4 Ways to Tackle Your Leads


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Getting a list of leads can be overwhelming! You now have hundreds of names right at your fingertips, but where do you start? How can you get the most out of this list in the most effective way?

Blitz Lead Management Software helps break it all down during our Small Business Marketing webcast “Tackle Your Leads in 4 Ways.” During this webcast, you'll learn:

• Which lead to tackle first and how
• How to distribute your leads
• How to automate the sales process

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4 Ways to Tackle Your Leads

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Lora UllerichDigital Media SpecialistCole InformationSession FrameworkBrittney GallatinBusiness Development & MarketingBlitz Lead Manager
  3. 3. 3• Started 5 years ago as an internalprogram for Double A Solutionstelemarketing• Quickly got picked up by manycompanies as a powerful sales tool• Built to fit a wide range of small to largebusinesses nationwideAbout Blitz Lead Manager
  4. 4. Cole Directory• Published in 1947• “Blue Book”• Crisscross directory of addresses and phonenumbersInvaluable information for a number ofindustries:• Telemarketing• Debt collection• Law enforcementToday, web-based lead generation forbusinessThen and Now
  5. 5. 5• Finding the easiest and most effectiveway to tackle a list of leads• Hitting leads from all angles• Creating a process and sticking to it• Evaluating and improving your process• Using a system like Blitz to simplify yourprocessToday’s Presentationwill focus on:
  6. 6. 61. Distribute leads to staff2. Send Information• Mailers• Email3. Personally reach out• Phone call/automated dialer• Meet face to face4. Automate your process• X-dates• Follow ups• EmailsToday’s Presentation willfocus on:
  7. 7. 7•Distribute by:• Percentage• Manually•Each employee has theirown list•Track their progress•Increases productivity1. Distribute Leads
  8. 8. 81. Distribute Leads
  9. 9. 9• Mailers – New leads• Creates familiarity, will be more likely to talk when you call• Emails – For opted in leads• Email blast, automated emails, manual emails• No unsolicited emails – will hurt your future deliverability2. Send Information
  10. 10. 102. Send Information
  11. 11. 112. Send Information
  12. 12. 12• On average, it takescompanies 44 hours to firstcontact a lead• The average sales rep makes1.3 call attempts before givingup• 53% of these companiesdon’t respond at all3. Personally Reach OutSources: Forbes.com /responseaudit.com
  13. 13. 13• Call or meet face to face, dependingon your business• Autodial• Power dial through initial calls• Manually dial• Follow up with mailer/email• Prior to an x-date• Ticket falls off• Continue to follow up!• ALWAYS have an appointmentscheduled in the future3. Personally Reach Out
  14. 14. 14Autodialers•Blitz is integrated with:• Call Logic• Call Fire• GPS• Sales Dialers•Update leads in Blitz while utilizing thedialer3. Personally Reach Out
  15. 15. 153. Personally Reach Out
  16. 16. 16•VoIP systems•Blitz is integrated with:• Lightspeed Voice• Voicewalker• Fonality• 8x8•Contact information will pop up right onyour screen when they call in•Click-to-call3. Personally Reach Out
  17. 17. 173. Personally Reach OutWin-back list X-date listOld quotesList from aneventPolicy Reviews?
  18. 18. 18• Create a process, but be flexible• Document your process• Keeps staff on track• Should contain multiple methodsof contact• Should prioritize types of leads• Should include instructions onhow to handle each type of lead3. Personally Reach Out
  19. 19. 19X-date list• 45 days prior: Email asample quote• 30 days prior: Call &email if you don’t reachthem• 10 days prior: Call &email if you don’t reachthem3. Personally Reach OutEvent List• 2 Days after event:Send “Thank You” EmailBlast• 2 Days after email: Call• 7 Days after email: Call& email• 14 Days after email:Call & email
  20. 20. 20• If you have a process set in place,automate it to save time andmoney!• This is an automated process, soyou still have to pick up thephone to find success.4. Automate your Process
  21. 21. 21• Blitz Lead Manager’s Workflowcan automate:• Emails• Appointments• X-dates• Re-quotes• Lead assignment4. Automate your Process
  22. 22. 22• Cole X-dates• Instead of just calling downthe list, set it up to call priorto their X-date• Set up automatic emails• Automatic reminder to call• “Set it and forget it”4. Automate yourProcess
  23. 23. 23• New Customers:• “Thank you” email after sold• Referral email• New quotes:• Follow up after a quote• New leads:• Call new lead 6 times• Reassign untouched leads4. Automate your Process
  24. 24. 24• How do you know what’sworking?• Measure ROI for each lead source& marketing strategy• Track staff activity• Evolve your processReevaluate your process
  25. 25. 25• More info about Blitz:• Free 30 day trial• Free training & support• Pricing: $28.75/user• Contact:support@blitzleadmanager.combgallatin@blitzleadmanager.com(419)841-8800Blitz Lead Manager
  26. 26. 8