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Local GIS/GPS specialist Lisa Arnold will introduce you to geographic information systems and demonstrate how to translate geographic information onto the web:

* Why geographic location — "where" — matters
* Options available for delivering maps on the web
* Focus on ESRI's ArcGIS mapping software utilizing the ArcGIS API for Flex.

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Arnold webuquerque20110302

  1. 1. Web Mapping & The Power of Where Lisa Arnold Twitter @lisaarn
  2. 2. About MeGIS Analyst – Natural Heritage New Mexico,Museum of Southwestern Biology, University ofNew MexicoAdjunct Instructor – Department of Geography,University of New Mexico Geographic information Spatial modeling science Web mapping Conservation GIS GPS
  3. 3. Have a little bite
  4. 4. Geographic Information SystemGIS is a computer-based technology tocollect, integrate,analyze, query, modeland visualizegeographic-orienteddata (like a visualdatabase) Technology, Methodology, Profession, Business Bolstad, P. (2008).
  5. 5. Answer Global and Local Questions Location – What is at …? – What exists at a particular location? Condition – Where is it? – Find location where certain conditions are satisfied. Trends – What has changed since? – Differences in an area over time. Patterns – What spatial patterns exist? – Spatial relationships between geographic data. Modeling – What if …? – Predict cause and effects of new scenarios. Great examples of GIS in action here!
  6. 6. GIS SoftwareDesktop Professional Industry– ArcGIS, ArcView – ESRI Leader– Geomedia – Intergraph Corp. •Environmental Systems– MapInfo – MapInfo Corp. Research Institute, Inc.– AutoCAD Map – AutoDesk Inc. •Founded in 1969– Smallworld - GE •Used by 24,000 state– Idrisi – Clark Labs and local governments– MapPoint - Microsoft •Annual revenues of– QGIS – open source $794 million •20% of revenues– GRASS – open source invested in Research &Server Development each year– ArcGIS Server - ESRI– MapServer – open source
  7. 7. Geospatial Revolution Don’t miss these videos!
  8. 8. Web GIS Models Fu, P. & Sun, J. (2011).
  9. 9. Web GIS Architecture Fu, P. & Sun, J. (2011).
  10. 10. Application ComponentsBasemap– Often cached services pre-created by server Road map Aerial imageryOperational layers– Dynamic data rendered by the browser Real time weather Disease locationsTools– Find an address– Get directions– Query or search
  11. 11. Geospatial Web ServicesApplication components are driven bygeospatial web services– Web service is a method of communication– Programming interface that can be accessed by other applications
  12. 12. Fu, P. & Sun, J. (2011).
  13. 13. Service FunctionsMap services– Most basic: display, query, identifyData services– Edit, serve imagery, synchronizeAnalytical services– Geocode, route, proximity, buffer,– Geoprocessing – custom analysis models
  14. 14. Service StandardsOpen Geospatial Consortium– WMS (Web Map Service)– WFS (Web Feature Service)– WCS (Web Coverage Service )Other related standards– KML (Keyhole Markup Language)– GEORSS– GML (Geography Markup Language)
  15. 15. REST Services“With REST, everything is a URL”– Communication type used between the web service and the browser (client) Using the ArcGIS Server Rest API to generate a map covering the United States, asking the return to be a JPEG of 800 pixels by 500 pixels, the request is the following: ef_World_2D/MapServer/export? bbox=-183.33, 15.20, -9.53, 74.08 &size=800, 500 &format=jpg &dpi=96 &f=image Fu, P. & Sun, J. (2011).
  16. 16. The MashupBringing it all together– Integrate diverse resources to create an applicationUse browser side API to represent webservices and handle user interaction– API for JavaScript– API for Flex– API for Silverlight
  17. 17. ArcGIS Viewer for Flex
  18. 18. Demo: site process
  19. 19. Start right now!– Search for geospatial web services– Create and share a mashup without programmingESRI’s Mapping for Everyone Site– Create and share maps– everyone/index.html
  20. 20. Book RecommendationsFu, P. & Sun, J. (2011). Web Duvander, A. (2010). MapGIS: Principles and Scripting 101. San Francisco,Applications. Redlands, CA: CA: No Starch Press, Inc.ESRI Press.
  21. 21. ReferencesBolstad, P. (2008). GIS Fundamentals: A first text ongeographic information systems. White Bear Lake, MN:Eider Press.Fu, P. & Sun, J. (2011). Web GIS: Principles andApplications. Redlands, CA: ESRI Press.
  22. 22. Thanks!Tell me what you think–– webuquerque-2011 Lisa Arnold Twitter @lisaarn