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Poetry Dedication Project

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Poetry dedication project complete

  1. 1. To My Mother, A Poetry Dedication When I found out the assignment of a poetry dedication project, Isaw the due date and knew immediately that I wanted to dedicate thisto my mother. The reason being is because mother’s day and herbirthday are right around the due date. Writing poems for my mom, andall the moms out there was a fun experience. I also loved readingthrough and finding the meaning in classic poems about mothers. Mymother deserves so much more than what she gets, but this willdefinitely be one of her gifts for mother’s day and here birthday. I knowshe will love it because I took the time to thank her, and write herpoems. This is the best thank you I can give her. I love you mom!
  2. 2. A Thank You from Us By Maureen Devlin To our mother, here’s a big thank you We love you and thank you for all that you do For the times when we’re hurting and you know what to say And the times when we need you driving everyday All the wonderful things that you do, big and smallWhen we stop and we think, we wouldn’t be here without you at all As we grow older we realize this more We love you and thank you, all of us four
  3. 3. “A Thank You from Us” is a poem I wrote coming from mythree siblings and. This poem is to thank our wonderful mom foreverything she does for us. As my siblings and I get older, we arebecoming more appreciative for all that our mom does. We areso thankful to her for the stuff that she is sacrificing so we cando the things we love. There are so many times when we havetennis, or rehearsals, and our mom stops everything that she isdoing and rearranges it for us. This poem also thanks her for herhelp. Whether its school, our sports and hobbies, or just life andits ups and downs, our mother is always there to offer heropinion and helping hand. This is a great time of the year to bethanking our mom as mother’s day and our mother’s birthdayare coming up. We hope to make both of her days very specialand memorable. She deserves that and so much more. I hopethat if I ever become a parent in the future that I can be just likemy mom. Here’s a thank you to all the wonderful moms thatmake their kids life much better.
  4. 4. How Does A Mother Know By Maureen DevlinHow does a mother always know what to sayWhen you’re hurt, when you’re happy, or just had a bad dayHow does a mother know what to doThose times you feel lost and she pulls you right throughHow does a mother know just what you needWhen you don’t know, can’t explain, and she helpfully takes theleadFor all of these things we should all feel so blessedAs everyone says, a mother knows best
  5. 5. When I wrote “How Does a Mother Know”, I thought of allthe times when my mom knew exactly what to say or do intimes where no one else did. And I know it’s not just my momeither. Other people I know find themselves saying the samething about their mothers, or mothers they know. And even onTV shows or movies, people always say how a mother knowsbest. Have you ever felt like no one understands what you’regoing through, or that there’s nothing you can do about yourproblem? I’ve felt that way before and there is no one else inthe world I would rather talk to then my mother. She knows howto not only make me feel better, but to help with the issue andmake it right. Or, when you really need someone to talk to andyou don’t feel comfortable with anyone else, talk to mom. Thegreat thing about mothers is they are always looking out fortheir kids. Their children are the number one priority in theirlives. After I wrote this poem, I wanted a quote about mothersthat was real, and I thought this was a very true one. "Amothers love for her child is like nothing else in the world. Itknows no law, no pity; it dares all things and crushes downremorselessly all that stands in its path."-- Agatha Christie.
  6. 6. Embarrassing Love of a Mother By Maureen DevlinThere is a time in a child’s life where the little things mom does become“dumb”No more public hugs, kisses, or “I love you”s, they’re no longer welcomeIt’s embarrassing when she speaks to your friendsRelax; calm down, the world’s not going to endAll the sweet little things she loves to say and doThey’re all so important because they’re only meant for youIts time you stopped caring about what everyone else will thinkThese things mean a lot to her because your childhood will be gone in a blinkInstead of ignoring, show her you love and you careGive her the memories you will always both share
  7. 7. I think everyone has had a time in their life where they feel likeanything their parents say or do is completely embarrassing. I knowI’ve had times like that. You want nothing to do with them whileyou’re in public because you feel they are being totally humiliating.When I wrote “Embarrassing Love of a Mother” I wanted the readersto think about the times they felt like that. Maybe they still feel likethat, or maybe, like me, they realized that it’s not the end of theworld. They don’t mean to be embarrassing all the time; they justsometimes don’t realize that you’re growing up. It seems like it canespecially be mothers. It’s hard for them to see you growing up andbecoming more independent. It’s in a mother’s nature to feel thatway; they always want to be there for you taking care of you.“Embarrassing Love of a Mother” is about finding out that yourmothers (or parents) don’t think they’re killing you ofembarrassment, they just want to hold on their beautiful child. WhenI started writing this poem I wanted it to be about all the things kidsfind humiliating about the way their parents can act. Once I got intoit though, it slowly started to change into a way that I hoped wouldtell kids to go along with those silly little things, it means a lot to yourwonderful parents.
  8. 8. Here’s to the Moms By Maureen DevlinHere’s to the moms that put their kids before sleep,even if its days without sleepHere’s to the moms that drive us all over, which canbe nonstop, all dayHere’s to the moms that will always love us, no matterhow many times we mess upHere’s to the moms whose love is so strong, theywould put their lives on the line any day for their kidsHere’s to the moms out there that do anything theycan to make their child’s life that much betterHere’s to all the moms, thank you
  9. 9. “Here’s to the Moms” is a poem I wrote, thanking all ofthose great moms out there for everything they do. Thereis too much for us kids to even thank them for. Everythinga mother does is for her children, nothing else matters.Thank you for those times when we were babies andneeded you almost all hours of the day and you werethere. And as we got older you were still there helpingus, no matter what. This poem is a tribute to allmothers, even if they can’t afford to give their childreneverything they would like to, they are always trying, andthat’s all that matters in the end. It’s a thank you forteaching your children the rights and wrongs in life, andthat if they mess up, it’s alright and you will always lovethem. I also hope that if you are reading “Here’s to theMoms” and you’re not even a mom it could act as a guideof what to do if you ever become a parent. Thank you tothe mothers that teach their kids to be respectful andhave the right attitude in everything they do, they will go
  10. 10. The Joy of Motherhood By Maureen DevlinThe long, busy days and the sleepless nightsYou’ll get through the times that are bad and thepointless fightsThe days were you have no time for yourselfYou pick up your book but it end up back on the shelfThe many sacrifices a mother make to make life for theirchildren goodBut in the end it’s all worth it for the joy of motherhood
  11. 11. “The Joy of Motherhood” is a poem I wrote about how all thehard things and the sacrifices are worth it in the end for just thejoy of being a mother. When writing this poem, I thought of mylittle brother’s play where the mother of the baby ducks sings asong about how even though being a mother can be hard andnot always fun, in the end she is so thankful to be a mother. Itwas a sweet song and nice idea. Being a mother seems tiringand a lot of hard work. It pays off though and there are niceperks to being a mother. In the song in the play the mother singsabout how having little babies is so much work but teachingthem the way of the world and seeing their perspective oneverything is worth it all. I wanted this poem to showthat, yes, being a mother is a LOT of work and it is tiring andfrustrating sometimes, but, there are so many amazing thingsabout it that you can easily forget the bad things and just findthe joy in being a mom. I’ve experienced the feeling some beinga mother like symbol to my pets. Yes it can be hard, but the joyof motherhood is overcoming.
  12. 12. What I Learned From My Mother By Julia KasdorfI learned from my mother how to lovethe living, to have plenty of vases on handin case you have to rush to the hospitalwith peonies cut from the lawn, black antsstill stuck to the buds. I learned to save jarslarge enough to hold fruit salad for a wholegrieving household, to cube home-canned pearsand peaches, to slice through maroon grape skinsand flick out the sexual seeds with a knife point.I learned to attend viewing even if I didn’t knowthe deceased, to press the moist handsof the living, to look in their eyes and offersympathy, as though I understood loss even then.I learned that whatever we say means nothing,what anyone will remember is that we came.I learned to believe I had the power to easeawful pains materially like an angel.Like a doctor, I learned to createfrom another’s suffering my own usefulness, and onceyou know how to do this, you can never refuse.To every house you enter, you must offerhealing: a chocolate cake you baked yourself,the blessing of your voice, your chaste touch.
  13. 13. The poem “What I Learned from My Mother” was written by Julia Kasdorf.This poem is about how the author learned a lot from her mother. She wasdependent on her mother and sees that most of the things in life she haslearned have come from her mother. I really enjoyed reading this poembecause I can relate to the author, as can lots of people I imagine. Most of thethings in life that I know, and I’m not talking school things, I mean all the partsof life, have come from my mom. She has taught me so many importantthings, and not just by telling me but by showing me. One of the lines in thispoem that I really liked was "I learned to believe I had the power to ease".When reading this line I thought that perhaps the author is saying how being amother, one of their main roles is to ease. It is a very enjoyable poem to read.It talks about the sweet, simple things the author’s mother taught her todo, such as bringing cakes to mourning families and fruit salads to worriedwives. I hope that the readers of this poem learn from the neighborliness ofthe author’s mother and how it taught her those things like that are the rightthing to do. Kasdorf starts the poem listing some of the random things hermother taught her, but then she goes into how her mother taught her how tolook at life and how to be the best person you can be. While reading this poemI am sure most people went back and thought of all the things their mothertaught them and how they use these things in their day to day lives. I knowthat’s what I did, and it makes me even more thankful for my mom when Ithink of all the great things she has taught me.
  14. 14. Lunchbox Love Note By Kenn NesbittInside my lunchto my surprisea perfect heart-shapedlove note lies.The outside says,“Will you be mine?”and, “Will you bemy valentine?”I take it outand wonder whowould want to tell me“I love you.”Perhaps a girlwho’s much too shyto hand it to meeye to eye.
  15. 15. “Lunchbox Love Note” is a sweet poem written by Kenn Nesbitt. In thispoem, the author has a little heart shaped not inside of his lunchbox. Hebegins to wonder if it is a girl who is too shy to say that she likes him. He ishoping someone has a crush on him. He is nervous and things start to getsuspenseful so he opens the note. “Then wham! as if it were a bomb, inside itreads, “I love you—Mom.”” The author opens the note and is surprised to findthat it is just a note from his mother. This means no girl, no crush, just momsaying I love you. I think this is a very cute poem on how at this age of theauthor, he is hoping that someone likes him and is finally going to saysomething about it. Instead he ends up embarrassed because his mom packedhim a note. That means all he hoped for and started imagining is gone, it neverwas. I think all kids have felt this way at least once in their life. At a certainage, especially for boys, it’s not “cool” at all to get little love notes from momthat say I love you, it’s embarrassing. And it’s that disappointing feeling for theauthor who thinks he is growing up and maybe he will find a girl that likeshim, and then finding out it’s only mom is not only embarrassing, it’s aletdown. The hope that maybe it’s a girl that he likes sending him a note isgone in an instant now that he’s found out mom packed him a “love note”.What seems like a sweet idea from mom turns into a young boy’s worstnightmare, and maybe even biggest disappointment. But, thanks mom. And Ilove you too.
  16. 16. A Poem For Mom Champagne S. BakerYou are the sunlight in my day,You are the moon I see far away.You are the tree I lean upon,You are the one that makes troubles be gone.You are the one who taught me life,How not to fight, and what is right.You are the words inside my song,You are my love, my life, my mom.You are the one who cares for me,You are the eyes that help me see.You are the one who knows me best,When its time to have fun and time to rest.You are the one who has helped me to dream,You hear my heart and you hear my screams.Afraid of life but looking for love,Im blessed for God sent you from above.You are my friend, my heart, and my soulYou are the greatest friend I know.You are the words inside my song,You are my love, my life, my Mom.
  17. 17. “A Poem for Mom” is written by Champagne S. Baker coming in her view asa daughter. This poem is written to show the authors appreciation to herwonderful mother. A mother and daughter bond is unbreakable. And that iswhat the author is trying to tell us. No matter how many times you fight, orfeel like you totally messed up, your mother will always be there for you. Youwouldn’t be anywhere without your mother. She shows you your dreams andtells you you can make it all happen. She is always going to be there to helpyou along the way and she will make sure nothing gets in the way. She is theperson you can always talk to, whether its about your friends or your school oryour dreams. Your mother is the one that will always love you unconditionallyno matter what. As daughters get older they realize there is no other person inthe world that will love you like your mother does. She is not only yourmother, she becomes your best friend. When I read this poem I thought abouta song by Jordan Pruitt that I always really liked. It was called “Unconditional”and Jordan wrote it about her mother and how no matter what happens heremother is there to help her and love her unconditionally. It is a sweet song andI think that every daughter should have that special bond with their mother.Jordan also sings about how our mothers know our good and bad sides butthey still love you. The amazing thing about an unconditional love that mothersand daughters have with each other is that their love for one another isenough, they don’t need any gifts or big things to know that they are loved.Those bonds are the strongest.
  18. 18. Do What I Cant Debbie LeadsMake sure to call mama on mother’s dayHer birthday and the restYou know she’s sitting by the phoneWishing you all the best.She doesn’t want to bother youSo she waits for YOU to phone.She has so much free time now.Most of it spent alone.She knows you are very busy, now,With work and kids and wifeShe helps you out whenever she canShe is the one who gave you life.The years go by, so fast they flyThe years just never stopShe has joined the local church andAt local thrift stores she shops.Luckily you have an organized wifeWho sends the cards you signYou moved away for job prospectsNot because you wanted to leave her behind.She quietly lives her lifePuttering around the yardThinking of ways she could help youAnd cherishing your beautiful cards.
  19. 19. The poem “Do What I Can’t” is written by Debbie Leads. In thispoem, the author begs that people not forget or take their moms forgranted. Leads has no mother in this poem and wants everyone toknow that you should take the time out of your day often for yourmom. She deserves it. She is the one that gave you life. The meaningin this poem is you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Neverforget about your mom, because she will never forget about you. It isin a mother’s nature to always be looking to help her children. Even Ifyou have your own life now with a family to take care of, she willalways be looking to take care of you, anyway she can. The authorbegs that we cherish our time with our mothers because the timegoes fast, and you may never see her again if you wait. The author’smother has passed away and she can see that you don’t have foreverto take the time to love and thank your mom. You never know howmuch time you have. I think it is a very good point to make, especiallyas you get older. If you don’t get to say and do the things you lovewith the people you love, you may never have another chance at it.You may also feel like you regret it the rest of your life. Some of thelittle things matter the most, take time to do them. Your mother gaveyou all the time and the love in the world. Call her; make sure she’sdoing alright. Say I love you. The little things mean a lot. It will be soworth it to see how happy she will be.
  20. 20. Without You By Joanna FuchsMom, without you, there would be no me.Your love, your attention, your guidance,have made me who I am.Without you, I would be lost,wandering aimlessly,without direction or purpose.You showed me the wayto serve, to accomplish, to persevere.Without you, there would be an empty spaceI could never fill, no matter how I tried.Instead, because of you,I have joy, contentment, satisfaction and peace.Thank you, mom.I have always loved youand I always will.
  21. 21. “Without You” is a poem written by Joanna Fuchs about how she would beabsolutely nowhere without her mother. Fuchs first points out that without hermom, there would be no her. Then she says that her mother has made herwho she is today. Without her mom she would be so lost in this world. Fuchssays that with her mom in her life, she has the joy and happiness that shewants and loves. And of course none of it would be there without mom. Itseems that as kids get older, their realization of how they would be practicallynowhere without their mothers becomes so much stronger. It’s a combinationof things, ranging from little things you may remember her saying that helpyou as you become more independent, to the big things such as the timeswhere there was no one else there for you, but mom was there helping youthe whole time. Reading this poem made me think of the times my mom hashelped me when I felt like no one else can, and how without that I definitelywould not be where I am now. And all the sacrifices my mom has made forus, I know my siblings and I would not be in the place we are had it not beenfor my mother’s amazing help and sacrifices. I hope that anyone who readsthis starts to feel more loving and thankful towards their mothers, and realizesthat they most likely be nowhere without their mothers. I love reading poemslike these because they make you much happier, and they make you really stopand think about how your mother has impacted your life. Everyone’s motherdeserves a big thank you for everything that they do to make their childrensuch wonderful people. We kids would be so lost without you.
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