Why Target Tablets? 5 Reasons Your Ads Should Be Device-Specific


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Tablets will surpass Notebook PCs this year for sales, and could soon pass smartphones by as well. Here are five reasons that your business should target tablets specifically in your next mobile ad campaign.

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Why Target Tablets? 5 Reasons Your Ads Should Be Device-Specific

  1. 1. Why Target Tablets?•Tablets represent a massively growing portion of the mobile devicemarket share.•Tablets are slated to overtake smartphones in terms of sales withinthe next four years.•Many marketers haven’t quite jumped on the device-specificmarketing bandwagon and don’t entirely understand why marketingtoward tablet users is a whole different ballgame than marketing forsmartphone users.Here are five reasonsthat your businessshould target tabletsspecifically in yournext mobile adcampaign.
  2. 2. Reason 1: Tablets Are Taking Over the Market•Tablets are picking up in popularity fast, especially in comparison tosmartphones.•According to Pew Internet’s latest device usage statistics,smartphone ownership in the United States rose from 35% to 45% ofadults between May 2011 and September 2012.•In that same period of time, tablet usage shot up from 4% ofAmerican adults to 25%, more than double the amount of growth seenby smartphones.What does this mean for your adcampaign? Essentially, these statsmean that tablets are quickly risingin popularity, and that designingads for tablets utilizes this new wayof reaching a forward-thinking,tech-savvy population.
  3. 3. Reason 2: Tablet Users Click on More Ads•The Interactive Advertising Bureau conducted a 2012study that found that 47% of tablet users clicked on an adfor more information at least once a week, in comparisonwith only 25% of smartphone users.•Tablet users were 9% more likely than smartphone users tobuy something, download an app, visit an additional site, orfill out a survey when prompted by an ad.•Only 23% of tablet userssaid that they neverinteract with ads, incomparison to 47% ofsmartphone users.
  4. 4. Reason 3: Bigger Screen = Bigger Opportunities•Marketers can create ads with more vibrant and detailed images anduse additional multimedia.•With a larger screen size, it’s simply easier for users to navigate andinteract with ads.•The larger amount of browser-based traffic on tablets means that addesigners have a more leeway in complexity. This can mean a moreintegrative experience for the tablet users.In a 2012 article for Business Insider,International Data Corporations VP ofDigital Media Karsten Weide wasquoted as saying, “There is moretraffic on tablets than on smartphonessimply because they are easier touse.” This is largely based on the sizeof the screen.
  5. 5. Reason 4: Tablets Are Part of a Multi-Screen Experience•Due to their size tablets are generally used more in thehome or office in conjunction with other technologies.•This provides opportunity for integrative marketingtechniques, especially with the rise of cloud computing,allowing for the possibility of creating an ad experiencethat transcends the limitations of a single platform.This could mean creating anad campaign that links themusic a user is listening to ontheir laptop to an interactive,immersive ad experience on atablet.
  6. 6. Reason 5: Tablet Users Engage With Long-Form MediaThe nature of tablet and smartphone use differs majorly in anotherarea: what users are doing with their devices.•While smartphones are primarily used to check up on socialmedia, shoot off quick emails, and look up tidbits of informationon the go, tablet users tend to linger over their devices a littlelonger.•Because tablet users aremore likely to use theirdevice to interact with“long-form” media, ads feellike less of a pesky intrusionand more of an invitation tobrowse – as long as the ad isrelevant to what they’realready doing.
  7. 7. Some Concrete Tablet-Specific Ad StrategiesOptimizing ad campaigns for tablets can have a huge return on your investment.Here are a few strategies you might use in your tablet-based ad campaign:• Since tablet users are more likely to click on your ad, why not makeit easier for them? Including a clear, easy to click buy now button cangive your ad an extra boost.•Because tablets are generally used in conjunction with otherdevices, craft a cross-platform campaign that integrates experienceswith a variety of media types.•Don’t be afraid to getcreative. Tablets offer awhole new realm ofadvertising options, so takeadvantage of the possibilitiesand users’ willingness tointeract with ads!
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