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Seo and the Inner Workings of Google Autocomplete


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Find out how a little work with Google Autocomplete can give your business a boost.

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Seo and the Inner Workings of Google Autocomplete

  1. 1. and the Inner Workings of
  2. 2. What is Autocomplete? Autocomplete is a Google algorithm. Begin typing in a search term, and Google will fill out the rest or offer phrases that it “thinks” you may be searching for.
  3. 3. As you type, Google can “predict” your search query Predictions are generated via: • Web activity of Google users content • SEO of web pages that show up in searches Autocomplete is localized and catered to personal web browsing, especially if you are signed into your Google account. How Google Autocomplete works: (The Boiled-down Version)
  4. 4. Google Autocomplete has earned some notoriety, due to results that are sometimes idiosyncratic. • Projects such as Google Poetics, an ongoing art project with absurdist Autocomplete endings. On the more practical side, when a searcher looks up certain keywords or brands, suggestions are generated by the autocomplete function. It’s up to your brand to make a good impression! Practical implications of Google Autocomplete
  5. 5. • Start by searching your company’s name and seeing what comes up. Negative keywords (uh oh!) are usually negative consumer speculations. • Scam, refund, problems, issues Positive keywords (yay!) usually come from people who want to know more about your business or find great deals • Wiki, news, coupons, about Keywords you might see when you search your company:
  6. 6. If you are turning up negative results, you have a little leverage to tailor the results. Good SEO Practice = Good Autocomplete results What if you turn up something negative?
  7. 7. Use social media! • Create and actively maintain a social media presence (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) • These will often show up in Autocomplete when users search your business • Favorable results will create signals for the algorithm *This will also generate searches for your social media profiles What if you turn up something negative?
  8. 8. Make Profile Webpages • Create high quality content for your company • Use sites like Squidoo and Wikipedia (as long as you meet notability standards for the latter) A) You have total control over what is said about your business. B) Make sure you use positive keywords that you would like to see in the autocomplete function. What if you turn up something negative?
  9. 9. Get people searching • Starting small can have big results! • Have people look up your business with positive keywords on the end of the phrase • This practice will actually change up the algorithm • Search from multiple IP addresses and from multiple locations Search when you travel! What if you turn up something negative?
  10. 10. 1.Explore the function yourself and let us know what you find! Google Autocomplete
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