Patent Trollls gonna kill VRM?


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Internet Identity Workshop 16 | session 2 | meeting space E

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Patent Trollls gonna kill VRM?

  1. 1. Patent Trolls gonna KillVRM?#iiw16 2013
  2. 2. • Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebookamongst others have legal teams meet staffengineers to create patents.• VCs encourage patents to bolster valuation.• Failed tech business often have no assetsother than patented IP.• Patents support operating businesses intoday’s climatePerspective
  3. 3. Patent definition• The word patent originates from the Latinpatere, which means "to lay open”• In modern usage, the term patent usuallyrefers to the right granted to anyone whoinvents any new, useful, and non-obviousprocess, machine, article of manufacture, orcomposition of matter.
  4. 4. Beyond marketingGive more control to consumersGive more "VRM" control to consumers so as to get more, betterquality data from them about their experiences and intentions.
  5. 5. Challenges and IP?• Technical challenges - developing and moreimportantly implementing open standards• Legal challenges – with a core group of policy andlegal talent gathering to develop new paradigms andtrust frameworks.• Social challenges – considering technologies, toolsand services that are being developed will impact socialinteractions.
  6. 6. Challenges and IP?• Usability challenges - How are user interfaces createdso that people can navigate different identities andunderstand their data?• Business model challenges – How can we create athriving network of businesses and services that are inalignment with the end users interests and needs?
  7. 7. Challenges and IP?• Interoperability challenges - How do we follow andshare with our friends and businesses when we are ondifferent platforms? – How can credentials created byone organization be used by another company?• Device, server, cloud challenges - Where is the rightplace to host data? and services and how do they workwith the whole range of places and devices?• NSTIC challenges -
  8. 8. Challenges and IP?• Notion of sharing controlso Specific user interaction controlso Granular selective sharing controls• Search more than seven million U.S. patents.o
  9. 9. IP for common reposCreate a common repository of dataelements at a single fixed location (usingpatented design for registeringgranularimmutable informational objects)tobe accessed by thirdparties.Cloud databaseCloudant(CouchDB), Azure (SQL server)SAP (HANA)API
  10. 10. IP Defense• Build on a cloud platform?o GCE?o AWS?o Azure?o• Build on a personal cloud platform?o Respect?o Kynetx?• License patents?o Pay me now or pay me more later
  11. 11. Legal defense• Goliaths vs. Startupso Big company legal teams are hugeo Timing issueso Assertiono Counter• Patent trollso The enemy of my enemy is my friend (enemy mine)• Patent portfolioso Intellectual ventureso Startup portfolio
  12. 12. Q&AClive you