ESRI Canada Community Maps Program


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Presentation by David McChesney of ESRI CANADA on its Community Maps Program. Delivered at the Water and Environmental Hub track of the 2011 Cybera Summit.

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ESRI Canada Community Maps Program

  1. 1. ESRI Canada Community Maps Program
  2. 2. ArcGISA Simple & Pervasive System for Using Maps & Geographic InformationWeb Browser Web Map, Flex, Cloud/Web  Visualize Silverlight, Sharepoint Services Explorer Online  Compile  Analyze Enterprise  Integrate ServerMobile iPhone  Collaborate Windows Mobile  Communicate LocalDesktop ArcView ArcEditor ArcInfo
  3. 3. What is • ArcGIS Online – Content – Where you find, share, use, and organize maps and other resources from ESRI and the user community – Built-in to your ArcGIS experience • – Web Site – A Web site where you can begin your online GIS experience – A new component of the ArcGIS System
  4. 4. ArcGIS Online MapsMaps built by and for the ArcGIS Community World Imagery Map World Street Map World Topographic Map ESRI Developer Summit 2008
  5. 5. ArcGIS Online Is a Cloud Based GIS Supporting Online and on Premise Deployment Applications Providing GIS as SaaS . . . . . . For Individuals, Departments, and the Enterprise
  6. 6. What can you do at Sign in to Search Make Maps See what others have done
  7. 7. GalleryFeatured Maps and Apps from the ArcGIS Community Maps Mobile Apps Apps
  8. 8. GalleryHover over thumbnail for more information Description, rating, and comments Click to open or view more details
  9. 9. GalleryMap and App Details Rating Description Comments Map Contents with link to Services Directory
  10. 10. Make Maps at ArcGIS.comCreate and open maps across applications • Your choice of applications – Viewer – ArcGIS Explorer Online JavaScript Viewer iPhone Explorer Online
  11. 11. Sign Up with your ESRI Global Account • When you sign in to you can: – Create and save maps – Add maps and apps – Create and join groups My Groups My Content
  12. 12. Community Topographic Basemap • Template Based • Collaborative • Multi-Scale • Authoritative Source • Many Participants
  13. 13. Background• Started Community Maps Program in 2009• Small scale basemap (Canvec)• Large scale basemap (Provincial and Community)
  14. 14. Canadian Community Maps Program• Authoritative Data for Your Applications• Consume in ArcGIS Desktop/Server/Online• High Quality Maps• Provide Feedback Moncton Toronto Kamloops Nanaimo
  15. 15. Key Driver for the ProgramA National Web Basemap for Canada
  16. 16. A New Community has Emerged Working Together Towards a Common Goal • Building a National Web Basemap • A Foundation for a National GIS
  17. 17. Community Maps Program
  18. 18. Community Maps ProgramOnline Maps using Authoritative, Rich, Local Data Sources• Community maps hosted by ESRI on ArcGIS Online• Freely available to ArcGIS users World Topo Map World Imagery World Street Map Canada Portugal Hong Kong
  19. 19. ESRI wants to … • Curate Online Basemaps • Work with authoritative data providers (our users) • Promote a community process that brings together key data providers • Publish our collective results as a community map • Provide iterative releases • Work with you to update and maintain basemaps • Use ArcGIS Online as a platform to facilitate this community initiative
  20. 20. Benefits of Participation • Detailed Basemap for a Community is Online • High-quality cartography with your accurate data • High-performance and availability service • No hosting costs or support required from provider
  21. 21. Benefits of Participation • Basemap is freely available to ArcGIS and Web users – Use in your ArcGIS maps and apps – Use in your public facing Web apps • Developer APIs freely available to build Web Apps – REST, JavaScript, Flex, Silverlight APIs available – Combine your map services with community basemap
  22. 22. Benefits to Community Participation • Citation of participant as data provider for its local area – Referenced in online documentation and related marketing materials – Promotes the valuable GIS work being performed by participant organizations
  23. 23. City of Toronto – 1:1,000
  24. 24. Mashup ExampleBasemap with Points of Interest as an operational layer • The community map is the basis for many more maps and applications.
  25. 25. Top 100 Infrastructure Projects
  26. 26. Keeping the Community Map Up toDate Community Map Natural Exchange Resources Canada 2-Way (National) Replication 2-Way Replication Province Moncton Langley Toronto
  27. 27. Published – NRCan CanVec – St. Paul, AB – Toronto, ON – Brandon, MB – Kamloops, BC – Vancouver, BC – Nanaimo, BC – District of North – Moncton, BC Vancouver, BC – Twp. of Langley, BC – Saskatoon, SK – St. John’s, NF – Surrey, BC – St. Albert, AB – Oak Bay, BC – Banff, AB – Fredericton, NB – Regina, SK – Kingston, ON
  28. 28. Processing – Gatineau, PQ – Hay River, NWT – Wood Buffalo, AB – Brampton, ON – Cowichan Valley, BC – Fort St. John, BC – Morinville, AB – Prince George, BC – Thompson-Nicola Regional, BC
  29. 29. Expression of Interest• Olds College • Sudbury• Saanich • York Region• Victoriaville • Grey County• NWT • Brantford• Region of Peel • Halifax Regional• University of Ottawa Municipality• Woodstock • Service Nova Scotia• Hamilton • Miramichi• London • Kenora• Oxford County • Ville de Rimouski• Ville de Lévis• Village of Burns Lake• Town of Beaumont
  30. 30. How do organizations participate? 1) Contact ESRI Community Maps Program Manager at: 2) Program Manager will introduce and describe program details 3) Execute appropriate agreements • Open Data policy or Participation Agreement 4) ESRI Canada builds the map 5) Review map with participant 6) ESRI Canada will publish map on
  31. 31. To find out more please visit:
  32. 32. Community Maps - ArcGIS Explorer Demonstration