Pakistani Billionaires


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Taxpaying billionaires are steadily increasing in Pakistan. (Sajid Imtiaz)

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Pakistani Billionaires

  1. 1. Pakistani Billionaires [ Be Rich ]
  2. 2. 2012 There were 310 billionaires in Pakistan. 2013 There were 416 billionaires in Pakistan. There will be 557 billionaires in Pakistan. 2014
  3. 3. • Taxes for development • Specialized businesses • Capital formation • Investment inflow • Jobs for youth • Higher exports Macro Impact • Sports • Real Estate Builders • Industrialists • Banks • Education Institutes • Media Strategic Sectors
  4. 4. 1K Arabpati A TV program must be started on channels to educate MBAs and youth to become millionaire within 5 years. This program “1000 Arabpati” can be sponsored by UNIDO, SMEDA and SECP. Be Rich – TV Program Q: Will more billionaires foster sustainable economic development in Pakistan? A: Government believes in free market economy. With little direction, billionaires will foster planned sustainable development and green growth. Q: Are poor against the rich in Pakistan? A: No. More rich persons mean more resources for economic growth. Q: Should FBR publish directory of 500 Big Taxpayers of Pakistan? A: Yes. Q: Should SECP publish directory of private companies? A: Yes. It will inform capital volume and growth trends. Discussion Daily 10 Minutes – 1st e-Newspaper of Pakistan