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NETCONF is a protocol defined by the IETF to "install, manipulate, and delete the configuration of network devices". NETCONF operations are realized on top of a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) layer using an XML encoding and provides a basic set of operations to edit and query configuration on a network device.

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Tail-f - Why NETCONF

  1. 1. Why Operators wantNetwork-wide Transactions
  2. 2. NETCONF – Yet Another Protocol?
  3. 3. RFC 3535Informational RFC 3535• SNMP had failed• For configuration, that is• Extensive use in fault handling andmonitoring• CLI scripting• “Market share” 70%+• Cisco drives• Juniper joinsAbstractThis document provides an overview of aworkshop held by the Internet Architecture Board (IAB)on Network Management. The workshopwas hosted by CNRI in Reston, VA, USA on June 4 thruJune 6, 2002. The goal of the workshop was to continuethe important dialog started between network operatorsand protocol developers, and to guide the IETFs focus onfuture work regarding network management.
  4. 4. RFC 3535Operator Requirement #1/14#1: Ease of use– for the operator1. Ease of use is a key requirement for any networkmanagement technology from the operators point ofview.
  5. 5. RFC 3535Operator Requirement #2-3/14• Clearly separating configuration• Ability to compare across devices2. It is necessary to make a clear distinction betweenconfiguration data, data that describes operational stateand statistics.3. It is required to be able to fetch separately configurationdata, operational state data, and statistics from devices,and to be able to compare these between devices.
  6. 6. RFC 3535Operator Requirement #4-5/14• Service and Network management, notdevice management• Network wide transactions4. It is necessary to enable operators to concentrate onthe configuration of the network as a whole rather thanindividual devices.5. Support for configuration transactions across a numberof devices would significantly simplify networkconfiguration management.
  7. 7. RFC 3535Operator Requirement #6-7/14• Devices figure out ordering• No unnecessary changes• Finally: backup/restore of configuration6. Given configuration A and configuration B, it should bepossible to generate the operations necessary to get fromA to B with minimal state changes and effects on networkand systems. It is important to minimize the impact causedby configuration changes.7. A mechanism to dump and restoreconfigurations is a primitive operation needed by operators.Standards for pulling and pushing configurations from/todevices are desirable.
  8. 8. RFC 3535Operator Requirement #8, 10/14• Validation of configuration• Validation at network level• Text based configuration8. It must be easy to do consistency checks ofconfigurations over time and between the ends of a linkin order to determine the changes between twoconfigurations and whether those configurations areconsistent.10. It is highly desirable that text processing tools suchas diff, and version management tools such as RCS orCVS, can be used to process configurations, whichimplies that devices should not arbitrarily reorder datasuch as access control lists.
  9. 9. RFC 3535• Lack of atomicity• Ordering problemOSSNMSEMSOperator EconomyCost andcomplexityCostInformation leakage
  10. 10. RFC 3535RequiretransactionsOperator EconomyOSSNMSEMSReducedCost andcomplexityCost/Value
  11. 11. RFC 3535Summary• NETCONF gives you this• Many operators are requiring network wide transaction support• Tail-f ConfD and NCS implement NETCONF fully
  12. 12. RFC 3535Who are the Winners?• Network operator• Saves lots of money• Source of the requirements• Network equipment manufacturer• Gets more work• Gets more valuable products• System integrators• Easier problems• End customers• Less expensive services• More reliable services• Faster activation
  13. 13. RFC 3535Thank you for watchingwww.tail-f.com