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Mega sessions and workshops


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Mega sessions and workshops

  1. 1. Indianapolis Catholic Youth Conference 2010 “Pursuit of Glory” Bishop Chatard High School Sunday, November 7, 2010 Mega-sessions and Workshops Below you will find a list of the different break out session options for ICYC. You will be able to attend two different sessions. There are three mega-sessions and seven youth workshops. You may take any combination of these (two mega sessions, two workshops, one of each). Please choose your main choice as well as a back-up choice for each in case a session fills up.  Our Pursuit of Glory (Mega-session): All people share a vocation in life. The Church and Christ issue all of us a universal call to holiness that unites us all into one human family serving God. What does it mean to have this universal vocation to holiness? How do we respond to this call in the midst of our busy, secular society? How can we rise to this challenge as human beings and pursue the glory of God? Speaker: Rev. R. Tony Ricard, M.Th., M.Div., is a Priest for the Archdiocese of New Orleans and is the Pastor of Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish. He is also a Core Instructor of Church Doctrine for the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University in New Orleans. Fr. Tony has given keynote addresses, retreats, revivals, and youth talks across the nation. At last count, he has preached in 18 countries.  His Pursuit of Glory (Mega-session): Movies, TV, and music all try to tell us what it means to be a real man in today’s society. We are encouraged to only think of ourselves and what makes us feel good; we are told to treat women as objects and become ‘successful’ at all costs. This idea is contrary to the radical example that Christ and the saints have left for us. What does it mean to be a true man of God in today’s society? How can we pursue God’s glory in a truly masculine way that honors Christ and His model of self-sacrifice? Speaker: Kyle and Dan, of Popple, met, played music, wrote music, recorded music and now are full-time musicians and speakers. They travel the country sharing their unique blend of comedic-acoustic-fun-loving music and their passion for their faith.  Her Pursuit of Glory (Mega-session): What does it mean to be a woman of God in today’s society? We are constantly bombarded with images of what women should look like and ideas of how women should act from movies, magazines, and television. How do we respond to this overwhelming pressure with the poise of a Christian woman? How does Mary, the Mother of God, help us realize what it means to truly be a woman of faith? Speaker: Sarah Bauer is a Carmel, IN native that has become a well known Catholic music artist. She has produced three albums to date and has also written and recorded theme songs for the Franciscan Youth Conferences. She is a respected musician and engaging speaker.
  2. 2.  Pursuit of Glory in One’s Self: High school is a time when many people form a true and developed sense of self. It’s when we are confronted by a lot of influences and competing choices. How can we deal with all of the cultural influences in our lives? How can we deal with unexpected events in life in a way that is healthy? How can we pursue the glory of God waiting to be revealed in each one of us? Speaker: Dr. Kevin Dugan, Ph.D., HSPP is a licensed psychologist and dynamic speaker who combines traditional psychological specialties with religious view points.  Pursuit of Glory in Others: Relationships are a huge part of being human. Everyday we interact with friends, family, and maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend. How can we enter into relationships based on the Gospel Message? How does Christ’s message from Matthew 18:20 of “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them” affect our daily lives? How do our relationships further our pursuit of God’s glory? Speaker: When Louis and Rebecca Paiz met they both knew that God was calling their hearts into youth ministry; little did they know that God had a bigger plan and that they would be serving Him together. God united them in the Sacrament of Marriage in 2001, and they have 4 beautiful children. They are passionate about helping teens encounter Jesus and grow in the knowledge that they are loved infinitely by Him. In God's goodness they have been able to share this message of love with thousands of teens throughout the nation. In addition to parish youth ministry, Louis and Rebecca have spoken together, and separately at many retreats and conferences. Currently, they serve at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, in Carmel, IN.  Pursuit of Glory in Technology: Technology has advanced at an unbelievably rapid rate in the last ten years. It is becoming increasingly easier to lose yourself in a virtual world. With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter along with other electronic forms of communication like e-mail and text messaging, information and ideas can be spread like no other time in history. Yet these advances do have a darker side; online bullying and pornography show how dehumanized we can be when we forget that the object of our attention is another human being. In spite of this, the Church calls all of us to use this new technology to further the Kingdom of God. So how can we use the internet, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, texting, and other technology to promote the Gospel while at the same time having fun? Speaker: Jake Teitgen is the junior high and young adult minister at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Noblesville, IN. He has been in ministry for over three years and has a passion for ministering to youth.  Pursuit of Glory and Success: Our society values money, power, and material success above almost all else. From an early age we are told we have to strive for ‘success’ as society defines it so that we can be the best at everything and buy lots of ‘stuff’. This toxic, materialistic environment provides a true obstacle to pursuing the glory of God in this life and the next. How can we be successful in life and also pursue a higher purpose? Speaker: Dave Gehrich is a consultant to Archdiocesan Youth Ministry for youth events and retreats; he also is the vice-president of a Cincinnati based chemical company. Dave has been involved in ministry to youth in many roles over the last 12 years. He is a dynamic, regionally known speaker.
  3. 3.  Pursuit of Glory in Extraordinary People: The pursuit of God’s glory seems like an impossible goal to achieve. Luckily for us, God has given the Church models and examples throughout history to show us that this goal can be reached! The Saints were normal people that did great things by the grace of God, and then they became extraordinary examples for all of us. Who are some saints that we can imitate to pursue God’s glory? How are we like them? How are they different and why? Speaker: Megan Oberhausen is the Associate Director of Youth Ministry for the diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend in northern Indiana. She graduated from Marian College in 2008, and has been involved with high school youth ministry for the last six years. She has a passion for helping young people deepen their relationship with Christ.  Pursuit of Glory in Forgiveness: The Sacrament of Reconciliation is a powerful tool the Church gives us to help us pursue the glory of God. It’s a sacrament that obliterates the chains of sin and death, allowing us to be united once more with Christ in the Eucharist. It also repairs our relationships with the Church and our friends and family after we have harmed them through sin. What is the Sacrament of Reconciliation? Why do we have to go to confession? Speaker: Father John Hollowell was ordained in 2009 and is the chaplain at Cardinal Ritter Jr./Sr. High School as well as serving as one of the chaplains for Archdiocesan Youth Ministry. He is also the sacramental minister at St. Malachy parish in Brownsburg. Fr. Hollowell has been involved in Archdiocesan youth ministry for a number of years and helped put together the Gulf Coast mission trips in past years.  Pursuit of Glory in Christ: Christ gifted His Church with many ways for His faithful to know and pursue Him. What are some of those ways, and how can we use the gifts of the Church to know Christ more deeply? How can we pursue Christ through the Bible, Mass, and Adoration? These gifts give us the strength to pursue God’s glory, so how can we use them daily? Speaker: Paul Sifuentes is the director of youth and young adult ministry at St. Alphonsus Ligouri parish in the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana. He is a locally known speaker and has been a dedicated youth minister for five years.  Pursuit of Glory in Mentoring Relationships (Youth Minister and Adult track): In the age of such public scandal involving ministers of Christ’s Church, ordained and lay, we are forced to confront the question of relationships in ministry head on. What is the proper mentoring relationship between Lay Ministers who work with youth and the youth to whom they minister? How do we respect the boundaries set up by the Church, Virtus, and Protocol while at the same time effectively engaging in personal ministry during the formative teen years? Speaker: Mary Schaffner is currently a DRE/Pastoral Associate for St. Anthony/Holy Trinity Parishes. Prior to this position, Mary spent two years working with Young Adult and College Campus Ministry and eight years as the Campus Minister of Bishop Chatard High School. Mary holds a Master of Theological Studies degree from St. Meinrad School of Theology and is in her practicum year working towards her graduate certificate in spiritual direction and silent directed retreats from Creighton University’s Christian Spirituality Program. Mary and her husband John have five young adult children and reside on the north side of Indianapolis.