Nike Management Review


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A management review of the Nike Co. and a SWOT analysis as well as ways to keep the company at its peak.

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Nike Management Review

  1. 1. Nike Management Review By: Craig Carbonneau Mark Collins Mark Meade & Alex Gore
  2. 2. Planning, Organizing• A strategic plan is something that a • A SWOT analysis could be created company needs in order to succeed for Nike by a manager and the at anything. Nike needs to develop employees will read it and will see this plan and move forward from an assessment of how the company this fiscal year in 2010. The manager is doing in terms of strengths, of Nike needs to set goals and weaknesses, opportunities, and determine the best way to achieve threats. These will keep the them. companies employees on its toes.• Core values upon the crew at Nike • Functional organization is something and ask the question: What does this that Nike might want to take into organization stand for? A revamp of consideration when thinking about a all of this is need if Nike is to make change in their organization. They sales revenue increase in 2010. A can cluster groups together who are core value that can be put into the alike and who can compatibly plan Nike Company is telling the and keep the company in its prime. employers that they need to be winners, as opposed to heroes.
  3. 3. Directing, Controlling• Directing is providing focus and • Phil Knight can set high, yet direction to others within the Nike achievable goals for his employees Company and the managerial can to look forward to. take directing and use it to their • He could improve his company by advantage. using the principle of leverage. Phil• With Nike’s board being an Knight could use new technologies in extremely experienced and sneakers, apparel, and sports thoughtful board they can take a lot equipment to successfully manage of ideas from each other. Even the his company. He can use networking other employees such as middle by socializing with companies he managers and low level managers could cooperate with such as he has can give input into the companies done with Apple in the past to managerial such as marketing in increase revenue. other companies and making sure the quality of Nike’s product is better than its competitors.
  4. 4. Marketing• By creating superior sporting goods, • In order to market more products teams would more likely want Nike through team sales, instead of to sponsor them. Magazine ads help sponsoring just shoes, they can Nike show the latest products sponsor uniforms and gear, which is produced by the company. People normally done for professional and see what new products are available college teams, but should be done and are more likely to purchase for high school teams as well. newer products if the previous • If Nike created their own products were high quality. magazine, that itself would make• Ways that Nike can improve on more money for the company. Also marketing is by advertising more the products would sell more since products. The company can use consumers would see the wide more billboards, make more variety that Nike has to offer. commercials for various products, Highlighting big products would and use magazines that market their create an interest to the general thousands of products in particular. population just like it does when people see specific ads done by Nike in other ads.
  5. 5. Recruiting & MotivatingEmployees• . The employees Nike has are very • Nike can recruit more employees by happy working for the company. going out into many colleges The company does a good job throughout the United States and keeping employees happy by having doing seminars and handing out a good working atmosphere, and pens and pencils to promote the having good standards for all the company. employees who work in the • Something like this would get business. country and worldwide recognition• A way that Nike may be able to to Nike not only as an apparel improve this would be to motivate company but as a business. The their employees by giving them a students would be taught about the larger discount in their stores. This business side of Nike, the managers, way the company could have more the accountants, the human happy and more motivated resources people. employees who can increase the • This would help Nike to employ and work they are doing. recruit better employees.
  6. 6. Improving Products• Some ways that Nike could go on to • The Upper managers can then in improve their products would be to turn, turn to the employees and the take in the customer dissatisfaction rest of the company and make sure and make sure that they don’t let it that the companies products are happen again. improved.• Employees in the Human Resources • Another way that Nike can improve part of the company can take its products is to do as they did with complaints and compensate the the IPod and connect with other losses of unsatisfied customers yet companies. An example of this they can also be a part in solving the would be blackberry, Nike could take problem by alerting the upper their sports apparel and jackets and managers about the problem. partner with blackberry to have a pocket specifically for the blackberry name. This would result in good networking as well as increased revenue.
  7. 7. ManagingInformation/Technology • The ERP system could be improved so that every part of the company• If Nike sees a drop in the first from the human resources to the quarter in sales and revenue, it upper level managers have access to would help for them to know this each others information to better information and not simply focus on the company’s communication. the data, or the things that they did • This would be simple For example if wrong. the Marketing company needs to• Nike could possibly improve on its know something about the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) operations company to maybe System and make sure that any market that Nike “sends out more information can be relayed to any sneakers to businesses than any manager or employee in the other company in the entire athletic company on a need-to-know basis. footwear industry,” they can just access this information through the ERP software that Nike has put into application.
  8. 8. Managing Financial Resources• When trying to manage financial Nike could take initiative and realize that resources there is a large risk that if and when the money is coming in can possibly be in effect. To cope excessively, they take action and invest it with this risk Nike must use the in something that will earn a return for principle of mistakes. the company.• They must allow their middle and A way Nike could do that is possibly by lower level managers to make putting in an outlet store in an area that mistakes so long as three things are seems to be flourishing. While the area accounted for. The mistake is okay in is growing in population the Nike outlet that it is minor and not repeats. The will make a lot of money and the mistake is something that the person company will take with them a serious manages to learn from and increase in sales and possibly even in something that they share with networking. others. The other requirement is that the mistake does not threaten the survival of the organization and is not catastrophic.
  9. 9. Questions? Thank you for your time. If you have any further questions please send them forward now.