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Help a Teacher: Buy Some Pens!


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This article is about how much more money teachers are going to have to spend out of their own pockets this year to provide necessary supplies for their students. Learn how you can help our here!

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Help a Teacher: Buy Some Pens!

  1. 1. HelpaTeacher: Buy some Pens!
  2. 2. • This year, teachers will pay more out of pocket than ever before to provide their students with the everyday supplies they need. • Horace Mann came out with a study that paints a depressing picture.
  3. 3. • 51% of teachers surveyed said that general classroom supplies were not covered by their budget this year.
  4. 4. • 54% of teachers will pay more than $201 dollars of their own money to provide materials for their students this semester.
  5. 5. • 81% of teachers cut two or more projects from their lesson plans because they could not afford to buy the supplies for them.
  6. 6. • 60% of all teachers saw increased class sizes without a correlating increased supply budget.
  7. 7. • 44% of all teachers had their salaries frozen, despite increased class sizes and cut budgets for classroom assistance. (38% of all schools laid off classroom support staff.)
  8. 8. • Thankfully, there are many organizations that help. • is a great one. • Teachers go online to list exactly what they need a donors can choose to provide specific experiences or materials.
  9. 9. •Help a teacher out, visit and see what they need!
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