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Pre Production Mood Boards + Sketches


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Pre Production Mood Boards + Sketches

  1. 1. Pre Production Mood Boards + Sketches
  2. 4. Analysis I have chosen 8 magazine covers that I feel reflect the sort of cover I want my magazine to aim to be as good as. The general theme of the 8 is that have one person on the cover, a close up shot, a very serious look to them and all of them staring straight at you, the reader. I feel this sort of front cover is perfect for my target audience for my music magazine, which is people in the 18-35 age range who have a liking for rock and indie music. Without wishing to stereotype most people below this age range will probably feel the front covers are boring and not at all interesting. The fonts I have chosen I feel go perfect with the previous features of the magazines mentioned. The fonts are bold, clear and serious. There’s absolutely nothing flashy about them and I feel this is perfect for my target audience and what they want from a music magazine.
  3. 6. The most important part of my front cover sketch is the main image. I want a singular person on the cover with a serious look staring straight at the reader. To empathise this the artist will have his arms crossed and his head leaning forward so that you can see into his eyes even more. To capture this perfectly for my magazine it is likely that I will be using a studio shot for the main image For my masthead I decided to go with Alte Haas Grotesk from Dafont. I feel this perfectly represents what I want my music magazine to be about, simple, clear and not at all flashy.