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Mapping and Spatial Analysis for Understanding Our World

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  1. 1. ArcGIS ® Mapping and Spatial Analysis for Understanding Our World
  2. 2. ArcGISMapping and Spatial Analysis for Understanding Our WorldArcGIS helps you with What Is GIS?Planning and analysis• Improve your ability to anticipate and manage Geographic information system (GIS) change by using spatial analysis. technology gives you a framework for gathering, organizing, sharing,Asset/Data management and analyzing spatial information.• Enable better use of resources by making data available to those who need it. You can use GIS to see how things work together, allowing you toOperational awareness make the most informed decisions• Get a comprehensive understanding possible. of the activities affecting your organization.Field workforce• Experience better and more coordinated decision making as well as faster and more efficient field operations.
  3. 3. Achieve a Commanding, Collaborative View of Your World ArcGIS is a complete system for designing and managing solutions through the application of geographic knowledge. It enables you to do deep analysis, gain greater understanding of your data, and perform high-level decision making. You can use ArcGIS anywhere: Web • Create web mapping applications that make it easy for stakeholders to access authoritative geographic information. • Bring information that others have shared into your projects. • Create mashups from shared services. • Browse maps and apps published by others using the ArcGIS® system and create your own maps that you can share.Metro Nashville Public Website for Communicating Flood Information Desktop • Use predefined map templates that automate many aspects of cartography. • Build models that help users scientifically analyze data. • Create geodatabases. • Manage and edit geographic data. Mobile Devices • Field staff can capture, update, and analyze geographic information.Model Showing • The office can get up-to-date information to and fromImpacts of Natural field operations.Disturbances(Credit: Remsoft, Inc.) • Organizations can select from a range of mobile GIS field mapping applications within the ArcGIS system so that it fits within existing workflows. • The mobile workforce can explore and use maps that have been shared within the ArcGIS system. Drive-time Analysis on a Smartphone.
  4. 4. ArcGISMapping and Spatial Analysis forUnderstanding Our World Web Mappers Knowledge Workers GIS
  5. 5. My Locations Spreadsheet My Favorite Venues User Data GIS Services Operational Layers Basemaps
  6. 6. Getting Data for Your Maps Add context to your maps with a range of ready-to-use geospatial data, either online or via DVD, including • Basemaps (streets, imagery, topographic) • Demographic data • Imagery • Consumer spending • Business data (such as business locations, traffic counts, and crime indexes) In addition, Esri has a large online community of users who regularly contribute their data and make it available to everyone via the cloud.Imagery is one of the many types of data that is core to ArcGIS. Want to Build Your Own Mapping Applications? ArcGIS developer tools make it easy to get started: • Create simple maps from your enterprise data. • Build and deploy GIS applications on multiple platforms. • Publish and consume GIS web services using REST or SOAP. • Get sample code, configurable templates, online data, and more, to help you develop useful GIS applications.Resource centers containing code samples, forums, and referencelibraries help developers get started. Compliance with IT Standards ArcGIS is based on accepted standards to ensure a high level of interoperability across platforms, databases, development languages, and applications. • Secure, reliable, and maintainable architectures • Optimized performance, scalability, agility, and productivity • Measurable return on investment
  7. 7. Esri Support and Educational ServicesEsri has a long-standing commitment to serve and respond to the GIS user community, and that commitment is exemplifiedby the breadth of Esri’s support services. ArcGIS support and educational services consist of technical maintenanceprograms designed to meet the needs of different types of users, as well as software releases and updates, technicalsupport, online support services, publications, training, and consulting services.ArcGIS Maintenance ProgramEsri offers a cost-effective maintenance program thatincludes software updates, technical support, andmany other benefits. Offered as an annual subscription,this program makes it easy for you to plan for the costof support and software updates. Complimentaryregistrations to the Esri International User Conference areincluded with certain standard Esri® software maintenanceoptions. For more information, visit SupportEsri offers a rich array of technical support and usercommunity resources to help you meet your GISchallenges. From 24/7 technical support to online usergroups and a variety of self-help resources, Esri has thetools to make you successful. For more information, Esri instructors provide one-on-oneEsri offers instructor-led courses at Esri learning centers assistance in coursesand client facilities around the world as well as over the taught in both traditional and virtualInternet. Self-study web courses are also available for classrooms.those who prefer online training. Esri combines hands-onexperience, interactivity, and instructional support tocreate an effective learning environment. For moreinformation, visit help you use Esri software and learn the manyapplications of geospatial technology, Esri Press publishesreference books, software tutorials, case studies, and GISmap books. Esri Press books help the first-time learner aswell as the professional GIS user and are available throughmajor booksellers and from Esri at ServicesEsri GIS professionals offer consulting, design,programming, and implementation services as well asdatabase design and assistance in data publishing. Formore information, visit
  8. 8. About Esri Our Focus Contact EsriSince 1969, Esri has been helping Esri software is used by hundreds 1 800 GIS XPRT (1 800 447 9778)organizations map and model our of thousands of organizations that t 909 793 2853world. Esri’s GIS software tools apply GIS to solve problems and f 909 793 5953and methodologies enable these make our world a better place to info@esri.comorganizations to effectively analyze live. We pay close attention to our esri.comand manage their geographic users to ensure they have the best Offices worldwideinformation and make better tools possible to accomplish their They are supported by our missions. A comprehensive suite ofexperienced and knowledgeable staff training options offered worldwideand extensive network of business helps our users fully leverage theirpartners and international distributors. GIS applications.A full-service GIS company, Esri Esri is a socially conscious business,supports the implementation of GIS actively supporting organizationstechnology on desktops, servers, involved in education, conservation,online services, and mobile devices. sustainable development, andThese GIS solutions are flexible, humanitarian affairs.customizable, and easy to use. 380 New York Street Redlands, California 92373-8100 usaCopyright © 2011 Esri. All rights reserved. Esri, the Esri globe logo, ArcGIS,, and are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of Esri in the UnitedStates, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions. Other companies and products mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respectivetrademark owners.126552 ESRI0611jb Printed in USA