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Elemental Database (1983)


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Marketplace Background, Integration with Applications, Usability and Interface Standards, Headering, Context Management Technique, Content Integration Tools. Presented at the Videotex ’83 Conference



What Was Videotex?

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Visual Delight

TCS is Born

Before the Web
This is the Portfolio of my work as a usability designer in the emerging interactive arena from 1981-87.

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Elemental Database (1983)

  1. 1. Elemental Database Presented at the Videotex ’83 Conference (Before We Called it the Web). I spoke as a designer and implementer of some of the earliest interactive online “websites”. These were some of the challenges we faced then: Marketplace Challenges Integration with Applications Usability and Interface Standards Tagging,Headering Context Management Technique and Tools Before We Called It the Web The early 80's saw the "first wave" of investment in consumer-oriented interactive online digital services, known at the time as "Videotex". Videotex was Graphical, Consumer-oriented, and Easy-to-use. Videotex was the Web It was still very early days: The PC had barely been invented, the mouse was non-existant, standards were haphazard, graphics were crude and communications bandwidth was laughable. Still, we got it to happen. Ultimately though, Videotex was an idea whose time hadn't quite come just yet. But it was a visionary model of things to come.