Face of Pakistani Advertising


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Dynamics of Pakistan Advertising for international audience including Jeff Benjamin.

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Face of Pakistani Advertising

  1. 1. Face Pakistani & Advertising Figure
  2. 2. Backdrop Advertising volume was Rs.32.8 billion in 2011-2012 that is projected to be Rs.40 billion in 2014-2015. Reactive advertising professionals are safe about career growth. However, few pro-progress Pakistani advertising professionals assert that annual advertising volume would be around Rs.50 billion by June 2015 if we optimally utilize promotional opportunities and digital media. There will be more jobs for fresh graduates to make their mark in globally-influenced advertising arena of Pakistan.
  3. 3. Rail Boggy Islamabad Mass Transit Pakistan Railways has more than 15 trains ply on its network countrywide. Rail boggy advertising can fetch Rs.500 million annually for under-debt Pakistan Railways. Big brands are ready to use this information/promotion medium to communicate with travelers. Minister for Railways Abid Sher Ali must avail this opportunity without any delay. Rail boggy advertising would fetch Rs.100 million annually for Capital Development Authority (CDA). Big brands are ready to use this promotion medium to communicate with passengers. Board of Directors CDA must initiate the long awaited Mass Transit project without any delay.
  4. 4. Peshawar Mass Transit Green Farms Rail boggy advertising would fetch Rs.75 million annually for Peshawar Development Authority (PDA). Big brands are ready to use this promotion medium to communicate with passengers. PDA must initiate Mass Transit project without any delay. At district level, green farms must be established in collaboration with Japanese companies; Secom HighPlant Co. and TS Farms. Exteriors of green farms can be used for advertising. Local governments must initiate these projects without any delay for increase yield per acre, food sufficiency, advertising and revenue generation. These green farms can fetch Rs.100 million annually for municipalities.
  5. 5. Cell Towers Schools Mobile companies own towers in cities and countryside. These tall cell towers can be used as OOH media. Cell towers can fetch Rs.200 million annually for companies. No doubt, local governments will get their revenue share. In Pakistan, there are 50000+ elementary schools. Students spend 5 to 6 hours in learning and playing at schools. Text books, note books, bags and ball points can be used as promotional means. Big brands like Dettol and Safegaurd visit schools regularly. Advertising volume is around Rs.200 million annually.
  6. 6. Points of Sale Structure Branding Shops and offices have been used for promotion and advertising. We interact with ATMs and AVRs. Big brands remain busy in optimally utilizing space, time and humans. Advertising volume is around Rs.10 to 15 billion annually. Business community has started constructing buildings for promotional means. Besides LCDs, exterior is used for displaying. Visit Blue Area in Islamabad. Structure branding is pride of its share in advertising pie. Rs.500 million annually can be generated. Of course, local governments would get their safe share.
  7. 7. FATA Azad Kashmir Potential of advertising volume of FATA is Rs.1 billion annually. FATA consists of 7 tribal agencies and 6 frontier regions. FATA Secretariat must tap landmass, electronic and print promotion potential. Hopefully Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will take effective action for socioeconomic development of tribal populace. Potential of advertising volume of Azad Kashmir is Rs.1 billion annually. Government of Azad Kashmir must tap landmass, electronic and print promotion potential. Hopefully President will take effective action for socio-economic development of Kashmiri populace.
  8. 8. Bike Helmets Every street in minor cities and towns owns one motor bike. Helmet wearing ratio is very low in the country despite motivational efforts of bike makers and local police. Customer conscious big companies can use helmets as promotional mean to influence the local populace.
  9. 9. Discussion Q: Can we augment this presentation? A: This presentation is being shared under Creative Commons Non-Commercial ShareAlike License at SlideShare. Q: Are there Pro-Japanese advertising professionals in Pakistan? A: Japanese are influencing worldwide including Pakistan. Advertising professionals are learning themselves Z Theory and Kaizen. Q: How to increase advertising services exports of Pakistan? A: Please study weekly Shaping Scientific Pakistan Advertising for Global Economy. Q: What are highly paid positions in advertising in Pakistan? A: Importance and salary wise Proofreader, Translator, TQM Expert, Application Developer, Training Expert, Strategy Writer, Creative Writer, Online Marketer, Client Relations Officer, Production Manager and Graphic Designer. Credits Sajid Imtiaz, Expert Member CDKN Feedback: sajedimtiaz@hotmail.com