Project Betzn - LinuxTag 2011


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Project Betzn - LinuxTag 2011

  1. 1. Frank KarlitschekKDE DeveloperopenDesktop.orgKDE-Look.orgKDE-Apps.orgSocial DesktopOpen-PCownCloud
  2. 2. ProjectBretzn
  3. 3. We aredevelopers (most of us)
  4. 4. free Coolsoftware
  5. 5. What motivates us ?millions use our software (and other reasons)
  6. 6. Make the life of the developers as easy as possible to bring thesoftware to the users.
  7. 7. How does it work at the moment ?• Develop the application• Cross compile and package for all platforms• Put it on a webpage• Promote it on blogs, twitter, facebook, conferences, ...• Try to put it in a distribution• Wait 8 month• Hope that someone is using your stuff• Collect the bugs and feedback from the users• Go to square one for the next release.
  8. 8. my dream:do everythingin 10 minutes development takes probably a bit longer
  9. 9. Project Bretzn1. Make it easy for developers to releasean application2. Make it easy for users to install theapplications
  10. 10. Building• Qt Creator Plugin• Integration with buildservices• OBS and MeeGo and hopefully more in the future• Cross compilation and packaging• 1.0 released.
  11. 11. Publishing• Uploading to different AppStores and repos automatically• MeeGo Garage•• openSUSE AppStore• Nokia Ovi, Intel AppUp and more in the future.
  12. 12. Marketing• Mailinglists• RSS• Twitter•• Facebook• KDE Social Desktop.
  13. 13. everything with1 Click or a few more ;-)
  14. 14. Video
  15. 15. Make it easy for users to installthe applications
  16. 16. App Store client to access theapplication repositories via an open API
  17. 17. Good news4 App Store Client• Qt only client• MeeGo Garage Client• KDE GHNS Client• KDE Installer
  18. 18. Features• Categories• Screenshots• Description• Changelog• Comments• Ratings• Search• Sorting• Updating.
  19. 19. Social Features• Notification directly to the Desktop• What my friends like• What my friends develop• Knowledge Base.
  20. 20. Open-Collaboration-Services• free specification (• free server and client implementations• Social Features• Version 1.6• Version 2.0 is in the works• Developer Meeting this weekend• Supported by Intel, Nokia,, KDE, partly GNOME.
  21. 21. Open-Collaboration-ServicesModules:• Person• Friend• Message• Activity• Content• Fan• Knowledgebase• Event• Comments• Private Data• Forum• Buildservice
  22. 22. What about other Desktops ?
  23. 23. Future• Links to IRC channels, forums, ...• Show commits of my friends• User testing• File bugs• Donations for developers.
  24. 24. Summary• Developers can concentrate on coding• In 10 minutes from the IDE to the App Store
  25. 25. ApplicationDeveloper User
  26. 26. Questions ?
  27. 27. Thank you Frank Karlitschek