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Tweet Success 2.0


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How social media has impacted society. One educator's strategy for social media sharing and why everyone should consider social media as part of helping the organizations they love.

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Tweet Success 2.0

  1. 1. Tweet Success @coolcatteacher
  2. 2. Outline of Today’s Presentation 1. Overview of the social media landscape and why it is important in the world today (you can tell this to parents and admins who don’t get it) 2. My Personal Social Media Strategy and Tips This can be applied to any use of social media but I’m taking this from my personal use so you can get the big picture.
  3. 3. yearsTo get to 50 million subscribers
  4. 4. yearsTo get to 50 million subscribers
  5. 5. yearsTo get to 50 million subscribers
  6. 6. yearsTo get to 50 million subscribers
  7. 7. daysTo get to 50 million subscribers
  8. 8. daysTo get to 50 million subscribers
  9. 9. M arketing A rts R ecreation E ntertainment
  10. 10. Lex Prin • An example of a principal gone viral • Also see: “Snow Day” • ZJwgXkTz_c
  11. 11. Ron Clark • Instagram
  12. 12. Snow Day Parody
  13. 13. Modern Marketing/Communications Mix •Traditional •Digital •Social
  14. 14. What does this mean for schools? •The new, easier way to get the attention and resources you need. (or attract attention your school doesn’t want)
  15. 15. “The Sexiest Teacher on Twitter”
  16. 16. Email Open Rates •2002: 37.3% •2005 26% •2011 17%
  17. 17. Banner Click Through Rates •Mid 90’s 3% •2000’s .5% •2010 .1%
  18. 18. “Email, banner, and search engine results are going down except for those who have a social component” Gary Vaynerchuk @garvyvee
  19. 19. 2016 Trends • 62% of 18 to 24 year olds would buy a YouTuber endorsed product • The average person spends 1 hour and 40 minutes a day on social media • 70 million Americans will use adblockers in 2016 • 70% of millenials use adblockers • 2016-infographic/#gs.FAmYRvQ
  20. 20. Mass MediaFROM The Age of Social MediaTO The Age of
  21. 21. Marketing-Induced Consumer-to-Consumer Word of Mouth Generates more than X The Sales of Paid Advertising
  22. 22. Customers Referred by Other Customers have a % Higher Retention Rate
  23. 23. %Of Millennials feel it is their responsibility to help friends and family make SMART PURCHASE DECISIONS
  24. 24. %The percentage of a population holding an unshakable belief to convince the rest of the population to ADOPT THE SAME BELIEF.
  25. 25. Brand Advocates are % More likely to be seen as a GOOD SOURCE of information by people around them
  26. 26. A WORD-OF-MOUTH recommendation is the Primary factor behind 20- 50%Of all Purchasing Decisions
  27. 27. Social MediaYOU May not be on ChildrenBUT Your ARE
  28. 28. Social MediaYOU May not be on ParentsBUT Your ARE
  29. 29. Social MediaYOU May not be on CommunityBUT Your IS
  30. 30. 2016 Statistics
  31. 31. Where Twitter in all of this?
  32. 32. • Personally • Your Classroom • The Causes You Love
  33. 33. M arketing A rts R ecreation E ntertainment
  34. 34. A Peek in Trends & My Personal Strategy Design Your Own Tweet Success Strategy
  35. 35. Examine our “to be” list before we make our “to do” list
  36. 36. I want to be encouraging to teachers. We need great men and women to help this profession and I want to be one of them.
  37. 37. Why do I share? • Because it is my calling • To be helpful • To be inspiring • To be a counterbalance to all of the negative stuff coming at teachers • I LOVE IT.
  38. 38. How Will I Share? • In ways that have the most impact • Follow the trends • Listen to friends • In ways I can do outside class time • Scheduling Tools • I must be a great teacher or I’m a hypocrite. • In ways that suit my strengths and interests • I play with stuff and reflect on what happens!!! • I will always be ethical and disclose all relationships but I will only recommend companies and products that I would recommend anyway.
  39. 39. When Do I Share? • Mornings between 6am – 7 am, I schedule posts, etc. • I set blog posts to Tweet and go out automatically • I automate everything I can!
  40. 40. My Key Places (in order of priority) 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Pinterest 4. Tumblr 5. YouTube 6. Flipboard 7. Instagram 8. Slideshare 9. Linked In
  41. 41. My secret to Tweet Success •Helpful •Humorous •Inspiring •Entertaining •Improve people’s lives •Learn & ask questions
  42. 42. I am fascinated by people.
  43. 43. TREND: Video is an important way to get out your message
  44. 44. TREND: Facebook Video is Gaining
  45. 45. TREND: Facebook, Linked In, Twitter start Hosting Video and GIVING PREFERENCE TO IT over YouTube
  46. 46. Strategy: Upload Video Directly to Facebook TIP: Make sure you have a Fanpage for your school or you
  47. 47. Use the Scheduling Tool
  48. 48. Use the Scheduling Tool
  49. 49. STRATEGY: Learn to understand Twitter Video
  50. 50. TREND: YouTube Has the Money (Trackable Sales)
  51. 51. Strategy: Amp Up My YouTube Channel (And my school’s)
  52. 52. TREND: Slideshare is Becoming Where Educators Share Ideas
  53. 53. Strategy: Continue to Share but Embed YouTube Videos in Presentations
  54. 54. Strategy: Learn More About Slideshare
  55. 55. TREND: Companies are Paying for Social Leads (Trackable Sales)
  56. 56. Strategy: Move Away from Click Ads to Relationships with Companies I Love
  57. 57. TREND: Twitter Growth is Slowing
  58. 58. TREND: Education Tweets Dominate Twitter
  59. 59. STRATEGY: Be Strategic About How I Use Twitter
  60. 60. My Essential Twitter Tools • – Following, Responding, Trying not to miss anything (now buffer does this, so I just stopped using.) • Hootsuite – Reading, Following, Scheduling for Twitter Chats • Bufferapp – Scheduling Posts, Analyzing Successful Posts, Understanding What Resonates with Teachers • Twitter App – For following and conversing sometimes • SumAll – To track Stats of all networks
  61. 61. I’ve got lots to LEARN •I will investigate and learn new tools.
  62. 62. Every child in the UK age 5 and up will be taught to program every year starting in 2014
  63. 63. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
  64. 64. You are all influencers…
  65. 65. Tweet Success @coolcatteacher