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Arcadis General Company Presentation (Nx Power Lite)


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Arcadis General Company Presentation (Nx Power Lite)

  2. 2. ARCADIS at a Glance Geography Services Key Statistics Program & project management • Revenue € 2.4 billion Consultancy • 21,000 people worldwide Master planning & • Europe top 3 Architecture • Worldwide top 10 Design & Engineering Business Lines ImplementationInfrastructure Water 26% 14% 26% 14%Environment Buildings 32% 28% 2 June 8, 2012 © 2009 ARCADIS 3 32% 28%
  3. 3. ARCADIS’ mission & vision MISSION Our mission is to improve quality of life around the world by creating places of distinction and providing sustainable solutions that enhance the built and natural environments. By doing so, we produce exceptional value for our clients, employees and shareholders VISION We want to be a leading Transnational Professional Services Group providing Consulting, Design, Engineering and Management services in the areas of Infrastructure, Water, Environment and Buildings with strong home market positions in the US, Europe, Asia and LA, producing solid growth and superior margins, based on a strong client focused, entrepreneurial and agile culture of our people.3 June 8, 2012 © 2009 ARCADIS
  4. 4. • Global network, based on strong home Key market positions elements • Leader in services to multinational clients • One stop shopping for integrated solutions in • One firm concept as basis for synergy ARCADIS • Strong client focus vision • People oriented Internal cooperation by exchanging client relationships and specialized expertise is key to achieving our goals4 © 2012 ARCADIS
  5. 5. Firm Integrity License to operate wide Entrepreneurship core Source for growth through new business Agility values Driver for meeting our goals Respect for cultural differences5 © 2012 ARCADIS
  6. 6. ARCADIS works for many multinational clients6 © 2012 ARCADIS
  7. 7. Everyday Commitment to Health and Safety Global health & safety vision & policy Proactive H&S hazard recognition, risk assessment and control implementation following TRACK H&S best practices and lessons learned shared globally Behavior-based H&S management system is a key performance metric with global leadership Globally led culture & initiative: disciplined & systemic7 © 2012 ARCADIS
  8. 8. About our services, experiences and ambitions Infrastructure Water Environment Buildings8 © 2012 ARCADIS
  10. 10. Infrastructure Roads and Highways Designing for the futureBelgium: Renovationinfrastructure Antwerp Poland: Beltway WarsawAtlanta, Georgia: Netherlands: IncreasingHighway network expansion highway capacity 10 © 20012ARCADIS
  11. 11. High speed rail lines & Bridges High level bridge design Infrastructure BridgesConventional railroads expertise Rail: heavy & light Bridges & Tunnels Ports & Waterways Designing for the futureNetherlands: High speed rail France: Highest viaductline Amsterdam-Paris in the world near MillauLarge scale port infrastructure Tunnels & Caverns Commercial & leisure Ports Locks & Waterways11 © 20012ARCADIS
  12. 12. Infrastructure Urban planning and Land development Designing for the future Urban planning Zhabei Jacksonville, USA Suzhou Creek Shanghai Urban development City developmentSouth axis Amsterdam Land development and London re-use in Germanynew high quality urban center12 © 20012ARCADIS
  13. 13. Infrastructure Energy Designing for the future Power Plants Renewable energy Distribution Energy & Industry13 © 20012ARCADIS
  14. 14. Infrastructure ambitionOur ambition is to be a recognized global player Leading in selected segments Providing integrated solutions With strong home market positions14 © 20012ARCADIS 58
  15. 15. WATER15 © 20012ARCADIS
  16. 16. Water Water management Supplying global water needsNetherlands Climate change consulting San Francisco BayRiver dike improvementFlood protection system Coastal protectionfor New Orleans Netherlands and Europe16 © 20012ARCADIS
  17. 17. Water Water supply Supplying global water needsScottsdale, ArizonaGAC filter for increased Greater Cincinnati waterwater supply capacity works projectHighly advanced filtering City of San Diego watercapabilities supply system17 © 20012ARCADIS
  18. 18. Innovating sustainable Extensive odor control know-how Waste water Treatment Water Waste water treatment Supplying global water needs NY waste watercontrol Extensive odor treatment on constrained site know-howExtensive experience with Also active in water relatedlarge scale projects management consulting18 © 20012ARCADIS
  19. 19. Water ambition Our ambition is to build a leading position ` based on our longstanding experience & integrated approach to the water cycle in current core and selected new markets19 60 © 20012ARCADIS
  20. 20. ENVIRONMENT20 © 20012ARCADIS
  21. 21. Environment Site Evaluation and Remediation Engineering a better environment Leader for private sector Global reach Remediation technology ARCADIS GRiP® ProgramSoil and ground water Remediation of soil GRiP® for Guaranteedremediation and groundwater Remediation21 © 20012ARCADIS
  22. 22. Industrial services, Biogas from landfills Environmentplanning, permitting Broad range of other services Engineering a better environmentEnvironmental REACH consultancyimpact assessments services22 © 20012ARCADIS
  23. 23. Environment Engineering a better environmentSite investigationand remediation Industrial consultancy Competitive edge • Leader for private sector • Global reach • Remediation technology • ARCADIS GRiP® Program EnvironmentalEnvironmental impact concepts automotiveassessments23 © 20012ARCADIS industryfrom landfills Biogas 13
  24. 24. Environment ambition Our ambition is to be the leading global environmental services provider Based on a strong client focused approach Delivering high-value added services To key multinational, national and local clients2462 © 20012ARCADIS
  25. 25. BUILDINGS25 © 20012ARCADIS
  26. 26. Olympic Stadium Buildings London 2012 Project & program management services Seamless global project delivery Office redevelopment Sustainable office Manchester building in Belgium Olympic Stadium London 2012Lufthansa Headquarters,Frankfurt26 © 20012ARCADIS
  27. 27. Buildings RTKL: World leader in design & planning Design excellence Mixed use Staples center Los AngelesCapitol Hill visitor Urban developmentcenter, Washington27 © 20012ARCADIS Edinburgh, Scotland
  28. 28. Buildings ambition Our ambition is to be a global partner of choice leading in all our market sectors based on a top 5 position in buildings design & PM services28 64 © 20012ARCADIS
  29. 29. Imagine the result29 June 8, 2012 © 2009 ARCADIS