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Measuring Complex Customer Journeys


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From Click Consult's Benchmark Search Conference 2017, The Bridgewater Hall, 21st September. Presented by Sabrina Garufi, Agency Development Manager, Google.

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Measuring Complex Customer Journeys

  1. 1. Measuring Complex Customer Journeys Sabrina Garufi Benchmark Search Conference 2017
  2. 2. What we’ll cover ➔ Why move beyond last click? ➔ What attribution model? ➔ Why now? ➔ Driving success with attribution ➔ What is next?
  3. 3. Moment Search Conversion Report Measurement used to be simpler
  4. 4. Today the customer journey is much more fragmented Moment Search Conversion Report
  5. 5. Last click doesn’t work in this world Christmas Gifts for teenages Make up black friday $
  6. 6. Look at the entire journey Christmas Gifts for teenages Make up black friday $
  7. 7. Adjust your measurement for growth Legacy measurement falsely limits your performance by ignoring ways in which mobile and generics add value
  8. 8. Two free solutions to tackle this challenge cross-device intra-channel multi-channel AdWords Search Attribution: Google Analytics Multi- Channel Funnels:
  9. 9. Two leading Attribution types Rules-Based Attribution Data-Driven Attribution Advertisers use pre-defined rules Mathematical models automatically apply credit
  10. 10. Rule based models Position-based Linear Time Decay First ClickLast Click
  11. 11. Data-Driven Attribution What does it actually do?
  12. 12. DDA calculates the incremental impact on conversion rate 3% conversion rate best tech gifts 1% incremental impact 2% conversion rate top rated tablets Google pixel c top rated tablets Google pixel c
  13. 13. DDA is customised to your account and includes all user journeys Powered By Data Scope Data Source Scalability Dynamic algorithms assign credits to touch points based on fractional credit Takes converting and non-converting paths into account 100% based on advertiser’s own data. Conversions and/ or GA imported goals. (learns over time) Auto updated based on performance Fixed, static rules assign credits to touchpoints Takes only converting paths into account Advertiser can choose model but no customization is available Must be manually revisited Data-Driven Rules Based
  14. 14. Attribution Model Mobile Mobile Desktop Last Click Model DEFAULT TODAY 0 (Ignored) 0 (Ignored) 1 Conversion Data Driven Attribution 0.3 Conversion 0.1 Conversion 0.6 Conversion Last Ad Click on Converting Device Desktop Ad Click Mobile Ad Click Desktop Conversion Mobile Ad Click This also applies to Cross-Device
  15. 15. Why now?
  16. 16. Advertisers using Data-Driven attribution in AdWords
  17. 17. Cross-Channel attribution is a top priority for 2017 2017 - 26% Last Click2014 - 60% Last Click
  18. 18. Last Click insights into sales & events Black Friday Cyber Monda y Time (days) Conversions
  19. 19. DDA attribution conversions to all contributing clicks Black Friday Cyber Monda y Time (days) Conversions
  20. 20. See the value of consideration period in the run up to sale Black Friday Cyber Monda y Time (days) Conversions
  21. 21. Data-Driven attribution drives performance
  22. 22. Proprietary + ConfidentialProprietary + Confidential Our industry is still in its infancy, and it’s important for us as a company to grasp every opportunity that might provide us with a competitive advantage. Targeted CPA and Data-driven Attribution have given us lower CPAs, and allowed us to compete and thrive in a competitive and volatile space. Neil Jones, Digital Acquisition Manager, Purple Bricks “ ” Source: Think with Google blog post +28% conversions
  23. 23. Clothing retailer De Pauli drives 88% more sales with DDA & automation Increase marketing efficiency Implement AdWords Attribution and Smart Bidding 88% more conversions -32 % CPA Goa l Approac h Results
  24. 24. Driving success with Attribution
  25. 25. How to achieve success using a new attribution model? Switching away from last-click attribution requires re-thinking time ranges to analyze data Changing attribution model alone does not change performance Use Appropriate Time Ranges - 30 days recommended - Don’t use most recent days Impact results from acting on the data - Revisit your bids & budgets - Consider autobidding
  26. 26. How can you act on your new DDA model Automated Bidding Improvements in generic and decreases in brand Adjust your budgets Test new upper funnel terms is suggested.
  27. 27. 1. In Tools > Conversions, click on the conversion action for which you’d like to change attribution model 2. Select “Edit Settings” to change default attribution settings Tools > Conversions Tools > Conversions > Conversion Actions It takes 2 minutes to implement in Adwords
  28. 28. Multi-Channel Attribution