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PanIIT 2009 presentations of Enterprise and Executive Social Networks: case studies from Experian, Allstate, Alcatel-Lucent

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Pan iit09 pdn1-pub

  1. 1. Social Networking forSocial Networking for Executives and EnterprisesExecutives and Enterprises PanIIT 2009 Chicago, October 9, 2009 PanIIT 2009PanIIT 2009 Chicago, October 9, 2009Chicago, October 9, 2009 Professional Development:Professional Development:
  2. 2. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material Christopher S. RollysonChristopher S. Rollyson • Managing Director, CSRA Inc., specialist firm advising on strategy and programs for social networks and Web 2.0 • Founder, Social Network Roadmap and the Executive’s Guide to Web 2.0 • 20 years experience as management consultant and line executive at PwC, KPMG and several enterprise architecture consultancies • Managed strategic alliances with IBM, Sun, Rational, BEA.. • Thought leader: 3 blogs in global top 10
  3. 3. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material Will Transform Careers and BusinessWill Transform Careers and Business • They change the economics of relationships • Make connections and friends more accessible • Smartphones put them in our pockets • We can have more relationships • Friends change how we make decisions (buy, vote, work, love, play..) • Social networks will transform society at every level
  4. 4. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material This Will Surprise CompaniesThis Will Surprise Companies • Customers will expect companies to communicate via social networks • 21st century dialtone • Word of mouth is digital and pervasive • Unprecedented transparency due to customers • Need to be more authentic and transparent • The push to humanize
  5. 5. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material Opportunities/Threats: PeopleOpportunities/Threats: People • Job tenures less than 2 years • Connections the closest thing to “security” • Your network helps to hit the ground running when you have a new position – I have thousands of experts in my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter networks – Thousands more read my blogs – Advice on everything important... digitally, inexpensively
  6. 6. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material Opportunities/Threats: CompaniesOpportunities/Threats: Companies • Understand how social networks affect business • Engage customers and other stakeholders • Apply social networks to business processes – Sales and business development – Recruiting and talent management – Public relations and marketing – Customer service – Product development, R&D – …
  7. 7. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material ConnectingConnecting • Web 2.0 thought leadership trove (library) – • Social Network Roadmap methodology – • Connect right now! –
  8. 8. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material Clara ShihClara Shih • Author, The Facebook Era • Managed Social Networking Alliances & Product Strategy for • Led’s formal partnership with Facebook • Creator of Faceconnector, the first business application on Facebook; it integrates Facebook profiles and friend data into Salesforce CRM • Expertise: emerging trends on Facebook, transitive trust and other social and technical trends in Facebook, Twitter and Google
  9. 9. Networking in the Facebook Era How Facebook and Twitter are transforming business, relationships, and society Clara Shih (@clarashih) Author of The Facebook Era & CEO, Hearsay Labs “Clara’s book recognizes that we’ve come to a place where people can represent their real identity—and use the social filters on the Web to connect with the world around them.” —Sheryl Sandberg Chief Operating Officer, Facebook
  10. 10. Tweet along @clarashih #PANIIT
  11. 11. Welcome to the Facebook Era Over 300M active users 6 billion minutes spent each day 1M developers from 180 countries is email dead?
  12. 12. Facebook’s growth is staggering 300 mm 250 200 150 100 Sept 06 Sept 07 Sept 08 Sept 09
  13. 13. Winning mainstream audience appeal Source: Nielsen Online Global Index, Dec 2008
  14. 14. CMO Council – March 2009 “ Digital marketing and new media dominates demand generation and advertising spend allocation priorities for the coming year, with budgets aimed at online and Web 2.0 initiatives almost 50% higher than spend earmarked for traditional media. ” CMOs are shifting dollars to social media
  15. 15. Four Pillars of Facebook Marketing Facebook Apps Facebook Pages Facebook Ads Engagement Ads
  16. 16. Thank you Keep in touch
  17. 17. Learn more about Facebook marketing Buy on
  18. 18. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material Marc O GoodmanMarc O Goodman • Director of Social Networking and Augmented Reality, Alcatel-Lucent • Company social networking resource for internal and external usage • Lead research on social networking applications • Behavior of business, teen, and young adult demographics • Guidance for Alcatel-Lucent products and services
  19. 19. All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006, #####1 | Marc O Goodman PanIIT 2009 Great end-user interface Social networking tools Focus on concept of 'hyperconnectivity' Video Mobile Social Networking
  20. 20. All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006, #####2 | Marc O Goodman PanIIT 20092 | University Innovations Program | November 2008
  21. 21. All Rights Reserved © Alcatel-Lucent 2006, #####3 | Marc O Goodman PanIIT 2009
  22. 22. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material Kevin P. RiceKevin P. Rice • Director Social Networking Solutions, Allstate • 20 years experience in Information Technology, formerly Chief Architect at Allstate Financial • Leading role in technology roadmaps, strategic program delivery, architecture governance • Enterprise guidance for service-oriented architecture projects • Thought leader for SOA within the Insurance industry
  23. 23. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material Joseph PaulsenJoseph Paulsen • Senior Vice President, Marketing Analytics, Experian Marketing Services • Leads Experian’s expansion of the Marketing Strategy Consulting Services practice • Helps clients understand their customers from sales data and sophisticated analytics (including social media data) • Thought leader for integrating social networking into marketing and analytics offerings • Company resource for enterprise social networking
  24. 24. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material Q&AQ&A Chris Clara Marc Kevin Joe
  25. 25. -10/8/09 Copyrighted material Thank you!Thank you! • Christopher S. Rollyson • Clara Shih • Marc O Goodman • Kevin P. Rice • Joseph Paulsen