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Part 2


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Part 2

  1. 1. Crystal Ngai Part 2The technology I chose to use for this semester in this assignment was my ipad. I used my ipadalmost every day so it was a very often use. I would take my ipad with me to class so I can takenotes and study with. I used my ipad at home for other purposes too that was not only forschool. I found the ipad to be a daily use because of its portability. As for my itouch I started toneglect it after I got the ipad because I found the ipad to be more useful and easier to use. Thescreen on the itouch was too small for me to read my notes off of so I began to use my ipadinstead.I used the ipad to apply to my visual and verbal learning styles. It has definitely improved both ofthose learning styles. The ipad opens PDF which is where most of my lecture notes for school iskept in, which made it very easy for me to keep up with daily school work. The ipad has a veryclear screen that projects the images very nicely so I was able to use the ipad in class for hoursat a time. My verbal learning style was applied in this use of technology from all the papers Iwrote on it. I was able to write papers on my ipad that made me verbally say out what I wantedto put in my papers. Because the ipad is completely a touch screen, I was able to easier scrollup and down to read and edit my papers.This technology has improved my writing and visual analysis learning. I wrote essays andpapers on the ipad which helped me improve my writing because I would be able to easily editmy papers by scrolling up and down looking for mistakes. My visual analysis has improved fromusing this technology because of its screen clarity that made it so easy to detect mistakes inwriting and papers.This technology was helpful to my learning process because it made it easier and efficient tolearn. The ipad was portable which made it easier to bring everywhere with me. The ipad neverbroke down or failed on me like some of the laptops I had in the past. I was able to download alot of useful note taking applications that helped me take down all my lecture notes. I didn’t haveto carry around different note books to class because everything I needed was taken down ontomy ipad.Something I would do differently next time would be to not download too many games on to myipad because at times it was really distracting when I needed to focus on homework or studying.Other than that I don’t think I would change anything about using this technology. Thistechnology made my last semester of college a lot easier and relaxing. I think that teachers andprofessors should use ipads to teach with because it’s portable and easy to use.