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Clone your Herd


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You know the type: the customer who calls or comes in weekly, always has questions and seeks you out for advice. They're loyal, a rich referral source and have come to be a good friend. Plus, they use your product/service exclusively! Wouldn't it be great to find more of these "best customers?"

You can and we'll show you how during this Small Business Marketing 101 webinar. Cole Information's President and CEO Jim Eggleston joins us to enlighten us on the critical steps you need to take to clone your best customers. During the half-hour webinar, he'll discuss the necessary questions to ask, the timing involved and the processes that need to be in place to clone your herd.

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Clone your Herd

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Session Framework Jim Eggleston President & CEO Cole Information Lora Ullerich Digital Media
  3. 3. Session Framework•Common herd building opportunities.•Critical questions to ask.•Best practice approach and offer examples.•Five action points to start on today.
  4. 4. Then and Now•Cole Directory •Published in 1947 •“Blue Book” •Crisscross directory of addresses and phone numbers.•Invaluable information for a number ofindustries: •Telemarketing •Debt collection •Law enforcement•Today, web-based lead generation forbusiness.
  5. 5. m
  6. 6. Features: • Webinars • Playbook download • Articles • Buddy’s Blog • Resources
  7. 7. You’re a Winner!•You’re committed to: •Growing your business. •Understanding marketing best practices. •Investing in an affordable and successful marketing solutions. •Connecting with your niche customers.
  8. 8. Timing is everything 8
  9. 9. Triggers•Insurance agents: •Expiring homeowner policy •Policy claim/resolution • Life stages•Entrepreneurs/home services: •Working with a client/reach out to neighbors
  10. 10. Just Listed/Sold•Real Estate agents: •Let the neighbors sell for you. •Find new listings, right next door.•Retail and home service providers: •41.5 million movers in 2010.* •Home-related spending $9,400. •Décor •Appliances •Remodel*
  11. 11. Referrals• Typically happens organically.• Go from organic to strategic & purposeful.• Consider your 10 best customers: • What’s their age? • Where do they live? • What’s their annual income? • What’s their home worth?
  12. 12. ReferralsWouldn’t it be great to reach out to more of these “best customers” when they’re most receptive to you?
  13. 13. 1 2 3
  14. 14. Customer Cloning Plug inPlug in their:•Last name•House number•Zip code Preview Details
  15. 15. Customer CloningAdditional Demographics •Age •Gender •Estimated income •Estimated home valueSelect Geography Run Count
  16. 16. Referral Marketing• Reach out to the neighbors of your 10 best customers.• Simply know these critical facts: • Last name • House number • Zip code
  17. 17. Thecrazyfilmgirl via flickr
  18. 18. Referrals• Spend 15 minutes: – Come up with approaches & offers – Write down a script• Considerations: – Time of year?
  19. 19. Make it PersonalAverage household receives 2 mail pieces per day •Tailor it to specific individual. •Make it relevant to their life. •Pay attention to their needs! Flickr via makeshiftlove
  20. 20. Make it Personal
  21. 21. Make it Personal
  22. 22. Make it Personal 23
  23. 23. Make it Personal 24
  24. 24. Make it Easy 25
  25. 25. Make it Easy 26
  26. 26. Show Value
  27. 27. Show Value
  28. 28. Follow with a Call•Introduction: •Be clear –“Hi I’m Lora Ullerich, your local agent/service provider…” •Stress local –Differentiates you from those UNKNOWN callers.
  29. 29. ApproachApproach: “I just wrote a new policy for Bob Smith and was able to save him a bunch of money on his homeowners insurance.”Alternate: “Bob Smith is a good customer of mine and gave me your name.” “Your neighbor, Bob Smith, recommended that I call...”
  30. 30. OfferOffer: •“I would like an opportunity to quote on your homeowners insurance to see if I’m able to save you money like I was able to for Bob?” •“Could I set an appointment to stop buy and prepare a quote for your homeowners insurance?” •“Is there a better time I can call and ask questions to prepare a quote on your insurance?”
  31. 31. Track & MeasureOnce again, track and measure
  32. 32. Not so fast! D’Arcy Norman via flickr
  33. 33. Marketing• If you: • Don’t do your homework. • Don’t know which approach and offer works best. • Buy a list, pick a postcard with a pretty picture and mail it to everyone. You’ll fail every time.
  34. 34. MarketingShot-Gun MarketingApproach Response • Pick out a pretty postcard. • Create a generic offer. • Mail it to several hundred people one time. • ROI= [Revenue Generated- initial investment/initial investment) x 100 • ROI = -32%
  35. 35. MarketingResponse Niche-Marketing Approach• Have an effective postcard with a specific approach.• Mail it to a couple dozen people who fit your demographics three times.• Get several responses.• Follow up with a phone call.• Track and measure.• ROI = 1309%
  36. 36. What’s More Effective? Spend:$35.52 $740.00
  37. 37. 5 Action Points•Pull your 10 best customers.•Download a list to reach out to more.•Figure out the offer, event, etc. to reach out to them perthe triggers in their life.•Track and measure.•What’s working? What’s not? Do more of what’s working.
  38. 38. 8