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Writing project

  1. 1. Inspirational Poems By Sarah Sadler
  2. 2. Dear Mom, You are such an inspiration to me that I wanted to honor you By creating this digital book of poems. I am so lucky to have someone like you in my life To guide me and love me.All that I am I owe to the guidance you have given me Through the years. In reading these poems, I think of how deep your love is For me. This is one small way to repay you for the Love you have shown. Sincerely your daughter,
  3. 3. Because Youre My MomClassical Poem #1 Linda Arlene Fassett Because you are my mom you loved me before I was ever seen You thanked God for this miracle, this little human being So exciting, yet fragile it all must have seemed to you then Hearing my little heart beat inside you, now life begins Because you are my mom no pain was too great for you to bear Now you’re a mother and I your child with joys and pains to share And so into this world my life began each breath now on my own One day we will look back at just how much I’ve grown Because you are my mom you worried for me within your every bone You finally let go of my little hand to take my first steps on my own Because you are my mom you showed me through the years To care about others and their feelings and the things that they hold dear Because you are my mom you taught me right from wrong Understanding that my faith in God will forever keep me strong Showing me that being my own person is the only tool I’ll need When morals and values are your foundation to succeed Because you are my mom you loved me enough to also be my friend You would be right there in ways that no one could see or ever comprehend When there was no way I thought you could ever understand There you would be, non-judging and willing to lend a hand Because you are my mom, God’s gift to me was you As your daughter I will always love you and promise to be true I thank you for so many things and will try to never make you sad or blue Because you are my mom, and one-day I will be a mother too I pray I never forget all that you’ve been through I am your daughter and in your image I am proud to be By the grace of the Lord you were created, and then I came to be
  4. 4. Explanation #1 Because You’re My Mom is about how the author appreciates her mother’s devotion to her from birth. The occasion of the poem is simply the author being grateful for the childhood and upbringing that she received from her mother to prepare her for life. The subject was about love and faith taught by mother to child. The figure of speech presented in this poem begins each stanza to edify the importance of the author’s mom. The tone is positive and encouraging. Every word rhymes as well. The title symbolism is self-explanatory, saying that the author is the person she is today because of her mom’s influence in her life. Mother/daughter relationships are usually strong but this author honors her mother by penning her thoughts and gratitude.
  5. 5. Mother Kari M. ForhanClassical Poem #2 Mother, I see you working hard, To give us a better life, Working all those hours, For people who barely Give you a dime. I see you trying, To give us all it is, That you can give, Even though it means you, Are the one who never gets. I see the tears that drop, When holidays come around, When you think all we can see, Under the Christmas tree, Is the uncovered ground. I see your struggle, Raising us all on your own, Never having time to yourself, Never a moment alone, Always baking something, Or folding somebodys clothes, Always cleaning up messes, Or wiping a runny nose. I see your love, Its proven by everything you do, Every time you say you love me, I know you’re telling the truth, And even though I dont always say it, But Mother I love you too.
  6. 6. Explanation #2 Mother is about a single mother’s struggle to support her children. The occasion of the poem is that possibly the author’s mother was single and she spoke from that experience. The subject was about sacrifice a mother makes for her children. The figure of speech presented in this poem begins each stanza by what the author “sees” of her mother’s sacrifice. The tone is positive and negative in that through bad things, love abounds. Something good comes from something bad. There is no particular rhyme scheme, but few lines rhyme in a stanza. The title symbolism is self-explanatory, that the poem is about her mother. This author writes of perhaps her experiences as a child in a home where there was love but lacked material things.
  7. 7. My Mother Kristina M. CallaClassical Poem #3 Im thankful for my mother for always standing by my side. For letting me cry on her shoulder, and for being my greatest guide. For teaching me my numbers, and my A.B.Cs. Also for my manners, like saying thank you and please. For teaching me about boys, and what they used girls for. And also about puberty, and what I had in store. For always being creative, Always thinking of something new. Like creating a sock-puppet play when we kids had nothing to do. To her it didnt matter what the circumstance. She was always right there by me, to help me and hold my hand. Without my mother around, life wouldnt be the same. I am the happiest girl I know And my mother is to blame.
  8. 8. Explanation #3 My mother is about a daughter’s appreciation for the positive things taught by her mother. The occasion of the poem is the author’s recognition of the positive ways her mother influenced her. The subject was about her mother’s influence. The figure of speech presented in this poem begins each stanza by listing an influence of the mother. The tone is positive by exploring all the ways the author was influenced by her mother. Every other line rhymes as well. The title symbolism is simply a broad overview of the author’s mom, but the poem is more about influence. The author is thankful for her mother’s positive influence.
  9. 9. Classical Poem #4 My Heroic Mother Lindsey Sneed My hero is my mother, She is a strong and wise woman like no other, She helps me through every problem, issue, and hard ship, I would say we have the best friendship, I have looked up to her over the years, As she bandaged my boo-boos and wiped my tears, She is confident and outgoing, Her love is over flowing, Shes everything a mother should be, I hope my kids will say the same thing about me. I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!!!!
  10. 10. Explanation #4 My Heroic Mother is about a daughter’s recognition as seeing her mother as a hero. The occasion o the poem is the author acknowledging that she saw her mother in a super human way, as a hero. The subject was about her mother being everything a mother should be. The figure of speech presented in this poem is that each stanza describes what “she is”, meaning a list of things that make her a hero. The tone is positive by showing all the good qualities in the mother. Every line rhymes as well. The title symbolism is suggesting the way the author sees her mother, as heroic. The author lists all the ways her mother is heroic to her then hopes she will be the same to her children.
  11. 11. Classical Poem #5 I Love You Trisha Cain You are more than a mother, You are more than just another, You are my best friend. From day one,youve been by my side, And youve always told me to never hide. You said youd always be there, and youd always care. You told me youd love me forever, And not a day goes by where I dont hear those 3 little words, I Love You. And I want you to know that this much is true, Even though Im not a little kid anymore I love you.
  12. 12. Explanation #5 I Love You is about a love of a child for its mother, stating she is her best friend. The occasion of the poem is the author stating that love was the glue that held together her relationship with her mother. The subject was about love. The figure of speech presented in this poem shows a descriptive means of describing her mother with “you are.” The tone is positive with love and reassurance by the mother to support the child. The title symbolism is reflective of how the author delt for her mother. The author expresses love to her mother who she sees a more than a mother.
  13. 13. Original Poem #1 Mother, oh, Mother Mother, oh, Mother How I need you I’ve been a bother To myself too Nothings been easy What I have learned Not to be sleazy Not to get burned You guide me with love And faith is taught What comes from above Can not be bought Strength comes by knowing That I am loved Mother’s heart growing For child beloved.
  14. 14. Why? I included this in my selection because it is about things I learned from my mother. I wrote this poem to let my mother know that although I can be difficult at times, I still need her. My mother’s strength has taught me to be a better person. This poem is about what I have learned from her.
  15. 15. Original Poem #2 A Daughter’s Love A daughter can find many ways To thank her mom for all her days Here on earth, life is hard but good We learn life’s lessons as we should Our mothers sacrifice their time And would give their child their last dime To thank our moms is not enough For all they gave, their love was tough I love my mom more than she’ll know For without her, how could I grow Into the person I’ve become So here it is, I love you, mom
  16. 16. Why? I included this in my selection because it expresses my love for my mother. I wrote this because you are the one steady rock in my life. No matter what I do, you still love me. I wanted to tell you that I appreciate your love and give it right back. This poem is about my love for you.
  17. 17. Family ValuesOriginal Poem #3 A parent will tell you How to behave A teen will not listen Thinking they’re brave. But danger is lurking Around the bend A mother has instincts She will soon lend. To keep her children safe A mother will care And tell you what to do, But do not dare. Defiance is so wrong, It can cause hurt Not only to the child But those alert. Keep the family values Your mother taught Hold them close, keep them near And dear to heart.
  18. 18. Why? I included this in my selection because it is about rebellion and how it does not work. Parents teach family values to keep their children from harm. I wrote this poem to let my mother know that the family values she has taught me has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate the effort my mother makes to teach me right from wrong.
  19. 19. A Mother’s TouchOriginal Poem #4 Strength in a mother’s touch, Brings warmth and security Love in her eyes stay soft Bringing her sincerity. Child grow strong and happy Live your life with purity Good things will come your way A reward from society. Love in a mother’s touch Brings hope and such delight Prayers can end a good day, Earnest with all her might To keep her child by angels, All within Heaven’s sight Her faith and tenderness Is like a star so bright. Hope in a mother’s touch Shows a future so great For a child of her own To find the perfect mate A lifetime of hope shows Your love’s not left to fate. A mother will make sure Her child knows love, not hate.
  20. 20. Why? I included this in my selection because it is about what I feel when my mother hugs me. I feel strength and safety. What all around me is falling apart, my mother’s touch makes things all right again. I wrote this poem to let my mother know how much I need her touch in my life no matter how old I get. This poem is about how much I need you in my life.
  21. 21. Original Poem #5 Having a Baby Having a baby changes things, Her life’s never the same. Becoming a mother makes her Think “What will be his name.” Many problems are not for seen, The child grows carefully. Our mothers are strong to protect Their child so lovingly. From a cradle to college go, The babe has grown from one Who now sees his mother’s love And gives it back as her son.
  22. 22. Why? I included this in my selection because it is about a woman having a baby. I have listened to stories about my mother’s first pregnancy and giving birth to my brother. The excitement she felt at the unknown but the hope she had for her first born, has made me want to follow in her footsteps and have children. This poem is about my family and the closeness we share.
  23. 23. Biography My name is Sarah Elizabeth Sadler. I am 18 years old and have two older brothers. I am currently living in Altoona, PA. in my spare time I love to listen to music, attend concerts, swimming, hanging out with friends, and shopping. My hobbies would include scrapbooking, facebook, and learning to put my thoughts into written words. I hope to one day have my own business and be an entrepreneur.
  24. 24. Thanks for taking the time to lookat my poetry project. I hope youenjoyed it. But always remember a mother’s love is always the truest love you will ever see.