Appealing to Kids and Adults: Marketing Lessons from Boy Bands


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Boy bands have successfully harnessed a range of marketing tools, including a strong social media presence and a diversified image that remains true to brand.

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Appealing to Kids and Adults: Marketing Lessons from Boy Bands

  1. 1. Appealing to Kids and Adults: Marketing Lessons from Boy Bands
  2. 2. Boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted are making a splash in today’s music scene, and not just with teen girls. • These bands embrace a range of marketing tools that help them appeal to a diverse audience. • Businesses can engage the same tools, because when it comes to great marketing, there is no age limit.
  3. 3. Tip #1: Be Client Centered • Boy bands are the masters of being cool while acting cute. This sets fans at ease and helps them to form a connection with the band. • Businesses can embrace a similar model by working to care for clients, rather than impressing them. – Putting caring first creates a loyal customer base that consistently returns for great customer service.
  4. 4. Tip #2: Embrace Social Media • Boy bands are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Fans build personalized relationships with bands through these frequent updates. • Businesses with a strong social media presence stand out from the pack because they build these personal relationships. – Try posting Instagram photos of new products or tweeting about the funny thing your coworker said, and don’t forget to keep an updated Facebook page!
  5. 5. Tip #3: Diversify Your Brand • a. Boy bands members all share an aesthetic, but any teen girl can tell you who is the flirt and who is the athlete. – By playing up different personalities, band members draw in different girls while staying true to their brand. • Businesses should focus on expanding their market while still keeping a consistent focus. – Stay focused, but understand the subtlety of variation.
  6. 6. Tip #4: Reinvent the Classics • One Direction is just the newest iteration in a long line of boy bands like N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys. And older bands, like New Kids On The Block, are even touring again. • Businesses shouldn’t overlook older products and trends. Customers love a little nostalgia, turning reissued or modified classics into new, exciting hits.
  7. 7. Boy bands are one of the latest old trends that have become new again. With these marketing tips, businesses can refresh their public image in the same way. • What other trends do you see coming around again? • How do we keep nostalgia from becoming just out of date?