Gemma Battle - 2020: The Vision of IT and Energy from a Barcelona Citizen's Life


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Gemma Battle - 2020: The Vision of IT and Energy from a Barcelona Citizen's Life

  1. 1. 22/09/2008 2020: TIC and energy. A day of a Barcelona’s citizen Living Tomorrow Gemma Batlle Connected Urban Development Amsterdam 24th September 2008 CONTENT 1. INTRODUCTION 2. IT and ENERGY AT BUILDINGS 3. CONCLUSIONS 1
  2. 2. 22/09/2008 1.1 – General Evolution O CITY BEGI I G FIRST CITIES Middle age city òmad eolític Man Roman city man Modern City owadays.. ? Business Future city 1.2 - Digit@l Age • New society words: Technology Information Communication IT Culture Mobility Environment Etc. • We can find them at: Smart Home Digital Comunities Digital Cities 2
  3. 3. 22/09/2008 1.3 - Building Evolution TODAY 2020 All changes in society have an impact on the needs and perceptions of people on buildings A building is the creation that has more impact on people's lives Innovation must be present in the design and construction of buildings Technological innovations impact building actions at a slower pace than other areas 1.3 - Building evolution Qualitative evolution Factors in houses: Technological Development An Increased Quality A changing Environmental Requirement environment, awareness which helps to Demographical consider the New Changes design and Regulations construction of Higher competitive housing. Greater intensity Purchasing level Requirement for Quality 3
  4. 4. 22/09/2008 1.4 A day:Differents moments Average Consumption of a person during a day 7:00 Electricity : 6 kWh/day Car: 6.8 liter/day Water : 171 liter/day Remains : 1.64 kg/day 23:00 Gas : 750 m3/day Source : Energy Agency of Barcelona CONTENT 1. INTRODUCTION 2. IT and ENERGY AT BUILDINGS 3. CONCLUSIONS 4
  5. 5. 22/09/2008 Usual consumption of a BCN’s family • Current average consumption of a family • Distribution of the energeti of 4 people in one house of 90m2 : consumption for uses : 275 Kwh/month Source : Mityc Source : IDAE This could be the Price of an Unsustainable Energy Future Source : Adapted from Hamblin , 1970 5
  6. 6. 22/09/2008 Energy efficiency in buildings on future •The reality of the finiteness of energy resources non- renewable will force a transition to a future of energy SUSTAINABLE •We must save, thinking on our children and grandchildren. •Starting a transition that could last about 50 years •Gradually reducing energy consumption •Filling them with renewable sources •Reserving fossil for the high-value uses 2.13 –Technology in building. Integration Cable Telemetría Seguridad Vigilancia Asistencia Climatización Motores Iluminación X10 EIB LON EHS ….. S-Video USB Antena TV Digital Coaxial RF DVD Video compuesto Interno ADSL Infrarrojos Home gateway PLC Home Shopping bidireccional WiMAX/UMTS Ethernet WiFi HomePlug Ethernet HomePNA Audio Pantallas Mando Distribuido Videoconferencia Juegos Telefonía IP Videovigilancia Agenda Conexión Táctiles de voz compartida 6
  7. 7. 22/09/2008 EMHS ( energy home MNGT system) Information technology is fundamentally changing the way in which we design, operate and use our buildings. Employing every available intelligent solution to deliver better performing buildings. 2020: smarthome and energy Integral Management for buildings and homes 7
  8. 8. 22/09/2008 CONTENT 1. INTRODUCTION 2. IT and ENERGY AT BUILDINGS 3. CONCLUSIONS 4.3- Conclusions Innovation and ... Innovation is the conversion of knowledge and technological change :the ideas into a benefit, which may be for commercial main drivers of economic use or for the public good; the benefit may be new growth and economy-wide or improved products, processes or services. levels. 8
  9. 9. 22/09/2008 4.3- Conclusions SOME BENEFITS: Reduction of 15% p/a on maintenance costs Reduced capital expenditure in building automation. Minimised system downtime Business continuity in mission critical buildings ÀREA D’INNOVACIÓ TECNOLÒGICA EN L’EDIFICACIÓ. LA SALLE Gemma Batlle C/ Quatre Camins 30. CP:08022 Barcelona Tel:+34932902474 9