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Poem dedication project


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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Poem dedication project

  1. 1. 1Rachel Poet
  2. 2. I choose to dedication this project to my mother becausesimply she is my mother and I love her. And I wanted to justbe able to thank her for all she’s done, all she does and allshe’ll do for me and my family in the future. So this projectis for her because she is an amazing mother and I love her.2
  3. 3. What you do with time is what a grandmotherclock does with it: strike twelve and take itstime doing it. You’re the clock: time passes,you remain. And wait. Waiting is what happensto a snow-covered garden, a trunk under moss,hope for better times in the nineteenth century,or words in a poem. For poetry is about lettingthings grow moldy together, like grapesturning into wine, reality into preserves, andhoarding words in the cellar of yourself.3
  4. 4. 4I chose to add this poem to my poetrydedication project because the poemhas to do with the theme of my project.The theme of my project is mothers andabout mothers, this poem goes alongwith it. The author of this poem wrotethis poem with a thinking tone. Thinkingabout what could or could not be. Theauthors audience of this poem couldpossibly be anyone. The author wrotethis poem about his mother and he wasthinking about her and all the thingsthat she has done for him. The authorwrote this poem to dedicate his feelingand express himself. I chose to add thispoem to my project because it goesalong with the theme and with mothersand mothers love for their children and
  5. 5. • Your love was like moonlightturning harsh things to beauty,so that little wry soulsreflecting each other obliquelyas in cracked mirrors . . .beheld in your luminous spirittheir own reflection,transfigured as in a shining stream,and loved you for what they arenot.You are less an image in my mindthan a lusterI see you in gleamspale as star-light on a gray wall . . .evanescent as the reflection of awhite swanshimmering in broken water.5
  6. 6. May 23, 2013 6I used this poem in my poetry dedicationproject because it goes along with mytheme for the project which is mothers.This poem is about a mother. The author ofthis poem is addressing their mother. Theaudience of this poem is the mother of theauthor. The tone of this poem is love. Lovetoward the mother and all that she hasdone for the author. The author expresseshow the mother can turn harsh things intothings of beauty. The author wrote thispoem without rhyme. The author wrote thispoem with commas but not with anapparent stanzas. I chose to add this poemto my poetry dedication project but it fit inwith the theme of my project. The theme isabout mothers for my mother. This poem isabout the authors love for their mother andthe adoration they have for their mother.The author of the poem is writing abouttheir mother and it seems that maybe theauthor is writing about the spirit of theirmother. Because it seems that maybe themother has passed away and the author is
  7. 7. Its all I have to bring today –This, and my heart beside –This, and my heart, and all the fields –And all the meadows wide –Be sure you count – should I forgetSome one the sum could tell –This, and my heart, and all the BeesWhich in the Clover dwell.7
  8. 8. I chose to add this poem in my poetry dedication projectbecause this poem goes along with my theme. The tone of thispoem is not very evident. The tone is not very strong in the waythat the author does not seem to be mad or overall very happy.The author is talking to a general audience maybe not oneperson in general. I included this poem in my poetry dedicationproject because the theme of the poem goes along with thetheme of my project. The author wrote this poem with commasbut not necessarily stanzas. The author of this poem really caresabout the topic that they were writing about. You can tell thatthey enjoy writing and that they enjoy writing poetry also. I choseto add this poem because it fits in with all the other poems that Ihave written and the poems I have chosen for this project. Theyall blend together and fit together well.8
  9. 9. I see her doing something simple,paying bills,or leafing through a magazine or book,and wish that I could say, and shecould hear, that now I start tounderstand her love for all of us, thefullness of it. It burns there in the past,beyond my reach, a modest lamp.9
  10. 10. I included this poem in my poetry dedication project because it is aboutmothers day and about mothers in general. The tone of this poem isadoring or adoration toward the mother. The author of this poem isexpressing their knowledge of the love the mother has for them. Theauthor wrote this poem with no evident rhyme. This poem goes alongwith my theme because the theme of the poem is mothers day. Theaudience of the poem is the mother of the author. The author wrote thispoem to show their love for their mom. This poem is structured mainlyby commas. It doesnt technically have stanzas. This poem goes alongwith my project because it fits into the theme of my poetry dedicationproject which is for my mother. And this poem is about mothers. Theauthor really cares and expressing his own love towards his mother. Hesees her doing simple tasks and finds himself at loss of a way to tell herhow much he truly cares about her. He knows that she loves him andhis family but he is unsure of how to fully tell her to depth of this ownlove and adoration towards his mother. This is why I chose to add thispoem into my poetry dedication project for my mother.10
  11. 11. You too, my mother, read myrhymes For love of unforgottentimes, And you may chance tohear once more The little feetalong the floor.11
  12. 12. This poem is about a mother. I included it in my poetry dedicationproject because it goes along with my theme for mothers. The tone ofthis poem is not very evident. The tone is not angry or overly happy, it ismore of a dreamy remembering back when tone. This poem doesntreally have an organized stanza theme. The poem is short a simple.The author of this poem is addressing someone else. This poem isshort but it has rhythm. This poem is direct to the point. The imagerythat is formed in mind from this poem is feet on the floor from the verylast line of the poem. The author is talking about remembering and thenhe refers to children "running" or maybe walking around a room. Thispoem goes with my poetry dedication project because it goes with thetheme of mothers and talking about mothers and addressing memoriesthat have to do with mothers. This poem is very short but it effectivelygets to the point that the author is trying to convey about mothers. Thispoem shows how mothers care about their children so I decided toinclude this in my poetry dedication project because it shows motherslove for their children so well.12
  13. 13. To my mom,Whose there everyday.When I wake,And when I sleep.She’s somewhere nearby.To my mom,Whose always close by.To my mom,Who knows why I cry.To my mom.13
  14. 14. I included this poem in my poetry dedication project to mymother, because this poem is about how my mother is alwaysthere. This poem explains and references about how my motheris always there for me. I used free verse. And I decided to talkabout how my mother is always there for me because that iswhat mothers do and what they should do. I talked about howshe is there when I wake up and when I am sleeping becauseshe is always in the house, even when she is not. When she isaway you can still sense her presence. And even when shepasses away some day, she will always be with me in my heartand I will always be able to sense her presence. This poemcould also be considered and "ode" sort of poem because itresembles somewhat like an ode to thee poem. I think that thispoem shows my love towards my mother and my mothers lovetowards me in the same way. I included this poem in my poetrydedication project to my mother because it shows my lovetowards her, and also her love towards me.14
  15. 15. Little child wakes in her sleep.Little child with little feet.Little child scared from dreams.Little child lost in her room.Little child runs to mom.Little child hides in her arms.Little child reassured.Little child forgets the monsters under her bed.Little child lays in her mother’s arms.Little child with little feet.15
  16. 16. I included this poem in my poetry dedication project for mymother, because this poem shows how as a child growing up mymother was and is always there for me. This poem talks abouthow as a child having a nightmare she could trust her mother totake care of her and take the fear of the dream away just bybeing a comfort to her. It always is symbolic in the context thatshe is always there for the little child who is me. She is alwaysthere and always will be there in the complications of life, not justin the sense of comfort after a nightmare. The mother simplycomforted the child by being there and her presence alsocomforted the child because mothers have that ability becausethey are a sense of safety and security for their children. I usedto poem in my poetry dedication project for my mother because itshows how mothers in general care for there children just bybeing there and being a comfort to them because they are theirmother and the child feels safe by being with their mother.16
  17. 17. Mother’s there, everywhere.In the silence of the room,In the depth of the halls.Mother’s there, everywhere.She’s in the kitchen,She’s on the porch,She’s outside, in the yard.Mother’s there, she’s everywhere.Mother’s there, she’s everywhere.17
  18. 18. • I used this poem in my poetry dedication project for my motherbecause this poem represents how mothers are alwaysaround. This poem talks about how mothers seem to be ableto be everywhere at one time and how they can complete somany tasks in such a quick and timely manner. This poemshows how mothers have the ability to do so much for theirchildren and their family and how they are still able to do somany other things in the meantime. I chose to write this poemto show how my own mother can do so much in a day and beeverywhere at the same time. This poem also shows howmothers do so much for their children and their family becauseas kids growing up they are always running us around to otherplaces and taking us to other places in general. I used topoem in my poetry dedication project for my mother because itshows how much mothers do for their children and how muchthey love them by doing all these different things each andevery single day for them. This poem is just an example ofhow mothers love their children so very very much.18
  19. 19. She holds his hand every moment that she can.She fixes his hair and blows a kiss in the air.She sees him walking, tottering up the steps.She smiles, as a tear escapes.She sees him with his papers and pens.She sees him get on the bus again.She waits anxiously all day,Watching the clock barely move.He comes home, all eager with smiles,He had a great day,She had no reason to fear.She holds his hand every moment she can.19
  20. 20. I used this poem for my poetry dedication project for my motherbecause this poem is about mothers. This poem is about howmothers can so much for their children. This particular poem isabout how a mother has a little boy who is growing up. She loveshim so much. He is her first and only child right now. He isstarting school and she was scared because she didnt want tolet him go. She misses him each day when he is at his school.She also has fear that he wont like it there and maybe he wonthave any friends. This poem shows how mothers fear theirchildren grow up to fast and the fear they have for them becausethey just want their child to be happy. I chose to add this poem tomy poetry dedication project because it is about mothers lovetowards their children. And I am sure this is how my own motherprobably felt when my brother and sister first went to school andthen when I first went to school as a child and I am sure she stillfeels the same way about us growing up.20
  21. 21. She wraps him in her arms.She holds him very tight.She whispers in his ear every single night.She kisses him goodbye and tends to even cry.She calls out his name every day.Only to remember he’s gone.She sees him in her thoughts,She sees him in her dreams.She remembers all those happy times he was waiting by.She sees him in the photographs when he was only nine.She sees him in the artwork he drew when he was two.She sees him everyday in every single way.She sees him again when she stops by his tombstone.She leaves the flowers in the vase, she smiles just in case,In case he sees her from heaven, smiling back at her.21
  22. 22. • I included this poem in my poetry dedication project becausethis poem talks about the love a mother has. The mother inthis poem sees her deceased son every day. She sees him inthe things that remind her of him. The things that he used todo before he died. It always shows how she saw his face inher dreams, being her memories relived. I included this poembecause it just shows the truth about mothers, how even if amother loses her child she still will forever be a mother. Shewill still love her child, she will love the memories of her childand the things that happened. A mother will always be amother no matter what happens. I used this poem in my poetrydedication project for my mother because mothers love with allof their hearts and their love forgives and forgets. This poemshows how much the mother misses her child but still hasgone on with their life and hasnt given up hope. They still misstheir child and love them, but they havent given up on their lifeand the other people in their live.22
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