Social Business Journal - 7 Campaign Insights from Red Bull Stratos


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Social Business Journal - 7 Campaign Insights from Red Bull Stratos

  2. 2. 2 THE SOCIAL BUSINESS JOURNAL ISSUE 03 Q2 2013 3 THE SOCIAL + C O N TAC T U S BUSINESS DACHIS GROUP 515 Congress Avenue Suite 2420 Austin, Texas 78701 JOURNAL USA AMERICAS: +1 512 275 7825 EUROPE: +44 0 20 7357 7358 CAMPAIGN + D E PA R T M E N T S + ISSUE 03 | Q2 2013 PUBLISHER CONTRIBUTORS 4 BY LARA HENDRICKSON Jeffrey Dachis Julie Alpers EDITORS NOTE EDITOR IN CHIEF Lara Hendrickson Craig Bromberg Rob Caldera Liz Courtney 5 PERFORMANCE BEHIND THE SCENES Caleb Ferguson MAKING AN INFOGRAPHIC CREATIVE DIRECTOR Bill Keaggy Dion Hinchcliffe Erik Huddleston Michael Jones 6 We take a look at the DG blog & find out what had you atwitter last quarteR SENIOR ILLUSTRATOR Doug Kern THE BEST OF THE BLOG Chris Roettger Brian Kotlyar David Mastronardi MON TOR PROJECT MANAGER Lauren Picarello 10 BY ROB CALDERA Krystal Spitz Ray Renteria COUNCIL INSIGHTS Carly Roye COPY EDITOR Brian Solis Kelly Kriegshauser David Vordtriede 28 24 HOURS WITH DION HINCHCLIFFE George Zhang PRINT MANAGER A DAY IN THE LIFE Lisa Vorst COVER ILLUSTRATION David Vordtriede 30 BY David mastronardi PRINTER Social campaigns are a part of daily life for brand managers as they try to scale their As investments in social campaigns rise, brand executives need more insight into campaign performance than counts of “likes” and “followers.” Current approaches and SOCial BIZ INSIDER Stolze Printing St. Louis, Missouri, USA engagement across thousands — or millions ISSN 2166-3742 manual efforts to measure social campaigns provide little — of audience members. But how do you insight into finding out what worked and why, what value know if those campaigns are working? Dachis + F E AT U R E S ISSUE HASHTAG #SBJ03 it contributed to the business, or how to create better Group’s Campaign Performance Monitor social campaigns in the future. 12 A VISUAL EXPLANATION helps you understand the business impact of campaigns by correlating social programs to Dachis Group’s Campaign Performance Monitor solves these problems by harnessing the power of big data to ENGAGEMENT @ SCALE + ABOUT DG & SBJ business outcomes. Dachis Group helps improve your brand 14 enable brands to optimize campaigns while they’re WHAT WERE LAST YEARS HITS AND MISSES? in progress. performance by measuring and managing CAMPAIGN BAROMETER your social engagement via a powerful suite of SaaS tools and custom services. The 16 HOW TO TEST AND LEARN Social Business Journal is a free quarterly CAMPAIGN MEASUREMENT publication by Dachis Group. No part of this publication can be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form 20 A BOOK EXCERPT FROM Brian Solis "THE END OF BUSINESS AS USUAL" or by any means (electronic, photocopy, ADAPTIVE BIZ MODELS etc.), except as permitted by the 1976 U.S. Copyright Act, without permission of the publisher. Reprint requests and feedback can To learn more, sign up for a 1:1 tour of Campaign Performance Monitor at 24 AN INTERVIEW WITH ESTEÉ LAUDER COMPANIES be sent to MARISA THALBERG Copyright 2013 by Dachis Corporation. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. 6 THE SOCIAL BUSINESS JOURNAL ISSUE 03 Q2 2013 7 1 1,000,000 2+ B E S T O F T H E B L O G : D A C H I S G R O U P. C O M / B L O G UNIQUE CONSUMER 1,000,000 DISTINCT USERS ACTIONS AMPLIFIED TO OCT THE DAY OF 1M 90,000,000Out of this world THE JUMP (2M TOTAL) CAMPAIGN FOLLOWERS 37 social campaign insights from Red Bull StratosGRAPHICS by DAVID VORDTRIEDE & BILL KEAGGYphoto courtesy OF red bull 2M NEW By Brian Kotlyar There has never been a campaign There were huge amounts of activity Marketing Director, Strategist like Stratos. Our Social Performance and associated with Red Bull Stratos, but @briankotlyar Campaign Monitor tools are built upon more importantly that activity indicated SUBSCRIBERS the most cutting edge big data technol- a high level of quality engagement that ACQUIREDO 82% n October 14, 2012 we witnessed ogy in the world. They simultaneously is quite unusual. Frequently, campaigns a research mission to the edge of track the activity of 30,000 brands and are dominated by simple ‘likes’ or neutral 4 space that was breathtaking for 100,000,000 social accounts across commentary from the masses, but Redits scope and shocking for the fact that every major social platform every 15 Bull Stratos was unequivocally positiveit was orchestrated by a private corpora- minutes every day, but the level of activity and elicited meaningful interaction from UNEQUIVOCALLYtion. Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner associated with this campaign exceeded people around the world. POSITIVE ACTIVITYflew a helium balloon approximately 24 anything we’ve ever seen. From a vanitymiles into the stratosphere over New metric perspective alone, the campaign FACT 4: 820,000 pieces of extremelyMexico before free falling and parachut- was astounding: positive content created. 82% of theing back to Earth. peak consumer activity associated with 5 The Red Bull Stratos experiment broke FACT 1: 2,000,000 unique consumer Red Bull was unequivocally positivescientific barriers, rekindled an era in actions. There were more than 2,000,000 (what we call ‘very positive signal’). Onhuman history when daredevils ruled specifically identifiable consumer actions a base of 1,000,000 consumer actions CONSUMER POSTSthe earth, and was inescapably cool.But there is another story here beyond associated with Stratos. Half of those that means there were approximately INCREASED actions (1,000,000 unique consumer ac- 820,000 pieces of Red Bull related IN LENGTH BY 400the record books and beautiful aerial tions!) occurred on the day of the consumer media that were unequivocally % positive. To provide some context on this To understand Red Bull Stratos wemust acknowledge that at its core this FACT 2: 1,000,000 distinct Stratos number in the exact same time period the participants. One million distinct user ac- next best performer was Starbucks with AND ONLY GOTwhole experiment was a commercial LONGER OVER TIME approximately 25% very positive signal. 50Kendeavor. The real objective was to counts contributed to the social conversa-make every person in the world love Red tion surrounding Red Bull Stratos. If youBull. Only time will tell if Red Bull sales subscribe to the traditional model that for FACT 5: 400% increase over aver- DISTINCTincrease commensurate to the Red Bull every one person creating content, there age length of consumer engagement.Stratos spectacle, but we can already are 90 more lurking around and reading Consumer posts and updates cre-see the brand impact of this campaign it, that suggests an audience of at least ated throughout Stratos were not only LINKS SHAREDusing the big data processing power of 90,000,000 following the campaign. positive, but they increased in lengthour Social Performance and Campaign by more than 400% from standardPerformance Monitor tools. FACT 3: 2,000,000 new subscribers engagement and only got longer over The answer is that this campaign acquired. Two million new accounts time. Length of a consumer generatedwas not only unprecedented scientifi- subscribed for Red Bull updates across post is a proxy for time and interest in a 6cally, it was also unprecedented from a all brand presences in the space of 15 topic, so this kind of increase is a hugebrand marketing perspective. Red Bull days. These are engaged and interested indicator for the depth of engagementStratos is the clearest example we’ve subscribers, not ones acquired through within the Stratos audience. People wereever seen of the new wave of advocacy display advertising or by gating a piece of not just hitting the retweet or like button TRUSTEDdriven brand marketing that we callEngagement @ Scale. Here’s what we content, and are a high quality audience that Red Bull can now directly interact on status updates. They were actively participating in the world’s largest water- IMPRESSIONS 7 GENERATEDlearned: with for months and years to come. cooler conversation.
  4. 4. 8 THE SOCIAL BUSINESS JOURNAL ISSUE 03 Q2 2013 9FACT 6: 50,000 distinct links shared. + BEST OF THE BLOG + EVENTS Marketing has transitioned from a Red Bull’s business performance in aRed Bull remained at the heart of the world of broadcast marketing to a world significant way.discussion from start to finish. DachisGroup tracked more than 50,000 dis- of peer to peer interaction. The future of brand marketing in digital and mobile Do you want to learn more about how we used big data to gain these insights? A peek at the socialtinct links shared in the context of theStratos campaign. But every one of the channels is driven by trusted brand-re- Just leave us your information and we’ll get health of the financial Some of the major social business events lated engagement (advocacy). Advocacy back to you for a 1-on-1 conversation. Itop 10 pointed to a Red Bull or Red BullStratos digital channel. This is a market- is now the best way to create purchase services industry scheduled for early 2013: intent for brand marketers. The chal- Disclosure: Dachis Group and its sub-ers dream. Stratos didn’t just feature lenge has been to generate advocacy in sidiary Archrival have conducted work By Michael JonesFelix Baumgartner and a fall through a scalable way since you can’t just throw for Red Bull. VP Technologythe sky, it featured Red Bull branding in @mjfreshyfresh money at the problem like you can with TORONTO HAMBURGthe context of nearly every comment or broadcast advertising. Methodology: At Dachis Group, we SHANGHAIinteraction at a massive scale. Through this lens Red Bull has done something remarkable with Stratos. focus on brand outcomes because we know that earned media generated D espite pioneering corporate blogging and social customer service, the AUSTINFACT 7: 61,634,000 trusted impres- They’ve created a mass advocacy online has a real impact on purchase financial services industry has fallen farsions generated. Stratos conversation campaign built on top of more than 60 intent and purchase incidence. Our behind in social. This is understandable L.A.generated more than 61,634,000 million trusted consumer impressions Social Business Index tracks 30,000 of given regulatory pressures, consumerlikely impressions across social chan- perceptions, and the general conser- LONDONnels. That means Red Bull garnered — 82% of which were unequivocally positive. It is impossible to achieve this the world’s largest brands across more than 100,000,000 social accounts and vatism of the industry, but at this point SAN FRAN NEW YORKmore than 60 million instances of goal with a television advertisement or captures all consumer activity associated any brand has the opportunity to seize TOKYOpeer-validated earned media through any other broadcast medium. You can with those accounts. In addition, our the lead and innovate. SAN DIEGO FLORIDAsocial as a result of Stratos. buy impressions, but you can’t buy trust. Campaign Performance Monitor tool can No company has ever triggered brand identify interactions that occur around Advocacy and conversationConclusion: Red Bull Stratos’ brand advocacy at this scale and short of a brand generated content or brand-related lag other industries For such an enormous industry that FEBRUARYimpact was priceless. The most power- similar flawlessly executed spectacle on topics. As a result we have access toful form of brand marketing is trusted this scale, it’s unclear that it will ever a clean, brand-oriented data set that practically every social media user » iMedia Brand Summit, Feb 3-6, Amelie Island, Florida, USAconsumer generated messaging. By this happen again. In that sense, Red Bull tells us the real brand impact of social interacts with on a daily, weekly, ormeasure, Red Bull Stratos established new Stratos was a priceless brand experi- marketing campaigns. To learn more visit monthly basis — the level of conversa- » Social Business Summit, Feb 6, Tokyo, Japanhighs for brand marketing in every way. ence that will almost certainly impact tion and passion is miniscule. People » Online Marketing Summit, Feb 10-12, San Diego, California, USA are simply not inclined to subscribe to financial services brands in social, plus » Social Media Week, Feb 18-22, New York City, New York, USA if they are it is highly unusual for those Earned media impact was off the charts individuals to interact with brand con- » SES London, Feb 18-21, London, England tent or advocate on the brand’s behalf. » Emetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, Feb 18-21, Our analysis found that conversation length for FinServ brands (an indicator Toronto, Canada TOTAL AMPLIFICATION of engagement) is 30% the levels of » Digiday Conference, Feb 27, Los Angeles, California, USA 85% wireless companies, and 15% of what 870,721 MARKET is typical for a media company. This MARCH TOTAL LIKELY IMPRESSIONS indicates that these brands are failing to GENERATED BY CONSTITUENCY: 46,757,000 engage their customers in anything but » Social Business Summit, Mar 7, Austin, Texas, USA LIKELY IMPRESSIONS the most superficial of interactions, and 54,665,000 that they are not connecting meaning- » SXSWi, Mar 8-12, Austin, Texas, USA fully using social channels. BRAND’S LIKELY IMPRESSIONS: APRIL 382 ADVOCATES It gets even worse when it comes to 64,454,000 advocacy. A financial services firm will » Social Business Summit, Apr 11, Shanghai, China 6,778,000 typically have just 9% as many advo- » Ad tech 2013, Apr 9-10, San Francisco, California, USA LIKELY IMPRESSIONS cates as a wireless company, and 2% as On average, Advocates generated 17,743 likely impressions by many as a media company. These num- » Marketing 2.0 and Social Media Conference, Apr 15-16, propagating campaign messages bers are abysmal and are likely reflective to their engaged followers while of firms lack of effort in cultivating aver- Hamburg, Germany a typical Market participant 72 EMPLOYEES age consumers as supporters of their » Social Media and Web Analytics Innovation, Apr 25-26, generated 53. brand in digital spaces. Every brand has 1,130,000 advocates, but not every brand has ad- San Francisco, California, USA LIKELY IMPRESSIONS vocates who are self-motivated enough to participate online without organiza- » paidContent NY, Apr 17, New York City, New York, USA RED BULL tion and encouragement. Advocacy is the key to delivering significant brand We participate in and sponsor events and conferences around the globe. Events Total Amplification calculated as the number of additional likely impressions generated by the impact in the social world. Without it marked with and asterisk* will feature Dachis Group team members. To inquire constituency represented as a ratio: (Market Likely Impressions + Advocate Likely Impressions + financial services brands will continue about our speaking availability, send an email to Employee Likely Impressions) / Brand’s Likely Impressions to struggle in social. I For more info and an up-to-date events listing visit Brand’s Likely Impressions is the number of campaign-related messages generated by the Read more at and I brand multiplied by the number of people that have engaged the brand in the last 90 days.
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