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Seattle montly hadoop nosql scalability meetup


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nothing but agenda and bier here

Published in: Technology, Business
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Seattle montly hadoop nosql scalability meetup

  1. 1. Seattle Monthly Hadoop / Scalability / NoSQLMeetup Matt Schumpert Director of Solutions EngineeringUnlocking the Power of Hadoop using Datameer
  2. 2. Program…sponsored by Datameer• Community announcements• Main session• Bier @FeierabendSEA• Hashtag #seascale
  3. 3. Matt Schumpert - Director ofSolutions Engineering, Datameer, Inc.• Datameer provides a powerful analytics solution built on Apache Hadoop that helps business users access, analyze and visualize massive amounts of data. This presentation and demo will provide a technical deep-dive into how Datameer extends your Hadoop cluster.
  4. 4. Gary / Greg from @Clipboard• Why Riak: Our need to support search…in time based order (not relevance)• 10-100x performance w/o mapreduce
  5. 5. Bier