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Seattle scalability meetup March 27,2013 intro slides


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Look for photos, slide decks on meetup site

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Seattle scalability meetup March 27,2013 intro slides

  1. 1. Seattle Scalability and Distributed Systems Meetup March 27, 2013Hortonworks+HBase + Saffron
  2. 2. Program• Main session(s)• Community announcements• After-beer• Hashtag #seascale
  3. 3. Hortonworks -- HBase ApplicationDevelopmentHortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is a pure open sourceApache Hadoop distribution. Get a sneak peek at whats instore for the developer using HBase as a backing datastorefor web apps.Nick Dimiduk, (HBase in Action author), Horton Works@xefyr
  4. 4. Saffron - Sense Making And Prediction Like The Human Brain.Saffron’s Brain-Like Analytics, solves the problem of capturingcomplex, big data streams to create actionable intelligence. Wepresent the worlds fastest triple store -SaffronMemory Base-for just in time machine learning. Saffron Memory Baseuncovers connections, counts and context in the raw data. Itbuilds out of the box a semantic graph from hybrid datasources.Paul Hofmann, CTO, Saffron@Paul_Hofmann
  5. 5. After-beer @ Rock Bottomnext door c/o eSageGroup
  6. 6. Agile Analytics Bridging the gap between IT and marketing to quickly deliver marketing insights from complex data Connected Intelligence. Powerful Insights.
  7. 7. Idea for a talk? In general, were looking for a deep technical talk with implementation details about a big system thats production-grade :)