Simple teaching ideas using your iPad's camera function


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Here are some simple ways that you can use your iPad's camera tool in your classroom.

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Simple teaching ideas using your iPad's camera function

  1. 1. By Joanne Villis Inter-tech Education
  2. 2. Not everything needs to be planned for class time. I use my iPad all the time! I thought I would share some simple ideas for using your iPad that don’t require any planning. You can apply the ideas in this Power Point to a range of curriculum areas and for a range of year levels.
  3. 3. Invite student to stack blocks to create different towers. Use the camera tool on the iPad to take photos. Students can then swap iPads and see if they can recreate each other’s towers. No apps needed!
  4. 4. Students can use a free app called Educreations to capture images of their work and annotate their learning. The image below shows an example of a student’s work when they were exploring patterns. The app used allows students to type, write or record audio.
  5. 5. This is just another example.
  6. 6. Some apps do not allow you to take a screen capture or they ask you to upgrade in order to enable this function. On any app you can capture an image by touching your home button and your on/off button at the same time. Then there should be a quick flash and the image is saved automatically to your photos. This image shows a screen capture of a student’s work who was using a free app called Number Pieces.
  7. 7. This image shows a screen capture from a free app called Geoboard that has been inserted into Educreations to allow students to annotate.
  8. 8. I love having my iPad in my classroom as I can pick it up and take photos of students’ work for their digital portfolios. No longer do I need to send a student to the library to borrow a digital camera. My Photos are synced to Drop Box account but I find it quicker and easier to take my photos off my iPad using my iPad charging cord and plugging the USB into my laptop.
  9. 9. I often use the record function of the camera as an assessment tool. The image to the right is a picture of a student completing a Math Mental task in my year 3 class. When she was half way though, I asked her to pause and explain how she was working out the answers, what strategies was she using?
  10. 10. I use the record function on my iPad to record students retelling scripture stories, role playing the relationship between the Earth/moon/sun, mini plays and much more. Again, it is quick and easy and you don’t have to send someone to the library to borrow a flip camera or video recorder.
  11. 11. If you liked this resource you can visit my edublog at and or subscribe for free. I also run Professional Development for teachers using iPad and/or Android devices. Here is the link to my upcoming sessions: