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2013 tech trends_poster
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2013 tech trends_poster


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2013 tech trends_poster

  1. 1. The ven m n a J a n gets health behavior—on a large scale Sensors, social networks change art e of in re artfu In20 te Ree ra nov o c tio atio TECH n c oes d F i M on ta n a Che r ney n ho sh c k g re e l a re op l i n s ris Ja og pin ra ork (a T win ph g nd he s th da etw y TRENDS rie er e a wn so rti of ro-n Sh sa ro es na bo a r cc vid Mic l h tic sm ne a r e er an Da ds han t y m pho J o et di FOR 2013 ) c a s arr raf n o t M t OTHY e D a ive be ar s Sm TI co m o n a rc M u Specialized social networks fo lo tro c on Te o se l ch e l e Dil W ti Virt ge S u Ka ACHINE al m ts anu fact urin poYes, it’s already that transitional time when our current year ends g st et w a r ts ic a ne P at race M ric sma mband another begins, and today and tomorrow are quickly changing k K ll We e f patina INTELLIGENT a la o type he rhands. Rather than look back at significant trends of the past 366 gh Pa u lP udays (2012 was a leap year, remember?), we asked a wide variety of eal pptechnologists, designers, and strategists across frog’s studios around a na h um ORE iththe world to take a look to the future. The near future, that is. “Near” ic es w Min that 2013 is not only upon us, but also “near” in that these technol- Rip, mix, burn gets physical Dev 3D PRINTING GOES MAINSTREAM A nnie Hsuogies are highly feasible, commercially viable, and are bubbling up to Human-computer interactionthe surface of the global zeitgeist. We believe you’ll be hearing a lot gets more humanistic M ar k Ro lsto nmore about these trends within the next 12 months, and possibly beexperiencing them in some form, too. In Enhanced online selves spi ra TECH ceHere’s our second annual list of Tech Trend predictions for the rien ti expe f age on The ocoming year. There are 20 individual forecasts and, new for 2013, mes m a n n fr TING my co h om App co n o c Bus s bewe’ve also related each prediction to larger waves in business, e all e th Tho co m IS K ma e in e s S visib EXculture, and innovation. ph utt on le ys r i fo ca l s le of ro u re n ut sio w e f clu p a r Ne th n W is ial i h h a ef t di Amsterdam Munich S D nc iC s r a ce Van Diemenstraat 20-200 Leopoldstraße 55 US fina R av M ic up m ti or a e on 1013 NH Amsterdam 80802, Munich h The Netherlands Germany l — e te Tel. +31 (0)20 520 3600 Tel. +49 (0)89 232397 0 M b cD y n h c elgä aids at rs an tleFor inquiries, please contact Austin New York ur nge 101 W. 6th Street, Suite 200 325 Hudson Street, 7th Floor l e e Faces become interfaces Jan C hip chase ut t tal d lligenc in Austin, Texas 78701 New York, New York 10013 n tT po United States United States le Da Tel. +1 512 477 3764 Tel. +1 212 965 9700 eu ng ber Sc opp ta M e pi otfrog works with the world’s leading companies, helping them to design, engineer, Bangalore San Francisco ec o u r te d i n t tip er Ro tand bring to market meaningful products and services. With an interdisciplinary team 18/1, Outer Ring Road, Panathur Post 660 3rd Street, 4th Floor olo D N letof more than 1,000 designers, strategists, and software engineers, frog delivers con- Bangalore 560 103 San Francisco, California 94107 az n gy ab Vanected experiences that span multiple technologies, platforms, and media. frog works India United States digi ar oma Our t phon beacross a broad spectrum of industries, including consumer electronics, telecommunica- Tel. +91 80 4106 7000 Tel. +1 415 442 4804 et sma e o P e n io ia Mations, healthcare, energy, automotive, media, entertainment, education, finance, retail, co ar th nand fashion. Clients include Disney, GE, HP, Intel, Microsoft, MTV, Qualcomm, Siemens, Boston Seattle Aut rela tt m M r