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  1. 1. The Sins of the Moon Chapter One The Destiny or the Misfortune It all started that night 5 years ago,Every time I remember fear takes over me and I start shaking.At that time I was just a third year high school student,or rather I just started. It was during the first day of my summer break that I decided to make a late night visit to the school,even to this day I don’t understand why I did it,I keep telling myself “Maybe it was that full moon in the sky that was tempting me” Motives aside I found myself at the front gate of the school,since I was part of the student council I had a key to the door so going it should have been easy,but for some reason I felt that this was my only chance to remain a normal human being I don’t know why but that’s how I felt. As I made my way to the school through the gate I felt as if some hand where around my neck and it was hard to breath,ignoring that sensation,no,maybe because of that sensation I kept going further inside.Each step felt as though I was going faster,before I knew it I was running for the rooftop “What did I expect to find there?” “Why was I running?” even I don’t know,It was as if my feet where running desperately to keep me alive,as if they where telling me “If you stay still you will die”. The only moment when my feet stopped was once I got in front of the door leading to the rooftop.But it wasn’t as if I could control my body again,no,This time it was my hand that was moving on it’s own trying to unlock the door. “Clung” With a powerful sound the door opened,the moon in the sky was so beautiful,at that moment I thought the reason I was running here was to see this beautiful moon,but I couldn’t have been more wrong.
  2. 2. -Little girl…..what are you doing here so late at night? At those words I turned around to see something totally unexpected A boy, more like a man was standing there,but where was there?from the point I was in it looked as though he was standing near the building not on it,since I always used logic to explain everything I was compelled to find out how he was doing that. I started walking towards him, the closer I got, the better my understanding of him judging by his appearance. He had silver hair much like the moon above us, His eyes of menacing red able to pierce anything but at the same time they seemed beautiful, he was dressed pretty stylish with a gray coat, that had fur at it’s end, a very expensive one from the looks of it. -Who are you and what are you doing?As a student council member I demand you tell me who you are That’s what I said but I was trembling,I guess with fear of his eyes,they looked so sharp and beautifull as if his were the only eyes allowed to look at such a beautiful moon,little did I know at that time that I wasn’t far from the truth/ Then he moved his eyes onto me and after that looked back at the moon. “Hey don’t ignore me I asked you a question!” is what I wanted to say,but the only one who seemed out of place here was me,it felt as if he was far above me even as a human.Then after some time a cloud covered the moon and he spoke for the first time. -Beautiful! “?” I turn towards him but his eyes where still fixated at the moon even with the cloud covering it. -The moon… so beautiful,but every beautiful thing has a dark secret As he finishes this last sentence his eyes turn to me -What do you mean?I asked while taking a step backwards He makes a small grin and says -Go home!This is no place for kids,should you stay here any longer you will regret it for the rest of your life. The next second he shows his face to me completely,revealing he had fangs like those of a vampire…..but I was stubborn and thought that such creatures didn’t exist -Have you no shame?A man of your age using such toys to scare people? At those moment I wanted to keep my sanity so I tried to believe everything was a toy. He makes a face as if laughing inside -Toy? I guess you could say they are my favorite toys,but I assure you they are as real as you and me.And more deadly than any weapons you “human” posses. “human” who does he think he is?pretending he is a vampire and such.Fine if that’s the way he wants it…. -So if you were to bite me I would turn into a vampire right?And I would live eternally and be powerfull,isn’t that right? -Wrong.You think it is this easy to attain immortality,you may think it is “cool” to be a vampire, but you couldn’t be more wrong.The thirst for blood is not a beautiful thing, waking in a park with a corpse next to you…..CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT FEELING? -Now for the last time I will ask you to live I don’t have time for you. He said “ask” but it felt as if every single cell and bone in me was shaking, no, now that I think clearly after those events I think my blood was afraid of staying near that so called vampire. Before long I passed out and don’t remember what happened after that
  3. 3. When I woke up I was at my families dojo, our family comes from a long line of warriors that defended Japan in time of need, and I am also training here, not to protect Japan, just to get my body in shape in case of danger, or at least that’s what I tell others. “Such a disgrace, I fainted before even attacking him” those words are all that’s left in my head, “How do I expect to find and take my revenge if I can’t even beat a so called vampire?” Revenge such a sad and powerful word Chapter Two Identity It all began when I was still 7 years old when that dreadful night came, the only reason I am still alive tonight is because I was at a friend during that night. If I was home I most certainly wouldn’t be here right now since all that’s left of my house was a pile o ash. I keep thinking maybe if I were home at that time things would have been different, but that’s just my child imagination, even my parent who were skilled sword-fighters couldn’t stop that single intruder.
  4. 4. My memories are still fuzzy about that night but with time I’m sure I will remember everything, including the culprit and when that time comes I will take revenge with my own hand, no matter the cost After a while I started calming down and asked myself the obvious question “How did I get here?” I should have fainted at the school. To find the answer and more about that man I knew I had to search for him,but where would someone pretending to be a vampire hide? The next morning I decided to search around town just in case. Mayazagy town, that’s the name of this village that seems a bit like a town compared to the other villages on the island, yes this town is on a island 30 Km from Okinawa that isn’t often visited by people. I start my search with the busiest places like the market, shops and school, all to no result, after a while I started thinking “Maybe he pretends to be a vampire to the extent of not going in the sunlight”, then he would be stranger than I imagined, but that doesn’t phase me, I keep searching until the sun starts setting. Deciding it is no use I start heading home, on my way home I see a bunch of girls talking to each other as if they saw someone, at first I wasn’t interested and decided to do a little more search. This time I search in the least possible places such as dark alleys, yakuza territory and places where strange things often happen. I wasn’t afraid since in this town even the yakuza are afraid of my swordsmanship and would turn a blind eye to my actions. That’s why me fainting last night is such a disgrace, if anyone where to find out I would lose all my influence over the yakuza. Tired and annoyed I start once again walking home, on my way I find that the girls are still there talking to each other, this time I decide to take a look and to my surprise I find my
  5. 5. target. Standing right there with no care in the world and smoking a cigarette. I become angry just thinking of how much time I wasted searching all those dark places when he was right in the middle of town in everyone’s view. -Hey! I yell that while going closer, all the other girls start whispering things like “What does she intend to do” or some who don’t know me yet say stuff like “Who does she think she is” but the other girls cover they’re mouths trying to explain to them that I have the yakuza at my finger and it’s not good to talk to or about me. But just like last night the white haired person doesn’t even show a reaction. - I thought I told you not to talk to me let alone approach me. Then once again he fixates his gaze upon me but for some reason this time I don’t start trembling. The first expression he makes is one of surprise but its fast replaced by his normal face -Ok so now tell me! What where you doing last night at the school? -That’s none of your business -Of course its my business I’m part of the student council -You where saying student council last night as well, what is that? He asks again this time with a curios face or something similar . At first I don’t know how to respond then after I take a closer look he doesn’t seem Japanese so I guess he doesn’t know what that means. -Student council is something like the Police in the school, It has the same power as a teacher. -So the that’s what it means. Thank you I learned something new thanks to you. - Don’t chance the subject you still haven’t answered my question! Who are you? He keeps silent for a minute but then he speaks - Well I guess I owe you since you told me something new. I am …..
  6. 6. Because of a strong guest of wind I can’t hear what he said and close my eyes. After I open them all I see is the pole on which he was leaning, no sign of him, all the other girls start looking around with a dumb expression on their faces. I decide to go home for the day Chapter Three Enemy!? After I got home I did some light training with my adoptive father, took a bath and went to sleep thinking of a way to find that guy again, I keep thinking until midnight then I take a look outside The moon is high above the clouds, since last night was a full moon this one isn’t completely round, after looking at the moon for a bit I find myself once again walking the streets towards the school, This time around I was in control of my body and was going there since I had a feeling he would be there, or that’s what I hopped. On my way to school I was wondering what I should do if I find him and weather he could actually be a vampire, but my mind didn’t accept the possibility in the end because “who would believe in vampires at this age?”
  7. 7. On my way to school I meet a few yakuza and decide to make them follow me in case I needed backup, of course I didn’t explain to them what was going on, I just threatened them that if they don’t follow me they’re in for it and they complied. Where in front of the door leading to the rooftop I make one of them open the door, but as soon as the door opens he disappears, shocked I don’t know how to react in the meantime the other one went on the rooftop searching for his buddy, after a few minutes I decided to go myself And so I went outside and was shocked of was I saw there, the two yakuza where drenched in blood and there bodies where far beyond pale, they look as if they where dead for a couple of years. -This is quite rare indeed. At the sound of that ominous voice I turned towards the source and there he was , standing with a grin on his face. Still shocked after seeing the bodies, he starts talking -it is quite rare for prey to come searching for me, I thank you very much for the food. I think in this country you would say Itadakimasu, am I right? “food”? what is he talking about? Another weirdo who thinks he’s a vampire? No this one seems different, training in the art of the sword I am able to somewhat intuitively understand a person, but this person stinks of blood, not the kind that killed 2-3 people, the kind that killed so many that he forgot the number. -Little girl, aren’t you a lucky one? I take a few steps back but he doesn’t follow. -There’s no need to be afraid, I’m already full, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the food you provided. -What is it with you weird people popping up all at the same time?
  8. 8. -“People” such a wonderful word, to think that once upon a time I was also included in that category. But not now, at this point in time I am everything but a person, the only reason I might seem like one is because I just ate and I can control my lust for blood. But you can tell can’t you? That I stink of blood. After hearing those words I finally realize that he just killed two tough yakuza and hasn’t got any injuries. -Who are you? Why did you kill them? And how did you kill them? Silence - HOW DID YOU DO IT? WHERE YO THE ONE THAT KILLED MY FAMILY THAT NIGHT? -Family? I have no idea what you are talking about, this is my first time in Japan so I wouldn’t know your family. As for the other questions I will answer them since you seem so fixated on them. - I a Crowley the III-rd . And I killed those youngsters since I am a vampire, nothing more and nothing less. - Stop lying! -Lying? -If you where a vampire then you would also suck my blood right? -I think you are misunderstanding the very nature of a vampire, we don’t kill for fun, we kill because we are hungry, so therefore if one isn’t hungry, one will not for the food in his stomach……well if you insist I can make a exception for you. -I don’t want to be part of your twisted game so I will pass on the offer and start calling the police. -Do as you like, it’s not as if the police aren’t searching for me, it’s just that they can’t catch me. After I make the call the guy named Crowley makes a strange face and then I realize the sun is about to rise.
  9. 9. Well then I guess this is good-bye or sayonara as you people say, It was rather fun talking to someone who wasn’t afraid of me. But to my surprise this one didn’t use some trick to disappear, he just went through the door and left like any other. Chapter Four Detective and Determination <Detective eyes> “Finally Mayazagy Town” The place where my life as a detective starts, well not a detective but one in the future, still I need to training to become a real detective and this case is perfect. A case of some psychos draining the blood out of their victims. Man guys like these with weird intentions are popping as of late everywhere and the police have a touch time dealing with them, that is why detectives are hired, and since nobody took this case until now even a person aspiring to be a detective in the future can take the case.
  10. 10. But still to think such deeds are happening in such a beautiful city The blue haired girl takes here luggage and descends into town searching for a place to stay at, since this island doesn’t have visitors there are no hotels or the such, only two inns but unfortunately at the time they are both full, which is rare in this season. After wandering for a few hours the sun starts setting and she start moving fast, knowing that sleeping outside with no protection would be dangerous especially in a town that has so called “vampire” murderers. Still the sun sets and she didn’t find a place to stay, but she caught glimpse of a dojo of sorts among the trees, it was big and looked as if it could have a room to borrow at least for a night so I decided to go there. <Main Heroine Eyes> I finished my training with dad, at this point no one in the dojo is capable of defeating me, the only person who can fight on equal footing with me is father, but he keeps telling me that won’t be the case for long since I am getting stronger than him every day. On my way to the bath I see a figure in the forest, I stayed there for a while thinking, then took my sword and charged towards the intruder.
  11. 11. The trees served as a nice cover and the enemy only spots me as I am about 5 meters away. As I’m about to strike the girl pull a gun out of here bag and blocks my sword with it. - Please stop I just want to talk -You want to talk when you came through the woods and not the road like a normal person? -It’s true that It looks suspicious but the sun is about to set and I didn’t had the time to take a detour until the road. -Fine let’s say I believe you, what now? -Errrr….I would like to spend a night at your dojo if possible -You can’t -Why? -Because I find you suspicious, I don’t even know who you are, I haven’t seen you before on the island, I take it you’re an outsider from the mainland? -Yes, that’s correct -Listen, the people of the island are so afraid of me they don’t even talk to me, let alone come to stay overnight. If you know what’s good for, you should leave right now. -So are you a “bad” person? -oooo I get it, you’re responsible for the “vampire” attacks -Yeah right, you are just as suspicious as I am The girl makes a sad face almost as if she is about to cry -At any rate I saw the culprits -“Culprits”? You mean there isn’t just one? - That’s right -So can you give me the details?
  12. 12. -No! -Why!? This time she really starts crying - I have my own business with them, since they insulted me as a swords-wielder and a student council member. -Huh?! -Anyway you can stay here for the night, but you must leave first thing in the morning. Ok? Why am I so weak against a crying person? -Thank you very much I show her to a empty room, empty as in it only has a bed -So empty. She murmurs -Eh? Did you say something?! -No no, I was just thinking it’s very ….umm… yeah, it’s very clean. She makes a smiling face -I think your getting on my nerves, nevertheless I said I would let you sleep the night so I’m a person to keep his promises. Try to go to sleep early and don’t make any trouble. -What do you mean by trouble? She asks while tilting her head -I don’t know, it’s just that you seem a very air-headed person. I leave her and go to my training Sparks are flying everywhere, this isn’t your average fighting style, this style has been passed down for generation only to the strongest student, and each inheritor of this style must create his own unique technique and pass it down to the next, that’s how this style evolved in time. My father(adoptive) didn’t create a new technique, but he created a new blade for the style, this style relies a lot on speed so father modified a sword in adding some components from a pressure gun, and so when you need a fast and powerful hit you can use it to move the blade even in unimaginable circumstances.
  13. 13. I already mastered all the techniques so mastering this sword is the last step As me and father use the same model of sword for training when we both use the pressure to strike, sparks fly all over because of the sheer strength of impact. We are deep in training fully concentrating on what were doing when someone gets between us. -Aaahhh It’s that girl, I’m already in full swing and stopping is impossible, at the last second I use the pressure to chance the angle and miss her. -Ahhh I fall on my knees thinking how close I was to killing someone. -WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? Startled at my voice she jump and then starts speaking -I….I Heard noises coming from here and I wanted to see what was going on. -And how the hell did you get between our swords? -W…Well….it looked so beautiful the way you were fighting that my body was drawn to you. -Think a bit before you act, if we weren’t training this specific style you would be dead now, and I would have had a heavy conscience. -S..Sorry I let out a deep sigh and decide to take her to her room. -Listen, if you make any more problems I will……%@%^…..and……..&@$@ After telling her some frightening consequences she starts shivering and says she will just sleep, so I leave her alone
  14. 14. Chapter Five Meeting Under the Tree In the morning…. -My name is Isayama Kagura, I’m sorry for not introducing myself yesterday but every time I tried things took a turn for the worse and I couldn’t introduce myself. -Tsuchimia Yomi, that’s my name, and by the way -?? While clenching my fist I ask her -Why are you at the table as if you belong here?! -Well didn’t you say last night that I could stay I think my blood veins are starting to show since I’m getting really pissed with this girl -I say you could stay OVER THE NIGHT and LEAVE first thing in the morning She makes a thinking pose and after some times says -Ok then I will leave first thing in the morning ………. ……….silence -You don’t get it at all do you? -Hahaha -Don’t “haha” me, I told you, you can’t stay here anymore than you already have. After making a sad face -Ok, I understand, Sorry for being a bother, I’ll be on my way now. And with those words she left. <Kagura’s eyes> What should I do now? I left that place thinking thy will reconsider and let me stay a bit more. -This sucks, If I knew I would end up like this I would have continued playing the air head girl. After walking for 3 hours she finds a park and decides to rest there for a bit. At first she thought “why not spend the night here?” but here sense of pride wouldn’t allow it. -Little girl! -!?
  15. 15. -You have a troubled face, do you need directions? He was resting on the sakura tree, his white hair seemed like blossoms of the tree behind him. At first I am in awe of how natural he seemed among the park, as if he was also part of this beauty that makes the park so radiant. After a bit of time I regain my senses and realize by his features that he is a foreigner, and still doesn’t have a Japanese tone, so I can assume that he hasn’t been living here for a very long time. -Directions? Aren’t you a foreigner? -Tsh, You got me, to tell you the truth I was searching for a place to eat and rest. I am a very charitable person so I reach into my pocket and take 1000 yen out and point it at him. -Money? He makes a confused expression -To buy some food, I’m also pretty low on money but I can lend you at lest this much, and if it’s a place you need to stay over the night, then you should try the dojo in the forest near here, they may seem a bid scary but they are good people and I’m sure they will let you stay the night over. -Arigato, I will take the advice as for the money, the kind of food I need can’t be bought -?! While I’m still trying to understand what he was referring to he continued. -So I guess I’ll be on my way, may we meet again, when we do I will return the favor ten fold. And so he leaves while I’m sill confused, with the sun setting I decide to think about it later and for the time being search for an inn.
  16. 16. <kagura’s eyes end> Chapter six The night that started and ended everything <Silver haired vampire> That blue haired girl was pretty lucky, if it where a full moon tonight I would have had to drink her blood on the spot, but I’m really sorry for the people where I will spend the night, I’m a bit able to control my thirst during the day, but during the night it’s nearly impossible to control myself. While still lost in apologetic thoughts he reached the forest and gets a glimpse of the temple “Should I really go there? If I get into a blood frenzy I would kill at least 20 or so people judging by the size of that temple, but there aren’t a lot of people that would accept a strange looking foreigner with no money and no ID. Until he can find an answer, his feet took him to the front gate of the temple
  17. 17. -It’s quiet, is this really a temple with 20-30 people? -Urya ,Kya. <the sound of steel hitting steel> -Well at least it isn’t abandoned and the sound tells me somebody very powerful lives there, that is the sound of a sword hitting a sword at such speed and power that normal people would be chopped like butter.
  18. 18. -Maybe I can really take a good night rest here and not kill anyone since these people seem like they can protect themselves. Just as he is about to knock at the door, it shatters, as the door crumbles a figure covered in dust comes right at me and hit’s me smack in the head. The girl that I met on the roof a while ago appears from the durst, she’s lying down holding her arm, she has a face that shows pain and regret. Despite this she gets up rather fast and then our eyes make contact I know this girl hates me but for time being this is the only place where I can spend the night, so I will try my best to act friendly and not make her suspicious of me. -H..Hi, what a coincidence meeting you here, how are you doing? Nice weather we're having today, right? -Hi and GOOD BYE ! She lifts her sword and takes her stance, a big killing intent envelops her and all of it is directed am me. -Hey wait, please i'm just here to talk with you. Her sword comes swinging down and makes an arc, the speed is incredibly, so fast that even if It where a full moon, I don’t think I would have been able to dodge it. But what hits me isn’t a metal sword but sparks and a powerful sound, as if it happened right in my ear and not somewhere nearby. Above me was standing a man with a big moustache and a important aura around him. -Are you alright? I’m sorry if my daughter scared you. -Th Thank you very much sir, I though I was a goner -If I had not stepped in you would have been far beyond a goner, out sword-style is special, some say it attacks the spirit itself and rip it from the body before killing it. I turn pale at the thought, I don’t like being a vampire but “death” is too powerful a word for even one such as myself to take and not fight it. -At any rate as a token of our apology we will accept any request, I belive you came here with something in mind, right? -Yes, I was searching for a place to stay for the night, and a blue haired girl recommended I search for your hospitality . -Kagura-san? Yeah she spent the night here, now that I think about it she also ended in a situation similar to yours, between two blades I refer. -I don’t mind letting travelers spend the night here, It gets lonely living in this huge temple, just me and my daughter. -You mean this huge temple belong just to the two of you? As I say that, I turn my eyes to the girl who is nowhere to be found. -?? -Don’t worry, she just isn’t very good at making friends and is very strict with those she has. After that he leads me into the house and takes me to a room, he tells me the time for lunch and then says he has something to do and leaves me alone in the room. It’s a simple Japanese style room, with sliding doors. -This room sure has a nice feeling to it I wonder why The time passes and lunch ends, she didn’t come to eat with us and ate in her room all by herself, She did come to see me once and told me “-I will approve of your stay here only since father requested it, but if you dare do something weird during the night, I swear I will pay you ten times what you did, and starting tomorrow I will once again treat you as an enemy.”
  19. 19. I don’t really like the way she puts it but I guess I made her pretty angry the other night, but since it was a full moon I couldn’t help it, still I’m surprised I didn’t attack her, I don’t know why, anyway I think I should go and apologize to her regarding what I said. Still it’s 5 past midnight, if I where to go now I think she would be pissed, but If I try in the morning she may not even come. In the end I decide to go right now, even if she will end up hating me even more at least I will apologize to her. As I make my way to the place where I think it’s her room I start getting thirsty for blood but I think I can resist it seeing as it’s not a full moon, as I say that I take a look outside to make sure. It won’t be a full moon for a few more days so I should be fine. As I think about that I get to her room. First I knock but no one seems to answer , so I convince myself she is sleeping and open the door Once I open the door a powerful smell comes out, It seems to be the smell of perfume, she has a lot of perfume bottles in her room, I don’t know why but I ignore them and search for her, I find her in a bed sleeping with her sword nearby. “Is it really OK for me to wake her up when she has a sword ready right next to her”, As a vampire I am immortal so I can’t die, but from what her father said, this sword style is deadly even for us vampires. At this point I remember everything, about the vampire that killed my parents and made me into one as well. I don’t understand why but looking at her face makes me remember the feeling of revenge, could she also have a strong sense for revenge? If that where the case then she could help me in my revenge, but that would mean leaving her previous life behind forever. When I make somebody into a vampire I can get a glimpse of that persons strongest wish, and if I make a promise to grant them the power to make that wish come true, then they
  20. 20. would be inclined to help me grand my wish. But this only works when someone has a deep wish that only power alone can grant. I decide to ask her for her help, In my mind I made a vow to grant her wish even if it means giving up my life in the process. With those thoughts in my head I lower myself to her lever and place my fangs right at her neck and push them deep into her flesh. Chapter Seven The Sin that gave birth To more sins I’m having a dream, a dream of the past, a dream forgotten by time, one that I wished to remember in detail so I could see the face of the one that killed my parents. But this time it’s different at this point I would have already woken up, usually my dream ends when I see the house burning, but now I’m moving through the burning house searching, At that time I was small so I don’t think I was realizing what happened right away. Then my past self stops because of a shadow among the flames, the shadow is huge, not something a human could have, maybe I thought it was something interesting since I stayed there . My old house was a shrine near the foreigners graveyard, that shape was 4 times bigger than the gravestones near itself. -Waaaaahhh!
  21. 21. It was a strong inhuman voice, the flames where swaying left and right because of the strong force that came in they’re way. But the giant wasn’t in the least affected by the flames, he stood there as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Then another voice, one as cold as ice that wasn’t befitting of this burning house -Did you kill them? Berserker? -Wahhhh! -Good, then we should be on our way, we have a long road ahead of us. -Also did you made sure to kill everyone? Not even one must survive. I can’t remember the rest, more like I wasn’t able to hear at that time. -I can help you ?! this time I’m hearing another voice, this one isn’t from my dream, but from another place , it’s a soft and powerful voice, but not a frightening one, but a calming voice, one that could calm the wildest of animals and cure any disease with just one whisper. - I can help you so listen -I can help you get revenge, I will do anything for you to get your revenge, and after you get revenge, then you will make a vow to make my wish come true. -What do you mean by help? - I will give you power and help you find the one responsible, but if you receive the power then you must abandon your current life forever. -I have no attachment to this current life style, so I’m willing to throw it away if it means getting my revenge. -Then so be it, starting today they night will be the day and the day will be the night. Starting to day you are a wanderer of the darkness, a vampire. As he said that I felt a stinging pain in my neck and my dream showed again, only this time I could see it, the face of the one that destroyed my everything
  22. 22. It was a giant with armor on his feet and muscles unachievable by any human being. -That is a Berserker, he is the best assassin in the underworld, every case he has taken on involved killing and he never failed any of them. If we could defeat this enemy, then my wish would have a high chance of also being a success.
  23. 23. The last image of my dream shows myself among the burning house. Chapter Eight New life <waking up> When I open my eyes I see silver hair in my face, before I could come to my senses -Meet me in the city at 5:00 And then he leaves my room, I asked father about him at break fast but he said he just left before I cam. I guess all I can do is go meet him, still last night was a very strange dream. Even if it were true I don’t feel any more powerful since last night As I was eating father asked me a strange questing “Did your teeth get bigger?” I found that question a little strange but who knows maybe they did, I guess it’s normal or so I hope. I got thirsty o my way to the middle of the city, but strangely even after I drink some water the thirst doesn’t go away. I finally made my way there and there is nobody waiting for me, I rest on the pole waiting for him, people give me a strange look but I ignore them each time. -Hi, how’s your new life?
  24. 24. -?? I hear his voice somewhere nearby. Once again this guy startled me. -When did you get here? I asked him from where I was -I was here for some time, almost 1 hour, did you not notice? ?? what’s he talking about, it shouldn’t have been more than 15 minutes since I came here. -Where were you hiding? <giggle> He laughs as if I said something funny. -I have been waiting here all the time for you to wake up. As he said that he pointed at a nearby clock which said 6:00 that’s way too much, if I’m not mistaken right now it should be 15 past 5. -For US time flows differently, we sleep during the day and walk during the night. You could say I’m a morning riser since I can come here starting with 5, but until 4 I’m in deep sleep. -US? What kind of game are you playing now? -Game? You still haven’t realized, what you heard last night wasn’t a dream. -Heard? Since I have a weird past I always have weird dreams, maybe the one last night was a little weirder than most but it was still a dream, nothing more and nothing less. -Then why did you remember the face of your enemy? …… …… -How do you know so much?
  25. 25. -I know since I’m the one that showed you the face of your enemy, you only saw him as a blur but by making you into a vampire, your eyes and every other part of you becomes far stronger than any other human, and the fact the you where powerful to begin with is a great advantage. As I heard his delusions again I started leaving -I’ll be waiting for you at the school’s rooftop tomorrow, I’m sure you will come since I’m the only one that can help you. I got home in no time, I guess this was a new record, I didn’t run but somehow I got home faster than usual. When I got home father was angry since it too me more than I told him it would. He then said the training will take 2 times the normal time as punishment,