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  • Web browsers enable users to view HTML documents HTML is what is contained in a web page
  • HTTP is how the mechanics of web pages are requested and delivered; HTML is what is delivered.
  • Web Map– contains one or more ArcGIS Server map services that are referenced from ArcGIS Online Web Map Service– a set of interface specifications that provide uniform access by web browser clients to map servers over the WWW. WMS is a standard defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium. Web Service– software apps or data accessible over the WWW From the Help: What is the difference between a web map and a web application within the context of the website? A web map is an interactive display of geographic information, for example, satellite imagery of streets, houses, and open space within Los Angeles County. You can view it in a browser, mobile device, or desktop application and use tools to change the extent, find places, and see detailed data about a specific location. In addition, you can build your own map by defining an area of interest, choosing a basemap, and adding data layers. You can save maps and share them with everybody or with specific groups you belong to. A web application is a website that combines maps, data, and tools for a targeted use such as a polling stations application. It might be as simple as a map embedded in a blog or as complex as GPS navigation app or operational dashboard. Applications can be based on standard templates, which are configured using web maps and other properties and developed with ArcGIS APIs. In general, applications are constructed from information in web maps, supplemented with additional application-specific configuration and customization. Applications can be hosted as a part of your content in the system or they can be managed independently and registered with the system.
  • It’s accessing mapping whenever you want, wherever you are, on any device that runs web browser software. Even if Internet connectivity is unavailable, there are mechanisms for saving and using locally-stored data.
  • Devices can be as cheap as smartphones or iPad, Android tablets (like $200 Nexus 7) To access the data, they need to click through a Proof of Delivery form that insures they got it.
  • Closely associated with the whole web services paradigm is the notion of the Cloud. Don’t think of it as just another remote server that has to be purchased, provisioned and attended to by internal IT staff. It’s a utility that you plug into whenever you need it, at whatever scale you require. You don’t have to wait for corporate to approve it, then acquire and install it. You don’t keep paying for it till it’s way past its prime. You can scale up and down as needed.
  • No need to wait for corporate authorization and delay for hardware purchases
  • The Share settings in the viewer control how you can publish the map. If you just want to keep it to yourself, no sharing is necessary. If you want to share the map with your group, you have to select the group. Sharing with the group allows you also to publish the map as a web application.
  • A published web application is based on a web map authored with the ArcGIS.com map viewer.
  • While somewhat limited in functionality when compared to your own ArcGIS for Server services, ArcGIS Online also offers simple hosted tiled and feature services. ArcGIS Online Hosted Services remove many of the hassles of having to maintain and scale your own services and they are provided at an extra cost that follows a ‘pay for what you use’ pricing model. You may want to consider complementing your ArcGIS for Server deployment with ArcGIS Online Hosted Services for simple web mapping needs, particularly for public facing web applications.   Current capabilities of AGOL: Tiled map services - fast display of your data - tiles build in ArcGIS Online - support for queries with an associated feature service - no dynamic mapping Feature services - supports editing - ability to track edits - supports owner based editing (only creator of a feature can edit it) - Ability to download data via shapefile for local synchronization
  • Amazon Elastic Block Storage  (EBS) provides raw  block devices , that can be attached to  Amazon EC2  instances. These block devices can then be used like any raw block device. In a typical use case, this would include formatting the device with a  filesystem  and  mounting  said filesystem. In addition EBS supports a number of advanced storage features, including snapshotting and cloning. Currently EBS volumes can be up to 1TB in size. EBS volumes are built on replicated back end storage, so that the failure of a single component will not cause data loss.
  • Web enabling your survey business ppt version

    1. 1. http://bit.ly/LqEWhX arcgis.com login: MappingAutomation surveysummit2012
    2. 2. Web-Enabling Your Survey Data Rudy Stricklan, RLS, GISP Mapping Automation, LLC
    3. 3. Web-Enabling Your Survey Data Rudy Stricklan, RLS, GISP Mapping Automation, LLC
    4. 4. Pre Flight Check ArcGIS Desktop (any level) Shapefiles Coordinate systems & projections Any web browser other than Internet Explorer
    5. 5. Shapefiles… the dBASE of GIS-format files Only one spatial datatype per shapefile 2GB filesize restriction Can’t store topology relationships Curves stored as multi-segment lines FID primary key field value can change No coordinate system range enforcement dBASE restrictions: 10-character fieldnames, limited storage,… Just like dBASE, shapefiles are still used everywhere and won’t die
    6. 6. Web Mapping in a Week
    7. 7. Internetthe inter-networkinginfrastructure
    8. 8. Websoftware mechanism h ttp :/ www /to network HTML-formatdocuments (“webpages”)
    9. 9. HTMLHyperTextMarkup Language:web pagelanguage thatrenders content inweb browsers HTML ≈ DXF
    10. 10. HTTPHyperText Transfer h ttp :/ www /Protocol– how webpages arerequested anddelivered over theWorld Wide Web
    11. 11. Web Services http://www.google.com index.html default.html
    12. 12. We b S e rvice s http://www.google.com index.html default.html
    13. 13. We b Map p ing http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?center=32.231843,-110.953376&zoom=12 &size=400x400&maptype=roadmap&sensor=false We b M ap S e rve r
    14. 14. We b Map p ing http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?center=32.231843,-110.953376&zoom=12 &size=400x400&maptype=roadmap&sensor=false We b M ap S e rve r
    15. 15. eb Map individual mapervice: layer withbuilt-in functionalityeb Map: map layers
    16. 16. Web Map Service (WMS) Map Service Web Map
    17. 17. Web Mapping … using a web browser to display maps
    18. 18. http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?center=32.706,-117.162&zoom=17&size=640x600&maptype=satellite&sensor=false http://bit.ly/KQKO47
    19. 19. http://server.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/ESRI_Imagery_World_2D/MapServer/export?bbox=-117.168254,32.703266,-117.154601,32.710506&size=640,600&format=png&transparent=false&f=image http://bit.ly/LkPD5x
    20. 20. http://bit.ly/NbZbNL
    21. 21. We b Map p ing C oolne s s it’s about accessing mapping data whenever you want, wherever you are, on any device that runs web browser software simple to use, familiar software interface for all levels of users nothing to download: no software, no plugins, no data mashup capability: web maps can combine with, and hyperlink to, geospatial data from all sorts of diverse sources always working from the latest copy of centralized data, accessible to all authorized users via the URL data is available to clients on 24x7 basis with no need to send DVDs, etc.
    22. 22. Cloud Coolness ability to spool up any amount of computing power that you need on a moment’s notice, and then unplug it when finished puts the same technology in your hands as the big players have cost ranges from free to sky’s the limit (but at least is structured on a pay as you go basis) could help change the way you do business
    23. 23. The Case for Web Mapping It doesn’t replace…
    24. 24. The Case for Web MappingWithoutexpertinvolvement,it doesn’tprovideauthoritativecontent…
    25. 25. Technology Stack • Improved coordinate system referencing and selection; support for compound datum transformations with recommended choices • Enhanced image analysis functionality, including LiDAR LAS data support • Publish map services directly from ArcGIS Desktop • Database connections: connect to SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2 & Informix databases directly to read, export spatial data • Georeferenced PDF publishing • Maplex Label Engine is now part of core software
    26. 26. Technology Stack
    27. 27. Technology Stack
    28. 28. ArcGIS Online Subscription ≠ = ArcGIS ServerWeb Publishing Functionality
    29. 29. MappingAutomationsurveysummit2012
    30. 30. D e m o:ArcG IS O nlineD rag and d rop we b m ap
    31. 31. If you don’t share a web map:•Desktop browsers and Androiddevices have to sign into ArcGISOnline as the content Owner•iPhone and iPad users cannotaccess through a browser interface,they have to use the ArcGIS app:
    32. 32. If you share a web map with groups:3.Can share link with anyone, and itwill open natively in desktop orAndroid device browser4.iPhone and iPad users cannotaccess through a browser interface,they have to use the ArcGIS app:
    33. 33. Sharing with groups allows you tomake an Esri Web Application:3.The web app URL can be opened byGroup clients on desktop, Android andiOS browsers4.It can also be opened by the ArcGISapp on Android and iOS devices:
    34. 34. If you share it with Everyone:3.In addition to an Esri webapplication, you can customize andembed the web map’s HTML codeinto a web page frame4.BUT… you have to expose your (oryour client’s) data openly on theArcGIS Online web site
    35. 35. $1/credit$2500 buy-in
    36. 36. … breaks the 1000 feature limit!
    37. 37. Web MercatorEPSG: 3857 cylinder tangent at the equator PROJCS["WGS_1984_Web_Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere", GEOGCS["GCS_WGS_1984", DATUM["D_WGS_1984",SPHEROID["WGS_1984", 6378137.0,298.257223563]], PRIMEM["Greenwich",0.0], UNIT["Degree",0.0174532925199433]], PROJECTION["Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere"], PARAMETER["False_Easting",0.0], PARAMETER["False_Northing",0.0], PARAMETER["Central_Meridian",0.0], PARAMETER["Standard_Parallel_1",0.0], PARAMETER["Auxiliary_Sphere_Type",0.0], UNIT["Meter",1.0]]
    38. 38. Web Mercator faster calculations with spherical geometry north is always up covers entire world without favoring any particular region “practically” conformal • it’s not conformal! • it’s not old-school enough • since it’s not equal-area, it’s not politically correct
    39. 39. D e m o: ArcG IS O nlineF e atu re S e rvice
    40. 40. Using Caching to Speed Display
    41. 41. D e m o:ArcG IS O nline C ach e d M ap S e rvice
    42. 42. $1/credit$2500 buy-in
    43. 43. $1/credit $2500 buy-in shapefile, + map service csv, tsv, GPX definition files1000 features each + ArcMap layers: any source, import/2GB max any size you can afford web maps & web maps, web apps, web apps & map services Logins necessary at all sharing levels
    44. 44. Google Web Mapping
    45. 45. shapefile, KML, + MapInfo csv, tsv, xlsx files & imagery 100MB each 1GB each file,import/250MB max 10GB for imagery web maps & web maps, web apps, & addressable layers addressable layers URL link that doesn’t have to be public
    46. 46. drive.google.com
    47. 47. http://www.shpescape.com/
    48. 48. www.weebly.com
    49. 49. D e m o: G oogleF u s ion Tab le M ap
    50. 50. O p e nG e o M ap p ing
    51. 51. http://opengeo.org/
    52. 52. opengeo.org/technology/suite/download/
    53. 53. x
    54. 54. admin/geoserver
    55. 55. workspacestorelayers
    56. 56. right-click
    57. 57. http://suite.opengeo.org/docs/geoexplorer/using/index.html
    58. 58. src=“http://localhost:.....”
    59. 59. Cost/hour 2₵ 11.5₵ 28.5₵ 23₵ 46₵ 92₵ 57₵ $1.14 $2.28 $1.14 $1.61 $2.97 $2.60+ EBS Storage: 10₵/GB/month, 10₵/million I/O requests
    60. 60. Description
    61. 61. ChangePasswordNow!
    62. 62. localhost:8080/geoserver/opengeo/wmsec2-50-16-72-220.compute-1.amazonaws.com:8080/geoserver/opengeo/wms
    63. 63. 2¢ - $3 per hour, + 10¢/GB of storageshapefiles, KML, GML, PostGIS, Oracle, MSSQL Server, ArcSDE, DB2, MySQL, rasters… ∞ database size, ∞ rows per table,32TB table size, 1.6TB row size, 16GB fields web maps/apps via GeoExplorer & Javascript,WMS, WFS, WCS, and REST open URL links
    64. 64. D e m o:P u b lis h ing anO p e nLaye rs We b M ap S e rvice
    65. 65. D XFacad .linAu toLIS P
    66. 66. D e m o: H TM L & JavaS crip tp rogram m ing
    67. 67. ≤ 1000 Import asfeatures? YES web map NO Add PostGIS layer as a WMS source to ArcGIS Online map
    68. 68. We want w mFor iOS an d
    69. 69. In the meantime…
    70. 70. Planning Data Collection Data UpdatingData Access & Pre-Design AnalysisVisualization Design & As-Built Mapping Locations Staking & Construction
    71. 71. Bottom LineIt’s all about the data…and its authoritativecontent managementin a form that isaccessible anytime,anywhere, from anyInternet-connecteddevice
    72. 72. Web Mapping Strategy1 app = 1 map
    73. 73. Rudy S tricklan, RLS , G IS Prudy.s tricklan@mappingautomation.com