Disney's Twitterverse - Social Business Journal Issue 2


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A detailed analysis of Disney's Social Business presence online.

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Disney's Twitterverse - Social Business Journal Issue 2

  1. 1. 4m i @serenawilliams 2.7m lli on 32 THE SOCIAL BUSINESS JOURNAL ISSUE 02 Q1 2013 33 fol low 3m ill ers + DG DATA VIZ: DISNEY ’S SBI RANK & TWITTER AUDIENCES on i fol low ers 2m ill io nf 50k oll ow 100k @DwightHoward 3.3m 1 ers mi lli on It’s a big world, after all fo llo we rs 10k sn ey t he Charting The Walt Disney Company’s Twitterverse Dia n y @FOXSports 160k WORDS & VISUALS BY JACOB HEBERLIE @NBCOlympics 180k lto m p T @NBCSports 109k witter didn’t exist in 1928 —and neither did cartoons ESPN’s network of journalists stoke the social fires Wa c 10k with synchronized sound. Regardless, one whistling by talking sports (and trash) and feeding us fast facts mouse character started a media revolution as disruptive via Twitter, driving the company to #2 on the Social dex 684 in as Twitter’s 140 characters. Business Index (socialbusinessindex.com). 2 s nes Walt Disney’s “Steamboat Willie” (considered the debut Still, Disney has competition. Companies like Viacom ore @NBCNews 282k us i of Mickey & Minnie Mouse) seems ancient to us now. But seem to be doing a better job making their fictional al b ; s c that grainy black and white cartoon rodent was ahead of his characters accessible on Twitter. Relative newcomer @NBC 174k i soc #2 we rs 100k time. And The Walt Disney Company continues to be ahead Spongebob Squarepants (Nickelodeon) has an audience k lo of the curve in the age of social. of half a million while Disney’s 100-year-old Tinker Bell r an fol l i o n Many of us start our day (“Good Morning America”) has just three thousand. er itt m i l and end it (“Jimmy Kimmel Live!”) with Disney property So... have you found and followed Nemo? What do tw . 7 ABC. Pixar and Disney films are practically part of the you think Buzz DMs to Woody? And then there’s Snow 30 family. But you may be surprised to learn that most of the White — what does she think about all of these remakes chatter in Disney’s Twitter portfolio isn’t about fairy tales and retweets? Disney and many others with huge (or or mind-blowing computer animation. not) followings have major engagement and advocacy Almost half of Disney’s +30 million opportunities via social. To the generations growing up in @DWAnimation 75k followers are thanks to interest in this connected world, will an @ reply from Mickey mean @spongebob 500k 10k DreamWorks Animation actual humans like LeBron more than hugging a sweaty person in a mouse costume @FOXNews 1.7m James, Hope Solo, Venus at a theme park? Williams, and Tim Tebow. Probably. n 100k @iCarly 775k 30.7 million total followers espn abc disney other 14.8m 7.9m 5.6m 2.4m@MirandaCosgrove 2.2m iCarly actress SOURCE: SOCIAL BUSINESS INDEX
  2. 2. THE SOCIAL BUSINESS JOURNAL The previous article was excerpted from issue 02 of the Social Business Journal, published by Dachis Group. Dachis Group helps improve your brand performance by measuring and managing your social engagement via a powerful suite of SaaS tools and services. The Social Business Journal is a free quarterly publication by Dachis Group. No part of this publication can be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, photocopy, etc.), except as permitted by the 1976 U.S. Copyright Act, without permission of the publisher. Requests can be submitted at sbj@dachisgroup.com. Any comments? Questions? Suggestions? Visit dach.is/02-sbj to let us know what you think. DACHIS GROUP 515 Congress Avenue Suite 2420 Austin, Texas 78701 USA AMERICAS: +1 512 275 7825 EUROPE: +44 0 20 7357 7358 www.dachisgroup.com sbj@dachisgroup.com THE A-TEAM. ISSUE 02 · Q1 2013 IT’s the advocacy era — and ADVOCATES ARE THE SUPERHEROEs PLUS: CREATE AN advocacy PROGRAM in tHE FAST-PACED WORLD OF Performance Brand Marketing P10 IN 7 steps P13