history	  §         Datalicious	  was	  founded	  in	  late	  2007	  §         Strong	  Omnitu...
>	  Smart	  data	  driven	  marke/ng	                              “Using	  data	  to	  widen	  the	  funnel”	            ...
>	  Clients	  across	  all	  industries	  October	  2011	     ©	  Datalicious	  Pty	  Ltd	     4	  
SiteCore	  data	  stored	  in	  readily	  accessible	  MS	  SQL	  
Events	             Pages	              Visits	          Visitors	          Profiles	  Event	  IDs	  >	  Page	  IDs	  >	  V...
Most	  BI	  plaMorms	  can	  connect	  to	  MS	  SQL	  databases	  
Simply	  connect	  to	  you	  SiteCore	  MS	  SQL	  database	  
Connect	  the	  various	  tables	  and	  start	  data	  mining	  
Data	  extracts:	  Query	  speed	  vs.	  data	  sampling	  	  
Main	  reasons:	  Data	  volume,	  interface	  familiarity,	  microsites	  	  Raw	  data	  cannot	  replace	  Google,	  Om...
Easily	  create	  Tableau	  reports	  using	  drag	  and	  drop	  
Easily	  create	  Tableau	  reports	  using	  drag	  and	  drop	  
Easily	  create	  Tableau	  reports	  using	  drag	  and	  drop	  
Easily	  create	  custom	  segments	  and	  data	  filters	  
Easily	  create	  custom	  segments	  and	  data	  filters	  
Adding	  addi/onal	  data	  sources	  into	  the	  mix	  is	  easy	     October	  2011	            ©	  Datalicious	  Pty	 ...
Analyse	  data	  for	  high	  value	  clients	  with	  churn	  risk	    October	  2011	             ©	  Datalicious	  Pty	...
Reac/va/on	  campaign	  for	  high	  churn	  risk	  clients	   October	  2011	          ©	  Datalicious	  Pty	  Ltd	     2...
Publish	  interac/ve	  Tableau	  dashboards	  online	  
Most	  common	  content	  interests	  vs.	  value	  influence	  
Content	  categories	  with	  most	  traffic	  do	  not	  necessarily	  have	                        the	  most	  influence	 ...
Automated	  the	  running	  of	  successful	  models	  
Contact	  me	              	                                   	                        ...
Data	  >	  Insights	  >	  Ac/on	  October	  2011	         ©	  Datalicious	  Pty	  Ltd	     26	  
Site Core Analytics
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Site Core Analytics


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The presentation illustrates the impact of data driven marketing.

Published in: Technology
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Site Core Analytics

  1. 1. >  SiteCore  Analy/cs  <   The  power  of  raw  visitor  data  
  2. 2. >  Short  but  sharp  history  §  Datalicious  was  founded  in  late  2007  §  Strong  Omniture  web  analy>cs  history  §  1  of  4  preferred  Omniture  partners  globally  §  Now  360  data  agency  with  specialist  team  §  Combina>on  of  analysts  and  developers  §  Carefully  selected  best  of  breed  partners  §  Driving  industry  best  prac>ce  (ADMA)  §  Turning  data  into  ac>onable  insights  §  Execu>ng  smart  data  driven  campaigns      October  2011   ©  Datalicious  Pty  Ltd   2  
  3. 3. >  Smart  data  driven  marke/ng   “Using  data  to  widen  the  funnel”   Media  A=ribu/on  &  Modeling   Op/mise  channel  mix,  predict  sales   Targeted  Direct  Marke/ng     Increase  relevance,  reduce  churn   Tes/ng  &  Op/misa/on   Remove  barriers,  drive  sales   Boos/ng  ROI  October  2011   ©  Datalicious  Pty  Ltd   3  
  4. 4. >  Clients  across  all  industries  October  2011   ©  Datalicious  Pty  Ltd   4  
  5. 5. SiteCore  data  stored  in  readily  accessible  MS  SQL  
  6. 6. Events   Pages   Visits   Visitors   Profiles  Event  IDs  >  Page  IDs  >  Visit  IDs  >  Visitor  IDs  <  Profile  IDs  
  7. 7. Most  BI  plaMorms  can  connect  to  MS  SQL  databases  
  8. 8. Simply  connect  to  you  SiteCore  MS  SQL  database  
  9. 9. Connect  the  various  tables  and  start  data  mining  
  10. 10. Data  extracts:  Query  speed  vs.  data  sampling    
  11. 11. Main  reasons:  Data  volume,  interface  familiarity,  microsites    Raw  data  cannot  replace  Google,  Omniture,  etc   October  2011   ©  Datalicious  Pty  Ltd   11  
  12. 12. Easily  create  Tableau  reports  using  drag  and  drop  
  13. 13. Easily  create  Tableau  reports  using  drag  and  drop  
  14. 14. Easily  create  Tableau  reports  using  drag  and  drop  
  15. 15. Easily  create  custom  segments  and  data  filters  
  16. 16. Easily  create  custom  segments  and  data  filters  
  17. 17. Adding  addi/onal  data  sources  into  the  mix  is  easy   October  2011   ©  Datalicious  Pty  Ltd   18  
  18. 18. Analyse  data  for  high  value  clients  with  churn  risk   October  2011   ©  Datalicious  Pty  Ltd   19  
  19. 19. Reac/va/on  campaign  for  high  churn  risk  clients   October  2011   ©  Datalicious  Pty  Ltd   20  
  20. 20. Publish  interac/ve  Tableau  dashboards  online  
  21. 21. Most  common  content  interests  vs.  value  influence  
  22. 22. Content  categories  with  most  traffic  do  not  necessarily  have   the  most  influence  on  the  generated  value  for  each  visitor!  Regression  modelling  to  show  influence  on  value  
  23. 23. Automated  the  running  of  successful  models  
  24. 24. Contact  me     Learn  more     Follow  me    October  2011   ©  Datalicious  Pty  Ltd   25  
  25. 25. Data  >  Insights  >  Ac/on  October  2011   ©  Datalicious  Pty  Ltd   26