360 thinking, experience designing, cross-media storytelling


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360 thinking, experience designing, cross-media storytelling. A short presentation delivered to the Screen Producers Association of Australia in 2006. This looks at the gen y, x audiences consuming their media across many touch points, using BBC examples and recent LAMP ones to illustrate good experience design across all media platforms.

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360 thinking, experience designing, cross-media storytelling

  1. 1. Gary Hayes Director Laboratory of Advanced Media Production, AFTRS ex Senior Producer/Manager BBC Interactive TV & New Media 95-04
  2. 3. Mark Thomson, BBC DG July 06 ‘Delivering Creative Future’ “ In a converging 360 world, this isn't just a question of being nice, it's a question of survival… We need a BBC ready for digital, for 360 degree multi-platform content creation… 360 degree content creation, delivering for our linear television channels but also for all the new on-demand and web-based platforms needs to become practical reality rather than just rhetoric… Next we want a group of commissioners who really do think 360, commissioning the website, say, or the mobisode at the same time as the TV programme – or vice versa because we think more and more ideas will start in the digital space…”
  3. 4. Last month Google’s ad revenues in the UK overtook that of Channel 4 at £900m. At the current growth rate within two years online advertising in the UK will be bigger than the main cFTA (Commercial Free to Air) consortium of ITV at £1.7 billion GBP. If that isn’t enough, 16-24 year olds in the UK are watching 7 hours TV less a week than the average
  4. 5. Australia Most important media device for the gen Y group (aged 18-26) PC 37%, Mobile 27%, TV 20% Most important media device for the gen X age group (27-40) PC 28%, TV 25%, Mobile 19% 13 September, 2006- Sun setting on TVs – The Age USA 85% of respondents listed going online as a favorite leisure activity with 69% citing television viewing 14 July, 2006 – Hollywood Reporter.com UK All consumers, more time is spent on PC than TV BBC, Google, Yahoo! Research
  5. 7. 1997! 1 Live Web Story 2 UK radio 3 TV doc 4 World Service 5 Audience steers 6 Sound games 7 Web video/audio
  6. 8. What do we already produce?
  7. 9. Cross-media production is ‘’complex’ - the multiskill CREATIVE & BUSINESS Project Management Games and Experience Design Trend and Market Analyst Interactive Design and Writing Financial & Legal Management Traditional Video Production & Editing 2D/3D Design, Flash Animation User Testing and Community Moderation Sound & Music Production Sales & Marketing TECHNICAL Mobile and SMS Development HTML Programming Server and Middleware Programming Technical Testing Hosting Services
  8. 10. What do we already produce?
  9. 11. BBC Spooks Interactive TV
  10. 12. BBC Spooks Web
  11. 13. BBC Spooks Mobile
  12. 15. Australia’s Laboratory for Advanced Media Production Five quick 360 case studies from the 38 projects this last year
  13. 16. City Games © David Bartolo and Michael Sarroff 2006
  14. 17. Your Perfect Partner © WBMC (A division of WBG Pty Ltd.) 2005
  15. 18. Insect Men © Ryder Grindle & Gawain Gollop 2005
  16. 19. INworld © IconInc 2006
  17. 20. Thank you