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  • DFP ad serverKey benefits for sales/reps:More granular reporting and targetingCampaigns live globally within minutes rather than hoursGreater historical data (months rather than days) to improve inventory estimations and campaign planningRunning grouped video ads in pods (ad breaks effectively)Support for responsive ad formats to automatically adjust enabling greater interactivity
  • Gnl proposition wip v1 1

    1. 1. 1
    2. 2. 3 “This isn’t simply about running a TV channel and website together. This is about the BBC’s commitment to delivering the world’s best quality international journalism, in text and in video, in an integrated way to all the screens our audiences use” Jim Egan – GNL COO
    3. 3. 4 With Global News Limited, is part of the largest global news network with over 56m unique visitors across 38 countries in 33 languages, it is in its own right one of the top online news sites in the world. We reach 230m people every week The creation of GNL had specific goals of  increasing breadth and localisation of content  extending reach across all digital platforms  maximising great video content online  driving multi-channel social engagement DFP enables greater tracking and targeting and has allowed for the introduction of new interactive ad formats. New ad server launched in May Extensive work to improve accessibility via search engines through re-publishing all pages as .com as well as Project Igor under way Move towards responsive design Increasing the reach and accessibility of across all channels by re-launching the site with a fully responsive design (including optimised video player) New responsive ad formats is part of the largest global news is part of the largest global news network
    4. 4. 5 inspiring, impartial content designed to inform, educate and entertain From award-winning coverage of News and Sport, to the latest Weather, to inspiration and innovation in Travel, Future, Autos, Culture and Capital offers benefits the advertisers with… UPMARKET AUDIENCE BRAND ASSOCIATION RICHER DIALOGUE GLOBAL REACH CONNECT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE DEEPER ENGAGEMENT
    5. 5. 6 Quotes – from sales reps “I’d like greater visibility of what’s coming up to fuel my team” Richie Kelly, Ireland “I want to understand what’s coming up to prepare better” Elia Blei, Italy “I need to be able to articulate the premium that the BBC delivers for clients” Wayne Bischoff, South Africa
    6. 6. NEWS SPORT FEATURE S VIDEO MOBILE Product Area Showcase – managers Ana Bakalinova News Product Manager Chris White Sports Product Manager Thiago Meister Online Product Manager Chris Lunn Video Product Manager Helen Thompson Mobile Product Manager CONTENT CAPABILITY
    7. 7. Worldwide “We will be reaching any audience with the right experience for their device” Ana Bakalinova, News Product Manager NEW S
    8. 8. Trends and insightsNEW S t/c
    9. 9. New inNEW S t/c
    10. 10. BenefitsNEW S t/c
    11. 11. SPOR T “Sport quote goes along here like this, probably over four lines exactly as you see here.” Chris White, Sports Product Manager
    12. 12. SPOR T Insights: a sticky audience Sports stats provider switch to will help drive more engaging content and extend the life of sports stories "Once running a text commentary became established behaviour at BBC Sport online, between 5-10% of the audience would habitually tune in up to five hours before kick-off. This builds steadily towards kick-off, peaks during the match and tails off after the final whistle, although there's an increasing appetite for post-match discussion for an hour or so.” Jonathan Stevenson, former BBC Sport commentator Sports correspondent and Sports live pages updated with responsive design to enhance mobile content LIVE by 2013 Q3 n Extended stay n Multiple visits n Repeated behaviour
    13. 13. SPOR T Get set for 2014 As well as three marquee global events in the Winter Olympics, World Cup and Commonwealth Games, Sport are also pushing the overall breadth of content further to create fresh and compelling commercial opportunities n Sport section of mobile site n Sport app (330k downloads already) n Video roll out to mobile with full rights management capability LIVE by 2013 Q3
    14. 14. 15 SPOR T Benefits t/c
    15. 15. New drivers for sales FEATUR ES “Features quote goes along here like this, probably over four lines exactly as you see here.” Thiago Meister, Online Product Manager
    16. 16. Insights / New in A year of growth has seen the features section more than double in size with the addition of Autos, Culture & Capital sections, bring more of the BBC’s great content to the world and supporting a deeper engagement with the site. FEATUR ES n Launch of Autos, Culture & Capital feature sections to add depth to the engagement in existing markets and target new markets n New feature sections optimised for .mobi n All feature sections to be launched within the BBC News mobile app Q3 2013 LIVE by 2013 Q3
    17. 17. 18 FEATUR ES BBC Wellbeing – Lifestyle content specifically around healthy living BBC Britain – Horizontal Aggregation of existing content centred around British culture (example of ad opportunity driving feature sections as this was requested from opportunities) New sections to be integrated BBC Earth – taking existing content from shows (e.g. walking with dinosaurs, mysteries of the universe, etc) – new venue in Japan being built specifically around this content – Orbi? With things like a virtual aquarium based on BBC footage)
    18. 18. BenefitsFEATUR ES t/c
    19. 19. VIDE O Meeting increased demand “Video is key to driving deeper engagement for the BBC and a big opportunity for advertising.” Chris Lunn, Video Product Manager
    20. 20. 21 It is estimated that by 2016 55% of all consumer internet traffic will be video, with advertising spend against these set to represent more than one-third of all online spend (an estimated potential market of $54bn) Mobile & tablet consumption grew by more than 19% in 2013 Q1 Completion rates for online videos are increasing, 69% short form, 98% long form Consumers are 75% more engaged with brands when online ads can be skipped and 50% less likely to abandon content and sites when they have choice Spend on online advertising is expected to increase in the next 12 months at the expense of budgets previously reserved for traditional TV. A recent survey of industry experts found that 73% expected to increase their video ad spend in in the next 12 months, with 50% expecting to do so by decreasing their TV spend Only 10% of all BBC visitors view video. Of these 61% view only 1, with 4.7% viewing 10+, our aim is to shift this balance… VIDE O Trends & talking points Mobile video ads that include social media buttons drive 36% higher engagement
    21. 21. 22 VIDE O Increased the reach of video by re-launching the video pages with a responsive design for better accessibility on all devices (related videos, duration marker & more content). Improved related links between video’s to increase viewer engagement Video pre-roll being rolled out across all platforms Support for tracking hotspots now available to enable user interaction Skip function now available for all pre-roll ads Continuous play features now available to improve dwell time increase views Growing investment in online only video content increasing overall video inventory Continuing support for other video platforms with rollout of Connected TV news app to Sony, Panasonic & LG So, what’s New?
    22. 22. 23 VIDE O Further growth in inventory, more quality video to sell… Expected growth of #% by 2014. Increased reach and relevance will increase audience by an estimated ?? – 10% increase in site visitors viewing video online will mean an additional 5.6m video views… Engagement will be improved by providing user choice and greater interactivity, creating campaign impact faster… Key opportunities
    23. 23. 24 MOBIL E “Nice image and a relevant quote goes here over as many lines as you like.” Helen Thompson, Mobile Product Manager
    24. 24. 25 MOBIL E Trends & talking points
    25. 25. MOBIL E So, what’s new? New responsive design sites live covering; Homepage, News, Sport sites as well as a number of specific pages including video and correspondent pages, bringing with it new advertising opportunities New ad server delivering greater targeting capabilities for device, operating system & browser as well as geographical and support for improved interactivity v3 News app due Spring 2014 to include support for pre-roll on video, full screen interstitial and new MPU ad units
    26. 26. MOBIL E Benefits t/c
    29. 29. Players’ profiles and highlight reels are featured across the BBC’s multilingual output. Supporters across the continent are encouraged to vote online and via SMS. The voting sparks debate on message boards across the continent and drives both traffic and revenue to the BBC. There were a record number of voters in 2012, 40 per cent of whom selected Zambia’s Christopher Katongo. Established in 1991, the award encourages millions of African football fans to have their say every December. The nominees are published online and broadcast by the BBC in languages including Kirundi, Kinyarwanda and Swahili. SPOR T Showcase – driving engagement
    30. 30. 31 3 key trends in digital advertising Growth of programmatic buying and real-time ad exchanges is shifting the structure of the digital market Surge in video & mobile means publishers are under pressure to ensure quality & accessibility of content across multiple devices Adoption of Native advertising as a core campaign channel is ranked as one of the leading premium content providers. Recent studies showed that 61% of brands believe premium content providers achieve the best media for brand quality & association As one of the first international news sites to move to a responsive design have recognised and reacted to the need to offer quality content that works first time across all devices Native advertising is already available within all the Features section of, is coming to Sport and will soon be available on News
    31. 31. 32 Ways to promote AD FORMATS slide to follow Q. Which formats do you think are underperforming?
    32. 32. 33 Cross-product campaigns slide to follow Q. Which examples would you like to use?
    33. 33. TC A
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