Why SEOs Should Use Relationship Marketing


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As search engines continue to roll out new algorithms that aim to reduce the effectiveness of certain black hat SEO techniques, white hat SEOs also have to find new ways to manage successful SEO campaigns. Relationship marketing can give you an edge by connecting you to your customers or colleagues in a more direct way.

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Why SEOs Should Use Relationship Marketing

  1. 1. WhySEOs Should UseRelationship Marketing
  2. 2. As Google continues to debut increasingly effectivePanda and Penguin updates, SEOs must adapt in orderto maintain their visibility and rankings.Relationship marketing is a successful techniquebecause when it is applied properly, the connectionsthat you build will stand the tests of time andalgorithms.
  3. 3. This is a long-term strategy so don’t expect immediateresults.However, with patience and hard work, yourrelationship marketing campaign will bring plenty ofrewards.• Visibility and socialmentions are theprimary products ofrelationship marketing.• This technique alsoincreases organic linkbuilding, site traffic,and ultimatelyconversions.
  4. 4. There are two primary facets to relationship marketing:relationships with customers, and relationships withother industry professionals.
  5. 5. Relationship marketingallows you to build asturdy fan base made ofloyal, devoted customers.As your bond with yourcustomers grows, you willsee a plethora of rewardsthat allow you to improveyour customer’sexperience of your brand.CustomerRelationships
  6. 6. • Customized advertising: building a relationship withyour customer base lets you get to know the needs ofyour brand’s supporters.• Direct feedback: if your customers are comfortablewith you, they’ll feel free to discuss problems directlywith you, which means you can address problemsbefore they gets out of hand.• Deeper sympathy: when things go wrong, a customerbase that has experienced relationship marketing willbe more forgiving.CustomerRelationshipsCustomerRelationships
  7. 7. So how do you build this kind ofrelationship with your customers?Offer them great content that tells astory and relates to theircircumstances. Develop anunderstanding of your targetaudience so that you can presentcontent with which they can interact.This kind of marketing increases likesand shares and therefore yourvisibility and rankings.CustomerRelationshipsCustomerRelationships
  8. 8. Using relationship marketing to connect to otherprofessionals in your industry is an effective way toestablish your authority. Although relationship buildinghas often been a link building strategy, a successfulrelationship marketing campaign should be morefocused on strengthening connections.This type of relationship marketing is ruined the instantthat you come off as fake or too focused on gaininglinks.IndustryRelationships
  9. 9. SEOs may find relationship marketing hard to sell toclients, since the ROI is difficult to calculate, butrelationship marketing is becoming an increasinglycritical element to most SEO campaigns. Typicalrelational strategies include:• Creating guest posts for colleagues’ blogs• Developing product reviewsSince you have to create great content in order toestablish your authority, relationship marketingrequires higher quality writers.IndustryRelationshipsIndustryRelationships
  10. 10. Social media is a great source of contacts for industryrelationships. Erin Everhart suggests starting withLinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter to find reputableindustry professionals. Another great strategy is to useGoogle Ripples to discover what individuals areinterested in your content already.SocialMedia
  11. 11. Above all, keep your professional relationshipsgenuine. The point of relationship marketing is tofoster a community that supports your product, even ifit takes time. Don’t get so hung up on getting links andvisibility that you lose focus on the foundations of greatrelationship marketing: excellent content and solidrelationships.How are you using relationship marketing to promoteyour brand?
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