How to Be a Good Customer: 16 Ways to Not Be a Jerk


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Customer service is a two-way street. Sure, businesses are not perfect, but neither are customers. Here are 16 ways we can all be better customers.

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  • customer is the king of market,nvr treat him deciple.
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How to Be a Good Customer: 16 Ways to Not Be a Jerk

  1. How to Be a Good Customer: 16 Ways to Not Be a Jerk By Adam Toporek April 15, 2013©Copyright 2013. CTS Service Solutions. All Rights Reserved.
  2. In June 2012, we released the blog post How to Be a Good Customer: 16 Ways to Not Be a Jerk. The post explored the other side of customer service – how we can all be better customers. Customer service is not a one-way street, and there are ways that we can improve our own experience. Read on for 16 ways to not be a jerk…
  3. How To Be A Good Customer: The Big
  4. #1 Remember The Golden Rule Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of what your are dishing out? Wouldn’t like it? Then don’t do it!
  5. #2 Separate The Person from the Policy This is one of the most difficult challenges, even for the usually fair- minded. Some company policies can be personally frustrating; don’t shoot the messenger. Chances are they did not create the policy and do not have a choice but to enforce
  6. #3 Separate The Person from the Performance People screw up. But there is a big difference between an accident and negligence, between a mistake and malice.Many times the person in front of you is trying todo a good job – if so, then cut them a little slack.
  7. #4 Don’t Be a Bully Pushing around the sales clerk who is half your age by raising your voice, making unreasonable demands, and showing utter contempt for their very being does not make you powerful, it makes you a bully.Don’t push people around just because you thinkyou can.
  8. #5 Don’t Make ThreatsIf you are making threats notbecause you have a seriousgrievance but because you just wantwhat you want, stop!Threatening to report someone tothe Better Business Bureau, yourthirty Twitter followers, or theInternational Criminal Court is notproductive and almost alwaysunwarranted.
  9. #6 Adjust Your ExpectationsExpecting great service is your prerogative;expecting great service to mean that thecompany does whatever you want, wheneveryou want, and for as little as you are willing topay is not.Adjust your expectations to the realities of thebusiness you are dealing
  10. #7 Respect The RulesHey, the coupon expiredlast week. If you want toask whether the companywill honor it, feel free.However, don’t get mad ifthe company says no. Ithad an expiration date fora
  11. #8 Give The Company An Opportunity to Solve The Problem Are your really concerned with the problem or does it just feel good to complain? Give the company a chance to fix the problem before taking away your business or sending that angry
  12. #9 Seek First to Understand, Then to Be UnderstoodIt is amazing how muchbetter everything in theworld would be if peopletook the time to followMr. Coveys Fifth Habit.I know it’s fun to hear yourself talk, but maybe trylistening and even understanding before declaringwar.
  13. To Be A Good Customer You Should…
  14. #10 Attempt To Put It Back Where You Found ItAnd if you don’t wantto do that, at leastdon’t hide it on ashelf where no onewill find it for amonth.Stores make money by selling inventory, not byhiding it. If you won’t put it back, then take it tothe register so the store can do so for
  15. #11 Pay Attention to Signs I just screwed this one up recently. I was buying a “treat” lunch for my employees, was having a meat grinder of a day, and got in the express lane with like 25 items.I didn’t even notice. The cashier checked me out and thenpolitely pointed out that if I had more than ten items Ishould use one of the regular lanes next time.
  16. #12 Say Please and Thank YouYour mother already told you this; you shouldlisten to her!
  17. #13 Understand Tipping ProtocolsIt’s important to understandthe tipping expectations, ifany, of the business you arepatronizing.Not sure what to tip? Smartphones are magical
  18. #14 Ask For The Manager Yes, do… then say something nice about the employee that served
  19. #15 Herd Your Cattle… I Mean KidsHere’s the deal. You chose tobring your children to therestaurant. If you can’t controlthem, they get to ruin yourmeal not everyone else’s.Take them outside; too bad ifthe waitress just brought yourfood. That’s on you.
  20. #16 Put Down Your Cell Phone I get it… trust me. But most calls really can wait. If you can’t dump the call, at least, lower the phone, smile at the person helping you and apologize for being rude. Most service providers do not care if you talk to them; they just care that you don’t treat them like they do not
  21. A Good Starting Point…Of course, this list of 16 WaysNot to Be a Jerk is in no waycomprehensive, but it is agood starting point on howto be a good customer.Just remember that when acompany does not live up toyour expectations to take adeep breath before reacting.
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