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Cyber Summit 2016: Research Data and the Canadian Innovation Challenge


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Canada allocates a substantial amount of public funding to research, which is a critical factor in ensuring we remain innovative and competitive. Increasingly this funding is geared to the support and development of digital research infrastructure (DRI), including the underlying networks and the associated data acquisition, storage, analysis and visualization. In order to maximize the benefits of increasingly complex DRI and the research it facilitates, it is important to make sure data is properly stewarded, accessible and reusable. By adopting appropriate approaches to research data management we are better positioned to respond to challenges, such as effectively measuring research impacts, and ensuring the reproducibility, privacy, and security of research outputs.

Research Data Canada (RDC) is a member-driven organization committed to developing a sustainable approach to research data management, one based on interoperability and best practices. This session will provide an update on the efforts of RDC and partner organizations, including: CANARIE, Compute Canada, CARL Portage Network, CASRAI, the TriAgencies, and the Leadership Council for Digital Infrastructure. Intersections with international activities and projects will also be highlighted. These efforts are ultimately designed to faciliate a cohesive national approach to research data management, and one based on a clearly articulated vision for supporting innovation and discovery in Canada.
Mark Leggott is the Executive Director of Research Data Canada.

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Cyber Summit 2016: Research Data and the Canadian Innovation Challenge

  1. 1. | @rdc_drc Research Data Canada is supported by CANARIE, an organization dedicated to advancing Canada's knowledge and innovation infrastructure. Research Data and the Canadian Innovation Challenge Mark Leggott, Executive Director | Cybera Summit| October 27, 2016 Let’s connect: | @mleggott
  2. 2. | @rdc_drc > Context
  3. 3. | @rdc_drc Personal Ranganthan
  4. 4. | @rdc_drc REPO SITO RY RED UX ERA A LSO KN O W N A S…
  5. 5. | @rdc_drc BURG ER ERA A LSO KN O W N A S…
  6. 6. | @rdc_drc 6 Personal Observations ˃In 10 years at UPEI the team leveraged $5 million in research funding and private donations to build institutional DRI and software ˃Also leveraged funding to build Islandora platform, part of international DRI (e.g. Jisc SS) ˃Demonstrated what can be done at an institutional level ˃Why not do this nationally to build a rich National Data Service?
  7. 7. | @rdc_drc
  8. 8. Thirty organizations, including scientific journals, nonprofit groups, and research institutes, announced jointly … that they would share any data or results that could be helpful in fighting the spread of Zika. Zika threat prompts sweeping scientific collaboration. STAT, Eric Boodman. February 10, 2016
  9. 9. …concerned that this lack of formal recognition could dissuade others from rapidly sharing data during an outbreak. Zika-microcephaly paper sparks data-sharing confusion. Nature, Ewen Callaway. 12 February 2016
  10. 10. | @rdc_drc
  11. 11. | @rdc_drc
  12. 12. | @rdc_drc > The Charge
  13. 13. What would happen to discovery and innovation - and society as a whole - if all research outputs were made publicly accessible tomorrow?
  14. 14. | @rdc_drc “If 100 people look at the data that I work with, some of them will be interested in different things than I’m interested in. It’s not that I don’t think I’m smart, but I have my own particular point of view. Other people looking at the same data would ask different questions than I would and that might lead to something new.” Guy Rouleau, Director, Montreal Neurological Institute
  15. 15. | @rdc_drc Data Input Data Enhancement Data Validation Reproducibility Discoverability Serendipity Linkages Innovation Impact Training Reusability
  16. 16. | @rdc_drc Research Data Canada works with stakeholders to ensure research data is available to support innovation that benefits all Canadians.
  17. 17. | @rdc_drc The DCC Curation Lifecycle Model: Universities Federal Funding Agencies Federal Research Agencies Provincial Funding Agencies Provincial Research Agencies Open Data Organizations Non-Profit & NGO Research Organizations Commercial Research Organizations International Agencies and Collaborators
  18. 18. | @rdc_drc > Vision Canadians have access to national and international collections of publicly- funded research data.
  19. 19. | @rdc_drc > Mission Work with stakeholders to ensure research data is re-usable in support of innovation that benefits all Canadians.
  20. 20. | @rdc_drc 26 Strategy ˃Facilitate the development of a collection of integrated National Data Services that support researchers through all stages of the research lifecycle and promote compliance. ˃Focus on enabling activities – increasing stakeholder alignment, promoting support for data reusability and/or addressing gaps in enabling technologies. ˃RDC is not a service delivery organization.
  21. 21. | @rdc_drc 27 How RDC Works ˃ Steering Committee • Provides direction and guidance • David Castle (VPR, U Victoria) • Members from funders, higher-ed, non-profit, private sector ˃ Standards & Interoperability Committee • BP: Persistent IDs | BP: Data deposit guidelines | BP: Scholar metadata | IRIDIUM RDM Glossary ˃ Infrastructure Committee • BP: National NDS Survey | BP: Requirements for a Canadian National NDS | Survey: RDM capacity ˃ Policy Committee • BP: RDM guidelines and policy templates | BP: research data governance | BP: IP and research data ˃ Communications, Outreach and Education Committee • Website/blogs/webinars | ResearchLink RDM ecosystem map | Survey: education/outreach activities
  22. 22. | @rdc_drc 28 Examples of RDC Activities ˃Facilitating ORCID CA • CASRAI, CRKN, CARL, COPPUL/OCUL/BCI/CAUL, CANARIE, CC, CUCCIO, CARA, CCV, TC3+, Federal Libraries, NAPHRO ˃RDM Ecosystem Map - ResearchLink • With NRC, CRKN, COAR, CARL Portage, COU ˃Best Practices • RDC RDM Principles, Persistent IDs Document ˃Working with International Agencies • RDA Plenary, RDA NDS Interest Group, Jisc Shared Services
  23. 23. | @rdc_drc Enabling information interoperability with identifiers. Laurel Haak, 2016.
  24. 24. | @rdc_drc
  25. 25. | @rdc_drc 31 RDC Portage CASRAI RDA Re-Use Research Data Research Information LCDI CC CANARIE NRC COU ISED CUCCIO CARL CAUL ODC TC3+ Open Information Open Data ONC
  26. 26. | @rdc_drc Portage RDC LCDI Coordination
  27. 27. | @rdc_drc 33 Canadian Developments ˃ Storage and Preservation • CARL Portage/CC FRDR Platform (Globus/Archivematica/Dataverse/Islandora) • Cybera Rapid Access Cloud, CANARIE DAIR • Scholar’s Portal, BC, U of Alberta, Dataverse systems ˃ Compute and Analysis • CC Globus Portal, Ninaliit Visualization ˃Discovery and Dissemination • ORCID CA , UBC DOI Services, FRDR System, UBC Open Collections system, GoC Open Data Portal ˃ Support and Training • DMP Tool, Network of Expertise, RDC Webinars, TC3 OA Policy and RDM Guidelines, RDC RDM Principles
  28. 28. | @rdc_drc 34 International Developments ˃Storage and Preservation • DANS Easy, EUDAT B2SAFE, Research Data Australia ˃Compute and Analysis • EUDAT B2STAGE (iRODS/GridFTP), VRE4EIC, Taverna, VisTrails ˃Discovery and Dissemination • SHARE, DANS Search, EUDAT B2SHARE, B2FIND, EUDAT B2DROP, OpenTrials, PLOS Missing Pieces ˃Support and Training • Research Data Alliance interest groups
  29. 29. | @rdc_drc RDC Outputs National Data Services Framework Requirements & Best Practices Mar 2017 Portage/CC/CA SRAI Outputs & Systems Jul 2016 Jun 2017 RDA Outputs Federal & Provincial Outputs Other Canadian Outputs Jisc Outputs Other International Outputs Vision for a National Data Services Framework Nov 2016 National Data Services and Federated Research Data Repository Framework RDM Eco- system Map Semantic Reposi- tory Pilot ORCID- CA + CAF SPs DOI Services
  30. 30. @rdc_drc Contact me: Research Data Canada is supported by CANARIE, an organization dedicated to advancing Canada's knowledge and innovation infrastructure. | @mleggott