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5 tips to generate hot real estate leads as temps chill with nadine 11 13_2


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As temperatures dip, selling homes becomes fewer and farther in between. That doesn't mean real estate agents should take the next few months off until temperatures thaw. Nadine Larder from joins us for this real estate exclusive marketing webcast to talk about how Realtors can generate hot leads as temperatures chill.

Attendees will come away from this webcast with know-how on:

• The marketing tactic that builds lasting relationships
• The biggest mistake more than half of all realtors make
• Effective copy and creative tips

Attendees will also come away with the three most important marketing and real estate tips.

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5 tips to generate hot real estate leads as temps chill with nadine 11 13_2

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Session Framework • Nadine Larder – CEO and Founder – • Lora Ullerich – Digital media specialist – 2
  3. 3. Established in 2008 • Cole Directory – Published in 1947 – “Blue Book” • The Goal Crisscross directory of addresses and • – Help Realtors® With Marketing Consistency phone • Provide numbers Services And Support Needed By Realtors® Affordable • • Invaluable information for: For Realtors® Produce Professional Marketing – Telemarketers • Services: Debt • – Designcollectors Law • – Print enforcement • • Today, web-based lead generation Promotional • for real estate agents Mailing • Complete Branding
  4. 4. Free e-magazine dedicated to providing Realtors® with valuable information and resources about marketing Bottom Line: PrinterBees “gets” Real Estate
  5. 5. Then and Now • Cole Directory • Published in 1947 • “Blue Book” • Crisscross directory of addresses and phone numbers • Invaluable information for: • Telemarketers • Debt collectors • Law enforcement • Today, web-based lead generation for real estate agents 3
  6. 6. Online Community 4
  7. 7. 3 Most Important Things • Location • Location In Real Estate • Location 6
  8. 8. Housing Snapshot Session Framework Powerful, easy to use tool Just Listed/Just Sold search Virtually prospect from your desk Approach & offer Questions
  9. 9. Home Buyer Habits •12 weeks •10 homes Source: 2012 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 8
  10. 10. Home Buyer Habits By the Numbers (%) Home Search Info (source) • 90 • 87 • Internet • Real estate agents • 55 • 45 • Yard sign • Open house • 27 • Newspaper ad Source: 2012 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 9
  11. 11. Muscular Mindset •Identify your negative thoughts/limiting beliefs. •Have confidence in your skills. •Prepare, plan and continue to refine.
  12. 12. Target the Right People •Neighbors of just listed/just solds •Center of influence •FSBOs •Expireds
  13. 13. The Audience Matters •Keep in mind: •Average age •What’s their home worth •Length of residence
  14. 14. Up-To-Date MKGT List •45 million homeowners move each year •48 million workers switch jobs •Errors in human data entry
  15. 15. You Have a List… Now what?
  16. 16. 3 Most Important Things • Repetition • Repetition In marketing • Repetition 15
  17. 17. Repetition Affects Results •You have 2 seconds to get a prospect’s attention. •Twenty-five pieces of mail a week/100 per month. •One percent chance of being remembered out of pieces of mail. •3,000 marketing messages/day. Repetition + Repetition = Success 100
  18. 18. Single Shot Marketing Doesn’t Work Missing Key Ingredient Repetition
  19. 19. Real Estate Direct Mail •Relationship building - Not a quick sale •Pizza coupons are “quick sale” type marketing. •Quick sale isn’t a reasonable expectation •Americans move once every five years, on average. •It’s a five year relationship, not a pizza sale. .90 cents is the profit on a Little Caesars Pizza
  20. 20. Most Important MKGT Piece Sent •The one following the last one you sent. •The investment in the first marketing piece is lost if the second, third and so on do not follow. •Thirty-three touches/year to SOI. •Twelve touches/year for a mailing/farming list. One sale for every 50/year. Source: Millionaire RE Agent
  21. 21. Marketing Costs Market to one home for five years: $.50x60 months= $30 Marketing cost Median home price = $210,000 $210,000 x 3% = $6,300 Commission Little Caesars has to sell 7000 pizzas to profit $6,300
  22. 22. Most Important to Repeat •Your personal branding (photo included) •The logos that identify your brand •Benefits of using you/your brand •Call to action (what you want them to do) •Slogan •Imagery
  23. 23. The Good News! •Direct mail marketing is cost effective. •Direct mail marketing drives results.
  24. 24. Size Matters
  25. 25. Print Medium Matters • More than 50% of postcard marketing pieces are read. • 31% of letter-sized envelope marketing pieces are read. • 53% of postcard marketing pieces were useful. • Only 25% of letter sized envelopes were useful. Source: DMA
  26. 26. Postcards Work • Printing costs are cheap, as low as .5 cents ea. • Postcard are cheaper to mail when mailing 4X6 size. • Postcards are easier to address and bulk mail. • Postcards are easier to glimpse and read. • Postcards don’t need to be opened to be seen. • Postcards are more likely to be kept around. Source: DMA
  27. 27. Anatomy of a Postcard •Consistent branding •Consistent colors •Headshot •Logo •Call to action (Action you want them to take) •Contact information •Website and social media channels
  28. 28. Follow-Up •Fifty percent never get called/emailed. •Takes 42 hours to follow-up. •1.63 call-back attempts. •Real estate is a relationship business. •Best practice: 6-9 call-back attempts. Source:
  29. 29. Track & Measure – Once again, track and measure
  30. 30. Free Marketing Handout •Free handout •Information on why now is the best time to sell a home
  31. 31. Receive 10% off on all printing through November 30th. 877-939-2337 Use Coupon Code: WinterWeb10 Coupon Not Valid With Other Special Offers
  32. 32. Two Giveaways 250 4x6 Postcards 1,000 Color Business Cards
  33. 33. 31