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Attributes of a Socially Optimized Business

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Attributes of a Socially Optimized Business

  1. 1. BUSINESS BENEFITS FOR: SOCIAL BUSINESS IMPACT ON THE GLOBAL DEFINING ATTRIBUTES Marketing Sales R&D Customer service Customers IS A MARATHON — WORKFORCE: OF THE SOCIALLY Better connected More playful, faster, Fluid and continuous More agile, innovative More caring, direct, Have a say and NOT A SPRINT: EVOLVED BUSINESS: responsive, stream- relationships with decreased dev accessible — know it — they feel lined and direct cultivated online cycles, increased opps embraces and deals the authenticity Break down barriers REAL-TIME CREATIVE COLLECTIVE TRUSTED ART for outsourcing with mistakes AUTHENTIC ST Manage cultural differences ENCOURAGING CONNECT MORE DOTS: Easy to find experts COHESIVE OPEN Alignment & perspective COLLABORATIVE R&D SALES TRANSPARENT KEY DIFFERENCES VERSUS Higher performance Greater achievement Become more dynamic CUSTOMER-CENTRIC TRADITIONAL BUSINESS: CRM MKTG ! Greater ERP PAINS FELT BY ORGANIZATIONS ATTRIBUTES OF A SOCIALLY OPTIMIZED BUSINESS acceptance of risk, failures Team-oriented, THAT ARE NOT Clear guidelines much flatter: exists SOCIALLY-EVOLVED: beyond the org chart · Low employee engagementallow everyone to What’s different? Who benefits? FEEDBACK METRICS TRENDS ALERTS speak openly on · Opaque and misalignedbehalf of company Greater business visibility: Info · Lack of creativity flows vertically and horizontally · Keep reinventing the wheel The social business is alive with energy and big ideas — you might call · Can’t be nimbleDemocratization · Can’t capitalize on resources of information Comfortable with outward-facing it a Renaissance for the information age. After decades of mechanistic, · At competitive disadvantage · Slow to change communication dehumanizing, process-oriented management dogma, progressive · No perspective on future Leaders and experts organizations are waking up to the disturbing truth that they’ve squeezed can easily emerge all the creativity out of their business. When companies embrace organic, NEW BEHAVIORS IN INDIVIDUALS: passionate, socially-savvy initiatives, they blossom. Who benefits? Everyone. · More open to sharing INTELLIGENCE & INSIGHTS VIA DASHBOARDS: · Introverts become extroverts HELLO Change Content MY ROLE IS · Diverse audiences join together Transparency & trust EASILY ACCESSIBLE Culture that’s more comfortable NEW ROLES: communicating, collaborating Agent Editor EER ” · Pride in being “the expert” TECHNOLOGIES: “EMERGEN Video Mobile & IA L SOC Shorter decision- · Thinkers can making cycles Blogs Wikis IM release thoughts · More questioning · Less risk-averse Collaborative Community Consultant Manager MASSIVE SHIFT Attitude change in individuals · Things get done KNOWLEDGE VS SOCIAL Authenticity is everywhere Overall improvement in business practice FROM “ME” TO “WE”: creates long-term because people MANAGEMENT BUSINESS: want to versus Structured, not very useful · · Gather 1st, organize 2nd· People “work out loud” impact on culture WE are told to Capture of information · · Capture of interaction· Ideas are crowdsourced· Openness is rewarded · Enables all to ask Taxonomy of knowledge · · Folksonomy of knowledge questions and get Top-down · · Community answers BUSINESS BENEFITS FOR: Finance Line Managers Partners More innovative and Proactive, have faster More connected transparent, can allocate turnaround, work out and efficient, can resources better, give the loud, increase employee be included in department a human face engagement conversations Learn more at