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Hinrichsenand xun.gamification


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Hinrichsenand xun.gamification

  1. 1. GAMIFICATIONTrends Analysis Presentation by: Anne Hinrichsen & Nannan Xun Hospitality Marketing and Sales
  2. 2. WHAT IS GAMIFICATION? Gamification is defined as the integration of game mechanics orgame dynamics into a website, service, community, or applicationin order to make them more fun and engaging and to encouragecustomer loyalty.
  3. 3. HISTORICAL REVIEW Gamification has been around for hundreds of years,just not used in the same way as it is now.For example: the toy in the Cracker Jack box. First modern gamification service was created byBunchball in 2007. BigDoor was founded in 2009.
  4. 4. This is an example of therewards a customer couldearn on a site that usesBigDoor’s gamificationsoftware.
  5. 5. REACH AND SCOPE Big and small companies and brands have started to catch on togamification as a marketing strategy. The more popular gamification becomes the more important it isfor every segment of the business and hospitality world to adoptthe trend into their plans.
  6. 6. DIRECT APPLICATION #1NIKE 2012- Introduced Nike+ Fuel Band Tracks daily exercise Nike Fuel earned based on exercise andgoals Online interactive game: Nike FuelMissions Uses Nike Fuel earned to lead charactersthrough a world taken over by winter
  7. 7. DIRECT APPLICATION #2VERIZON Social site called Verizon Insider Added Gigya (gamification platform) to the site Users can earn points and rewards for participating in contests,posting comments, and promoting events
  8. 8. BUSINESS LANDSCAPE IMPACTS Gamification can help manage employee behaviors andproductivity levels Employees can use the scoreboards and badges to keep track oftheir own behavior and involvement within their company – thiswill help motivate employees with competition, challenges,and the incentive to do their tasks to the best of their ability By 2015 gamification will be in 25 percent ofredesigned business processes
  11. 11. INDUSTRY EXAMPLE- BIG DOOR Case example- BigDoor
  12. 12. INDUSTRY EXAMPLE- Case Study- BadgeVille
  13. 13. PERCEPTION ON GAMIFICATION It is helping publishers to keep their users around their sites.
  14. 14. COURSE CONTENT Effective Sales Techniques Sales Force Objectives Customer Retention Customer Satisfaction Public Relation
  15. 15. BIGDOOR