Social Business by Design excerpt - Social Business Journal Issue 1


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Dachis Group Chief Strategy Officer Dion Hinchcliffe talks social transformation in this excerpt from Social Business by Design.

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Social Business by Design excerpt - Social Business Journal Issue 1

  1. 1. 32 THE SOCIAL BUSINESS JOURNAL ISSUE 01 Q2 2012 33 3 InSOCIAL ENTERPRIsE Traditional businessesI businesses Next-generation business: 4 1 Open, social, self-service What does Social Business consist of ? You can pre-order Social Business by Design here: 2
  2. 2. 34 THE SOCIAL BUSINESS JOURNAL ISSUE 01 Q2 2012 35 8.The value drivers business transactions to relation-of social businesses ships.1. Strategic control over peer-produced community data drives dominance. exception to change as the norm. 6. This paints a high-level picture 4. niches achieves the highest eco- nomic scale. way over the next decade or so.2. Peer production as the mostvalue creation. 11. 9. ones emerging. Cluetrain Manifesto 5. Cloud and ecosystem-based 5 open supply chains as the basis 7. New resource constraints. Footnotes Social power structures as 1 Jarvis, J.governing. 2 Gunn. A. I Hutchinson, A. von Ahn, L. Levine R, Locke C., Searls D., & Weinberger D. The Cluetrain Manifesto.
  3. 3. THE Letter from Jeff Dachis 4THE SOCIAL BUSINESS JOURNAL US CELLULARs SHERRI MAXSON 8 The previous article was excerpted from issue 01 of The Social Business Journal, EVERYTHING IS A SERVICE 14 published by Dachis Group. SOCIAL BUSINESS BY DESIGN 30 SOCIAL Dachis Group helps improve your brand performance by measuring and managing your social engagement via a powerful suite of SaaS tools and services. The Social Business Journal is a free quarterly publication by Dachis Group. No part of this publication can be BUSINESS reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, photocopy, etc.), except as permitted by the 1976 U.S. Copyright Act, without permission of the publisher. Requests can be submitted at Any comments? Questions? Suggestions? Visit JOURNAL sbj to let us know what you think. DACHIS GROUP 515 Congress Avenue Suite 2420 Austin, Texas 78701 USA AMERICAS: +1 512 275 7825 EUROPE: +44 0 20 7357 7358 tw ayb p it oo l te k r THE ISSUE 01 · Q2 2012 nd measuring Yo eas ing Your free chapter, ch pte TIES,” starts on... IES,” sta n.. P.22