OpenNTF Updates 03/05/13


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OpenNTF Updates 03/05/13

  1. 1. OpenNTF Updates Serdar Basegmez, developi Niklas Heidloff, IBM 03/05/13
  2. 2. Agenda Survey Results Appathon – Social App Dev Contests Collaboration Today
  3. 3. Question 1  How many OpenNTF Projects (full projects, controls, tools, snippets) have you used in Production Applications?
  4. 4. Question 2  How much Time has Open Source from OpenNTF saved you?
  5. 5. Question 4  What is your Job Role?
  6. 6. Question 5  How many Employees work in your Company?
  7. 7. Feedback Highlights  Amazing Site / Community. It was lucky that you grew in the right ways over the years. You have facilitated a real community, which I think is unique. Thanks for all the work.  Great Site! Thanks for the ideas, code fragments and of course projects! It saves the day again and again.  is a golden place, and its value is priceless.  We mainly concentrate on using XPages to develop Intranet applications and is one of the best place to provide quality open source projects  Love the community, Love all that people give to the community. THANK YOU  The projects on have allowed me to show that Notes/Domino is alive and well and continues to provide value to the company.
  8. 8. Appathon
  9. 9. Appathon Two social app dev contests  IBM Connections  XPages Sponsored by  TIMETOACT GROUP  WebGate  IBM developerWorks Prizes  IBM Connections: 5 x $1000  XPages: 5 x $1000  Plus: Promotions through blog entries, screenshots and videos Submissions need to be open sourced on OpenNTF  Deadline: June 23th 2013 Criteria  Reusability, consumability and documentation  "Wow" factor and completeness of solution  Overall business value  Amount of work to build the submission(s)
  10. 10. IBM Connections App Dev Contest All types of OpenNTF projects can be nominated that utilize IBM Connections. This includes the following areas: Accessing IBM Connections via the Social Business Toolkit SDK Accessing IBM Connections via the Connections REST APIs OpenSocial Gadgets for IBM Connections iWidgets for IBM Connections Customization solutions for IBM Connections All contributions need to work on IBM Connections 4.0 and can use the latest fix packs Planned to provide a shared development environment in the cloud
  11. 11. XPages App Dev Contest All types of OpenNTF projects can be nominated that use XPages or OSGi. This includes the following areas: XPages applications (NSFs) XPages custom controls (in NSFs) Custom XPages extension libraries Custom OSGi bundles for IBM Domino DOTS tasklets All contributions need to work on IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.3 and/or IBM Domino 9.0
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Collaboration Today  A curated news site for IBM Collaboration Solutions professionals  Developed by...  Bruce Elgort, IBM Business Partner, Elguji  Per Henrik Lausten, IBM Business Partner, PHL Consult  Serdar Basegmez, IBM Business Partner, Developi  Frank van der Linden, IBM Business Partner, e-office  Jesse Gallagher, IBM Business Partner, I Know Some Guys  Niklas Heidloff, IBM  Timeline...  We had the idea in June  We assembled our virtual team in July  We started development in August  We launched September 10, 2012  Current version: 1.3 and still improving...
  14. 14. Motivations behind Collaboration Today  Having a curated news aggregator that targets every professionals working at this space  English articles  Articles related the business itself  No repetition, no gaming  Doing it with our own technology  XPages is capable to do it  Showing both what we did and how we did  Blogs, sessions and videos on details  Opening the source code so we can help others
  15. 15. Challenges of Collaboration Today  Six developers  3 Continents, 5 Countries, 4 Time Zones  5 call-meetings  Skype Group chat for continuous updates  Github for sharing code and issue management  XPages for a public-access site?  OpenNTF servers are the busiest Domino servers ever  Used some techniques to speed up (2.5 secs average page load)  Scalable (over 5K pageviews/month)  Need a great looking site with mobile access  Twitter Bootstrap  Used Responsive Design  Accessible from any device/browser  Consumability  Feeds for each categories and auto-tweeting stories with TwitterFeed  Widgets and API to be accessible from other sites
  16. 16. Collaboration Today  Future enhancements  Archiving and Searching  Improving mobile interface with touch gestures  Improving Curator management  More regional sites  More Curators  More Curators, really...  If you are following news on ICS, you can help us.  Contact us...