Building ArcGIS Mobile Solutions in the Cloud


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Navteq Developer Days presentation that illustrates how to build a complete cloud-based mapping solution. A mobile app is used to monitize the platform by allowing customers to check-in (similar to foursquare).

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Building ArcGIS Mobile Solutions in the Cloud

  1. 1. Building ArcGIS Mobile Solutions …in the cloud Allan LaframboiseEsri Developer Network Nicholas Furness
  2. 2. esri – a leader in geospatial software EDN Team  Support the developer community  Connecting - Resources  esri -  Maps and Services -  Developer Help -
  3. 3. ArcGIS | A complete system for geographic information Cloud • Discover Web • Create • Manage Enterprise • Visualize Mobile • Analyze • Collaborate Local Desktop
  4. 4. Who’s building ArcGIS solutions? Quake MapE311/Service Request Campus Routing Where To/Entertainment
  5. 5. AgendaBuild “intelligent” webmapsBasemaps and ServicesHost your data in the cloudBuild a mobile applicationGet the most out of your subscription
  6. 6. ArcGIS OnlineBuilding “intelligent” webmaps
  7. 7. ArcGIS OnlineCloud-based geospatial solution 1. Website for maps and applications 2. Basemaps and Geo Services 3. Cloud-space for you! - New!
  8. 8. A complete geospatial infrastructure In the cloud Free Map Webmaps ViewersBasemaps • ArcGIS Online& Services Web & Mobile Cloud Space APIs
  9. 9. What you can do with ArcGIS Online? Out-of-the-box you can… Create an account Browse and find maps Create “intelligent” webmaps Accessibility Add data (CSV, GPX, SHP) Share with groups Access from any device
  10. 10. Webmap Viewers ArcGIS Online (JS) ArcGIS Explorer Online (SL)
  11. 11. – Build your first webmap
  12. 12. Recap ArcGIS Online - cloud-based geospatial solution Easy to find, create and share “intelligent” webmaps Design with free viewers No experience with GIS!
  13. 13. ArcGIS Online Services How to access your world
  14. 14. ArcGIS Online Services Types 1. Basemap Services 2. Task Services (Geo Services) • ArcGIS Online
  15. 15. ArcGIS Online Basemaps Types  World Street View  World Imagery (Satellite)  Demographics  Landsat Imagery  Reference  … Other types  Bing, Open Street Map
  16. 16. Beautiful Maps!
  17. 17. Community Maps
  18. 18. Basemap and Service MetadataDescription: Last updated July 2011…Scale: 1:591,657,528 down to 1:4,514Coordinate System: Web Mercator (WKID 102100)Tiling scheme: Bing/GoogleREST ocodeServer
  19. 19. ArcGIS Online Task ServicesTask Services = “Geo Services” World geocoding and address matching Routing (North America and Europe) Geometry Service
  20. 20. DemoArcGIS Online Basemaps and Services
  21. 21. RecapHigh-quality basemapsCommunity is contributingDifferent types of Task ServicesFree for development!
  22. 22. Your data in the Cloud ArcGIS Online cloud hosting
  23. 23. ArcGIS Online Subscription (New!)Subscription  Access to geospace and services in the cloudStandard account +  Brand website  Manage users (admin, publishers, users)  Create groups  Create and share private maps and data  Upload your data to the cloudNo servers, infrastructure or GIS expertise!
  24. 24. Moving data into the cloudHosting options  Feature Service – Live data  Tile Service – Images
  25. 25. What’s a Feature Service? Your data as a “geo service” in the cloud  Accessible via REST, ArcGIS Web and Mobile APIs  SQL-like query  Get actual records (features)  Access shapes  Create, Update and Delete
  26. 26. Creating feature Services 1. Import your table or shapefile data  CSV, TXT and Shapefiles (zip)  Automatically geocoded 2. Creates a REST endpoint vices/Navteq_POI_Cook_County/FeatureServer
  27. 27. ArcGIS Online Subscription  Publish and manage own services  No 1000 feature limit!  Default space is 2GB  Token-based security model
  28. 28. GoChicago!
  29. 29. DemoHosting your data in the cloud
  30. 30. RecapArcGIS Online Subscription gives you cloud spaceHost data as a Feature or Tile servicesAccessible from all ArcGIS clients and APIs (REST)No experience with GIS!
  31. 31. ArcGIS Mobile APIs Accessing your data in the cloud
  32. 32. ArcGIS apps for tablets and smartphonesAccess webmaps in cloudApple iOSMicrosoft WindowsPhone 7Google Android(Coming in Q4, 2011) Free!
  33. 33. ArcGIS Mobile Development OptionsCross-platform  ArcGIS API for JavaScript (compact)Native  ArcGIS for iOS  ArcGIS for Windows Phone  ArcGIS for Android (beta)
  34. 34. Getting Started1. Go to the Resource Center2. Download API3. Access ArcGIS Online Basemaps4. Access ArcGIS Online Services5. Access your feature service in the cloud
  35. 35. Adding layers to your map// ArcGIS Online Basemap Service<esri:Map x:Name="MyMap" Extent="-120, 20, -100, 40"> <esri:ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer ID="StreetMapLayer" Url=" 2D/MapServer"> </esri:ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer> <esri:GraphicsLayer ID=“PlacesLayer" /></esri:Map>
  36. 36. Accessing geo services// ArcGIS Online Geometry Serviceprivate void RunBufferService() { BufferParameters bufferParams = new ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Tasks.BufferParameters() { BufferSpatialReference = new SpatialReference(4326), OutSpatialReference = MyMap.SpatialReference, Unit = LinearUnit.StatuteMile, }; bufferParams.Distances.Add(SliderDistance.Value); bufferParams.Features.Add(_point); _geometryService.BufferAsync(bufferParams);}void GeometryService_BufferCompleted(object sender, GraphicsEventArgs args){ Graphic bufferGraphic = new Graphic(); bufferGraphic.Geometry = args.Results[0].Geometry; _polygonLayer.Graphics.Add(bufferGraphic);}
  37. 37. Accessing features in the cloud // ArcGIS Online Feature ServiceQueryTask _placesQueryService = new QueryTask("");_placesQueryService.ExecuteCompleted += PlacesQueryTask_ExecuteCompleted;private void RunPlacesService(){ ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Tasks.Query query = new ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Tasks.Query(); query.Geometry = _bufferGeometry; query.OutFields.Add("Name, Address,Street,City,County,Phone,Description,Cuisine,Chain"); query.Where = "Description like %restaurant%“; _placesQueryService.ExecuteAsync(query);}private void PlacesQueryTask_ExecuteCompleted(object sender, QueryEventArgs args){ foreach (Graphic selectedPOI in args.FeatureSet.Features) { placesLayer.Graphics.Add(selectedPOI); }}
  38. 38. Mobile Developer HelpDownloadsAPI ReferenceSamplesForumBlog
  39. 39. DemoArcGIS Mobile Development
  40. 40. RecapStart with the out-of-the-box mobile AppsCross-platform and native development optionsArcGIS Resource CentersHow to access your data in the cloud
  41. 41. Getting the most outof your ArcGIS Online Subscription
  42. 42. GoChicago! Pizza Finder Mobile AppSearch for pizza restaurantsCheck-in/outRoutingDirectionsRating
  43. 43. Cloud implementation + business model Restaurant Owner Web Viewers Webmaps Administration • ArcGIS OnlineCustomerCheck-ins ArcGIS Mobile App Basemaps & Services
  44. 44. GIS mapping and analysis Closer look at customer information Location Time Routing RatingsIdentify patternsUnderstand demographicsTarget advertising & promotion
  45. 45. Business AnalystMake better location-based decisions Marketplace Analyses Reports Demographics Decision making
  46. 46. SummaryArcGIS Online  One-stop-shop for webmaps, apps and servicesArcGIS Online Subscription  Host and manage your data in the cloudArcGIS Mobile APIs  Easy to consume cloud data and servicesMonetize your investment  GIS analyses, Demographics, Business Analyst
  47. 47. alaframboise@esri.comnfurness@esri.comEsri Developer Network