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Guide of coverage


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Guide of coverage

  1. 1. 2012[DESCRIPTIVE GUIDE OFCOVERAGE]This document contains a description of the vision of our ministry, the guidelines and conditions on which weoffer spiritual covering to pastors and churches. A document should be read and understood in the spirit it waswritten: "spiritual leadership".
  2. 2. Rhua Ministries provides coverage for churches, ministries or ministers that do not have coverage or forpersonal reasons wish to change spiritual covering because of the changes God is doing in your life or ministry,or where appropriate, those ministers and churches still under an organization but do not have the spiritualcare, continuing them with their names, but receiving from us the blessing of a spiritual care without interferingwith organizational issues.BIBLICAL EXAMPLE.The best example we can get today and that we can all learn is what gives us the Bible itself. In the Bible andalso in the history of the early church find endless examples of how the government should give the church ingeneral.First, believers are grouped in different cities and towns, these groups were called Churches (local), all of thesechurches scattered throughout the world was the Church or Body of Christ. Generally, each local church had aself-sufficient local government (autonomy) this government consisted of a pastor or group of pastors, leadersor elders called the Presbytery, which made all decisions in this local church, the presbytery turn exceptionsusually had the authority of a representative of the apostolic ministry which communicated or transmitted therecommendations or lessons sent by the apostolic covering that keeps the local church. (As the example of theapostolic ministry of Paul and his colleagues Tito, Timothy, Silas, etc.)This coverage usually consisted of an apostle as the spiritual authority, one or more prophets and / or apostles,in the case of the ministry of the apostle Paul. He served as director of his ministry but had a good group ofcollaborators, evangelists and pastors, like Timothy, as Judas and Silas, who were also prophets, who said muchto encourage and strengthen them. (Hech.15: 32), as Barnabas and many others that are mentioned in hisletters: deacons, evangelists, teachers, prophets, etc..The apostolic ministry functions were apart from establishing new churches and oversee established by them,provide spiritual covering, teaching, exhorting, encouraging, counseling and ministering to local churches, theirpastors and leaders and the people who compose it.It should be noted that despite being several apostles, from the 11 that initially walked with Jesus, to others thatwere raised then as Paul, Barnabas, Apollos, and many more mentioned in the Scriptures, each of them had welldefined fields of action or ministerial job , as the case of Peter who was in charge of churches in Jerusalem andsurroundings as well as supervising the Churches formed exclusively by Jews around Jerusalem, on the otherhand, the apostle Paul was sent to the Gentiles, in specific to the churches mentioned in his letters, Galatians,Ephesians, etc.. . The Apostle John on the other hand established and provided coverage to most of thechurches of Asia (Smyrna, Laodicea, etc.) mentioned in Revelation, and so many more of them were workingsome in Africa, some in the top of Europe, etc.HOW IS THE COVERAGE?The way it works is simple and straightforward as shown by the Scriptures, as the ministry that Paul excercisedin churches after that they began receiving this spiritual coverage. These local churches were formed by a group
  3. 3. of believers, despite having a local government, these churches were formed from the dispersion that occurredin Jerusalem and the explosive evangelism that these days, believers scattered throughout the world, werepreaching and establishing groups of believers that culminated in the formation of a new church, but have not acoverage, then contacted with any of the apostles to received their coverage and ministry, as the case of Paulwho traveled for many of the cities in which groups of believers had not coverage, they received their ministrywhich gave them cover and spiritual fatherhood and ministration.The main function of our ministry is to minister to leaders and local churches, particularly with the anointing oftheir ministries, providing strategies and bases for a congregational with vision, parenting, and spiritual care tobring vision and revelation about Gods purposes for that local church, also use the gifts to give or activate giftsand ministries as well as ordering new ministers.In these case the spiritual leadership was always ready to offer support, comfort, and ministration to the leadersof these churches. Taking care of your spiritual life, praying and crying for them, encouraging and comforting,sharing Gods will.Unlike the misunderstood concept of denominational coverage or religious organizations, our coverage ratherthan focusing on the legal or government of the church or in the disciplinary and hierarchical, it focuses on thespiritual character of the church giving priority to the spiritual needs of the leaders and their members, ensuringthe health and well-being and spiritual closeness and brotherhood to support leaders or pastors of thesechurches.Obviously it is understandable that the governments need, order, organization, and other aspects lead acongregation to be successful and strong. But our main emphasis is on the cover and spiritual care, which manyministries and organizations have been neglected completely abandoned their pastors or leaders to which"provide coverage", conforming only to claim a church, though his "museum ministerial trophies "in exchangefor offering a" name "religious or legal representative, ignoring that needs of churches and their leaders aregreater than this, such as need for care, personal care, personal and congregational ministry and healing, cooling, disclosure and other works that God wants to make in their people.• TYPE OF COVERAGE PROVIDED BY MINISTRIES RHUAThe type of coverage we offer to churches upon request, and we plant ourselves, is the same as explainedabove, following the biblical and historical model of the early Church.A coverage model unknown by many and ignored by others, but the only useful to bring the church to theoriginal model. Coverage with a strong biblical foundation in the teachings of Jesus about spiritual leadership,recorded in Matthew 20:20-28 and the model of the Apostle Paul. A model which excludes worldly andsecular principles of hierarchical government, which only seek to build a name or what I call "build your ownBabel."Our model is based more on the spiritual development of the ministries and less on administrative matters ormaterials, taking them to a deeper relationship with God who is the supplier and owner of all things, so thisput their trust in the Lord and not in the organization. We teach that every local church should be responsiblefor the support of their pastor and their facilities. In this sense every pastor, is a laborer of the Lord and the
  4. 4. church, not of a denomination.Rhua Ministries know and understand that we as spiritual leaders to meet social needs like education andhealth. We will invest in theological education and facilities for the church in general.We are fully convinced of Gods love and power of the Word, so our motto is:Something supernatural happens to a ministry under a spiritual covering.We currently have three coverage options depending on the needs of each ministry:Personal Coverage: This coverage is for those ministers who already have a organizational coverage but do nothave a personal care or spiritual fatherhood. It covers itinerant ministries as evangelists, speakers, pastors andparachurch ministries personal capacity.Personal and Ministerial coverage: This coverage is for those departments that still do not have coverage orministerial personnel, but to apply extra-congregational ministries as itinerant evangelists, music groups,Christian radio, etc.. or ministries outside of congregations.Personal Coverage, Ministerial and Congregational: This type of coverage is for pastors and churches that do nothave any spiritual coverage and wish to receive both a personal and ministerial care and extend this coverage toyour congregation. Flowing in a new anointing and revelation in their lives, their ministries and theircongregations.We believe that God has and continues to restore the government in his church and that there is still much torestore. In Rhua Ministries we care to be always in search of what God wants done with his people and in whatareas is the Holy Spirit emphasizing a restore or move in his Church.We believe the church is a glorious without spot or wrinkle, and do not need to be ashamed, our greatest desireis to contribute to the restoration of the existing church so that we are the glorious church that comes to seekand to conquer the land that has given us.Part of this we do by providing spiritual covering and imparting the vision not only to churches founded butthose that have this same desire and those ministries that seek the same goal of working to make this gloriousvision is fulfilled.In this hedging relationship Rhua Ministries is not involved in the internal governance of the local church, orderof worship and other aspects that make this church a special church, particularly independent (autonomy).Focusing exclusively to provide support and spiritual ministry, as well as coverage of spiritual authority in regardto spiritual warfare, counseling, spiritual comfort, restoration, healing, support, friendship and fraternity leadersand pastors, prophetic revelation and ministration, and all kinds of spiritual work that contributes to growth,health and welfare of the church, without interfering in the internal government of the same. We do not believein the imposition of a truth or thought but in the acceptance based on mutual respect to the word of God.The spiritual covering covers everything described above in the description of the biblical position.This type of coverage is mainly applied for by those ministries that do not have this type of ministry and spiritualsupport, although belonging to any denomination.
  5. 5. TOTAL COVERAGE. (Including the spiritual covering)This level of coverage includes all of the above in addition to including spiritual covering organizational coverage,providing prophetic vision and apostolic foundation. In matters of public support to other ministries includingorganizational coverage, providing strategic support, providing vision and apostolic government, providingspiritual authority to those who wish to be under authority obeying Gods command and in turn receive spiritualfatherhood of Apostolic-prophetic ministry, the level of closeness is much higher and the responsibility of bothparties, obviously always ensuring that the local church does not lose its autonomy.Despite being a full coverage, never try to impose our decisions, attitudes or personal ideas to any church orminister, as much we respect freedom of choice and decision. Confining only to provide spiritual paternity,authority and support.If necessary correction for a moral or ethical mess Rhua Ministries will always in a spirit of love and humility, aswould a loving father and whenever requested, and in case of restoration for sins that affect the Church, will inthe spirit of love, restoration and understanding shows us our Heavenly Father to meet us. Always ensure theprivacy of the minister and leaving the final decision to the pastor or ministry in charge.This type of coverage typically helps provide the churches that we founded, but there are independent churchesor ministries that want to be part of a spiritual family united with an international vision, purpose and leadershipestablished, ministerial credentials, without losing its identity and local insight.DECISIONWhen a church or pastor asked our coverage, we will provide coverage as long as the Bible is the supremeauthority in doctrine and are part of the Universal Body of Christ. Also if it is an independent church, weencourage you to join this network of Christian churches will always be respected until it comes out his doctrineof biblical parameters, their order of worship, its name and its governance, with the advantage to have anidentity and representation throughout the world and the brotherhood of several churches around the countryand world, spiritual and ministerial assistance when requested. The coverage will always be the degree and levelof closeness, that the church or pastor requested that decide, never imposing anything itself, but rather, toassist and support as required.If you have a group home, or meet with a group of brothers and have no pastor or spiritual covering, were hereto help you start a new church in the city, providing counseling, coverage and ministerial support.Or if you have a pastoral calling and need coverage or want to start a church we can help.