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Mise en scene - Cave


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Mise en Scene The descent cave scene

Published in: Technology
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Mise en scene - Cave

  1. 1. Location The location of the entire scene is that seems to be in a cave but the entire interior scene was filmed in pinewood studios, The scene must have gone through a lot of thought to make the place look dark, claustrophobic but also eerie. The scene was meant to be in the Appalachian Mountains but was filmed in Scotland and in a studio near London.
  2. 2. Costume Hair make-up The costumes in the movie are not to be glam rags but they are wearing climbing gear which suits the scenario that the movie is setting in. they are climbing into the cave to explore it so that they need to be kitted up. The make up what the creatures used are called prosthetic make up. But the girls are not wearing make-up because they would be climbing in to a cave and getting wet so they wouldn't’t be using make-up. The girls hair in the scene are wet but also they have the helmets on their heads.
  3. 3. Props The props that have been used are the bones which give the impression that there are carnivores so that the girls will be scared. The head touches and the lighters are also props which shows that the area that the actors are in is dark which also means that they need light. In this image this image it shows Juno holding a flare which can show many different sign such as they are in danger.
  4. 4. Lighting + Colour In this image this shows the use of lighting but also the colour which is a greenish colour because of the night vision cameras. They use night vision to show how dark the location is. The night vision image the use of lighting that has been used is the main light which makes the left-side of the face but also the filler light which is a big part of the picture because how the image was but then also the position of the camera makes the shadows more menacing but also makes the crawler more menacing as well. In the image when Juno is holding the flare, the lighting is above the character who is holding the flare, but also the background and all the characters are in the shadows.
  5. 5. Movement - Acting The acting in the scene where they first saw the crawlers are that they are genuine reactions because the actresses were kept in a different room to the actors playing the creatures. The movement of the creatures is almost like they are almost inhuman in movement but similar in looks. The creatures played their parts like real creatures which also made them look more menacing when they are hunting down the female group.